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Acne is a commonly experienced skin disorder which affects approximately 80% of individuals twenty-one years of age or younger. The condition will eventually subside on its own, even if the sufferer ignores its presence. However, if those who experience breakouts on a regular basis do not seek treatment, they run the risk of developing scars. Scars of this type can be permanent in nature, and subsequently erode one's confidence and self-esteem. Thankfully, acne treatments that work are readily available.

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Acne treatments-that-work,acne remedies that work,natural acne treatments,…

  1. 1. Finding Acne Treatments That WorkVernell Hunterhttp://acnetreatmentsthatwork.orgAcne is a commonly experienced skin disorder which affects approximately 80%of individuals twenty-one years of age or younger. The condition will eventuallysubside on its own, even if the sufferer ignores its presence. However, if thosewho experience breakouts on a regular basis do not seek treatment, they runthe risk of developing scars. Scars of this type can be permanent in nature, andsubsequently erode ones confidence and self-esteem. Thankfully, acnetreatments that work are readily available.One of the easiest and simplest breakout treatments is washing the affectedskin several times each day with a hypoallergenic skin soap. The soap oneselects should be mild. Because bacteria causes most breakouts, extra washingcan have a major impact on how often a person experiences the disorder, aswell as the severity of his or her breakouts. However, it is important to avoidharsh rubbing, as this can ultimately have the opposite effect, and thereforecreate a worse problem.People who wear bangs may wish to switch hairstyles: the natural oils containedin all human hair can contribute to breakouts. Those with bangs would probablyagree that their hair often comes in contact with their skin. Washing ones hairon a daily basis is also a good way to minimize oil levels.Some people prefer natural remedies rather than conventional treatments foundin stores. Individuals in this category should consider applying cucumber juice totheir skin. This can be accomplished by arranging slices of fresh cucumber onthe affected area. The pore-tightening properties contained in cucumbers fightbacteria, which ultimately helps to prevent scarring and also reduces thenumber of breakouts one experiences.Consuming a quarter teaspoon of lemon zest on a daily basis is another veryeffective treatment. Lemons have a high acidic value, and when eaten in theirraw form, the human body flushes out the byproducts of the fruit through itspores. When this happens, the dirt and bacteria that are the cause of mostbreakouts will also be flushed out.
  2. 2. Avoiding trigger foods is also in ones best interest, as preventing acnebreakouts is usually a much easier task than eliminating them once they arepresent. Greasy foods and chocolate are some examples of acne-encouragingfoods one should avoid whenever possible.Those who have tried home remedies with unsatisfactory results shouldconsider investing in products containing an ingredient called benzoyl peroxide.Many brand-name gels and creams of this type are available, as well as severalgeneric versions. Products containing vitamin A have assisted numerousindividuals to prevent breakouts, and therefore should be considered by thosewho prefer traditional products over natural cures.Of course, no remedy will work hundred percent of the time for everybody.However, the helpful suggestions listed above will substantially lower thenumber of acne breakouts a person experiences on a regular basis. Men andwomen who suffer from constant breakouts or from a severe form of the disordershould consult a doctor or dermatologist who can direct them to alternative acnetreatments that work on stubborn cases.A Look at Some of the Most Reliable Acne Home RemediesMany acne treatments are available, including non-prescription and prescriptionmedications. However, there are a number of simple and cheap acne remediesthat you can purchase or prepare yourself. In some cases, you would alreadyhave the things youd need to put together some of these acne home remedies.Today, were going to give you information on some of the effective acne homeremedies that you can try out.An acne home remedy you can prepare yourself is a facial treatment and youcan use a variety of common ingredients for this. Turmeric, a spice with a lot ofhealing properties, can be used for making your own facial masks. Simply mixwater, sandalwood powder, clarified butter, and turmeric to form a paste andyouve got a facial mask. Of course, oatmeal facial masks are very well knownand its used by many for treating acne. For this homemade facial mask, youllwant to mix one part baking soda to two parts oatmeal. Add water to make thepaste. With this type of home remedy, you can easily and cheaply make the onethat you discover works for you should your acne flare up again.In addition to using products to help you treat acne, try making a few lifestyle
  3. 3. changes. For one, its important that you reduce your stress. You can relax bydoing things like meditation or relaxation exercises. This will help reduce theseverity of your acne, as well as make you feel a lot better emotionally andphysically.When you eat a healthy diet and keep yourself well-hydrated, you will be able tokeep your acne under control. When youre outdoors, make sure you dontexpose your skin to too much sun. If youre going out even on overcast days,make sure you protect your skin. Wear a hat and apply sunscreen. With thislifestyle changes, youll be able to control your acne.For many healthy issues, apple cider vinegar is a popular home remedy. Youcan also use it as an acne remedy. Make sure you use the raw and organic kind.Prior to applying it to the skin, you need to dilute apple cider vinegar with water.Its because pure vinegar can be extremely harsh on the skin, so dilute it inequal parts water or 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Some people also takeapple cider vinegar internally. By taking 2 tablespoons of this twice a day everyday, apple cider vinegar can help in restoring your bodys pH level.For a long time, we have been using natural remedies for treating acne. Thereisnt a single remedy that will work for everyone. Its because there are manycauses of acne and it can vary in severity. However, the home remedies wevereviewed in this article have all worked very well for many people over the years.Best of all, you dont have to invest much time or money searching for theingredients used in this home remedies.Want to find out more about acne treatments that work, then visitVernell Hunters site and learn how to permanently cure your acnewithin 2 months using Mike Woldens Acne No More. The only clinicallyproven step by step holistic clear skin success system.