Roční období, počasí


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Roční období, počasí

  1. 1. Seasons, weather (roční období, počasí)
  2. 2. Weather, Seasons  Weather in the Czech Republic  Seasons of the year  Weather in spring  Weather in summer  Weather in autumn  Weather in winter  Weather in UK  Weather in the USA  Your favourite season
  3. 3. The Weather in the Czech Republic The Czech Republic has a moderate continental climate. A year is divided into four seasons. Each season lasts about three months and is attractive in some way. • • • • Spring (March, April, May) Summer (June, July, August) Autumn (September, October, November) Winter (December, January, February)
  4. 4. Spring Spring begins on the 21st March. Snow starts to melt, the grass starts to grow. The nights are shorter and the days get longer. First flowers appear – snowdrops and snowflakes. The weather at this time is very changeable.
  5. 5. Spring The air is fresh and people go for walks. There is more sunshine and it becomes warmer. The temperatures are around 200 Celsius. Easter is celebrated in this season. In May the trees begin to bloom.
  6. 6. Summer Summer begins on the 21st June. The days are long and nights are short. It is usually warm and sunny and fun to be outside. In June and August temperatures are from 250C to 300C. It is the warmest season of all.
  7. 7. Summer In summer children have two months of holidays. They can go swimming and do a lot of summer activities. The sky is clear and bright. People wear T-shirts, shorts, swimsuit. Sometimes it gets dark and rain comes with the storm and thunders.
  8. 8. Autumn Autumn begins on the 23rd September. People can still enjoy Indian summer. Leaves change their colour to yellow, orange, brown and red and make a lovely contrasts. Children fly kites and go mushrooming.
  9. 9. Autumn The days get shorter and colder. In this season it is often rainy and windy. People wear raincoats and umbrellas. A cold and sharp wind starts blowing. There is fog and drizzle.
  10. 10. Winter Winter begins on 21st December. It is cold and frosty season, snow begins to fall. The roads become icy and slippery. The temperature is very low, sometimes 100C below freezing point. People have to wear warm clothing, cap and gloves.
  11. 11. Winter The winter sky is clear and blue. The nights are longer than the days. People go skiing and skating to the mountains. Children build a snowman and throw snowballs. Christmas is celebrated in this season.
  12. 12. The Weather in the UK The United Kingdom has variable, bur moderate climate. The weather is rather changeable. It rains a lot all year round. Summers are not so hot and winters are mild. The climate is influenced by the Gulf Stream.
  13. 13. The Weather in the USA The climate of the USA is extremely varied. In the north (Alaska) there is the artic climate. In the south (Florida) the climate is subtropical. Favourite holiday lands are California and Florida. The most pleasant climate is on the Hawaiian Islands.