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Naše škola


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Naše škola

  1. 1. Secondary Automotive School Holice Nádražní 301, Holice, Czech Republic
  2. 2. Secondary Automotive School Holice Our school is a secondary school providing education in three fields of vocational studies and two four-year programmes finished by leaving examination (maturita). Our school has around 500 students.
  3. 3. The graduates from this school are ready to work: • In auto repair business • In car market • In transportation • Insurance companies • In services (car services, tire services, breakdown services) • Or they can join the police
  4. 4. Three year certificate programs – vocational studies:  Auto mechanic  Auto electrician  Auto body repair Four year programs finished by graduation exams:  Transport management technology  Autotronic Higher professional studies:  Operating technology
  5. 5. Three year programs vocational studies
  6. 6. Automechanic Students get familiar with the construction of all parts of modern cars, their diagnostics, care and repairs. Driving license in groups A, B and C. The placement on the job market is with no problems.
  7. 7. Autoelectrician Students get familiar with modern electronic and electric equipment of vehicles, information technology, diagnostics as well as with measuring methods. Driving license of group B and C. Many employers seek for these specialists.
  8. 8. Auto body repair Students pass welding course of group Z - G1 as a part of their class work. They gain both theoretical and practical skills in car body repairing. Driving license of B group.
  9. 9. Four year programs finished by graduation exam
  10. 10. Transport management technology Education is finished by gaining graduation exam certificate. Driving license of groups B and C. Graduates get job in middle management level in automotive industry, car repairing, traffic services etc.
  11. 11. Autotronic Graduates are able to work and repair problems with diagnostic equipment and are able to maintain the vehicles. Driving license of groups B and C. Graduates get job in automotive industry, car repairing, traffic services etc.
  12. 12. Higher professional studies
  13. 13. Operating technology Two year course of higher education finished by graduation exam. For graduates of three year programs (auto mechanic, auto electrician, auto body repair). Very high chance for gaining a job on the middle management level.
  14. 14. International cooperation Austria: Landesberufsschule Eggenburg People's Republic of China: Shanghai Public Utility School Finland: Porvoo Vocational College France: École Nationale des professions de l automobile Paris, Lycée Brocéliande Guer Poland: Zespól Szkól, Ostrzeszowie Slovakia: SOU Strojárske Bratislava
  15. 15. Educational centre Education and postgraduation courses for drivers and workers in transport. Training of diagnostics and emission systems repairs.