Londýn - základní údaje


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  • Greenwich Meridian Surreal
  • Londýn - základní údaje

    1. 1. London - basic facts (Londýn – základní údaje)
    2. 2. London - basic facts  Location  Population  The City  Squares, streets  Museums  Transportation in London (underground, taxi, buses)
    3. 3. London - basic facts An economic, cultural and political centre of UK. Capital city of the United Kingdom. Capital city of England, the biggest city in England. The biggest Britain's port.
    4. 4. London - basic facts Located on the river Thames. The seat of the Queen and the Parliament. Settled by Romans as Londinium, 43 AD. Area - 1,570 km2 (607 sq mi).
    5. 5. Canary Wharf London Eye London Canary Wharf London Eye London
    6. 6. London - basic facts Population - eight million people Visited every year by nearly 26 million people. Divided into the City of London and 32 districts.
    7. 7. London - the City of London The oldest part of London. The business centre, there are concentrated the financial services - banks, insurance companies (Lloyds) and also the stock exchange.
    8. 8. TheThe ShardEye Lloyd's Shard The building The London Eye London Lloyd's building
    9. 9. London - the City of London St.Paul´s Cathedral The Tower of London Tower Bridge Bank of England Museum
    10. 10. Bank of EnglandLondon The of England Museum St. Paul's Cathedral Bank Tower Cathedral The Tower Bridge St. Tower Bridge Paul's of London of Museum
    11. 11. London - West End The second most expensive location in the world. London's main entertainment and shopping district. Entertainment - Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Soho Shopping centres - Regent Street, Oxford Street, Bond Street
    12. 12. LeicesterStreet Covent Street Bond Garden Leicester Square Covent Garden Bond Square
    13. 13. London - Greenwich A district of south-east London. The seat of National Maritime Museum. The Old Royal Observatory The Greenwich Meridian (0° longitude) Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
    14. 14. Royal Observatory Greenwich Greenwich Meridian Surreal National Maritime Museum Royal Observatory Greenwich Greenwich Meridian Surreal National Maritime Museum
    15. 15. London -Piccadilly Circus One of the busiest squares in London. Considered to be the centre of London. Famous for its neon advertisements. The statue of God of Love Eros in the Middle.
    16. 16. London -Trafalgar Square The largest square in London. Known for its fountains with lions. Nelson's Column in the middle (56 m). The National Gallery – famous paintings
    17. 17. London - museums There are over 240 museums in London. The British Museum - the largest museum in the world Madame Tussaud´s Museum - the collection of wax figures The London Transport Museum - exhibitions connecting transport Tate Gallery – museum of modern art
    18. 18. Madame Tussaud´s Museum London Tussaud´s Museum Madame Transport Museum London Transport
    19. 19. London - travelling Double-decker buses – one of the symbols of London Black cabs – taxis – there are 21,000 cabs in London Underground (the Tube) - the oldest underground in the world London Heathrow airport - biggest centre of air transport of UK
    20. 20. London - underground Opened 10th January1863 270 stations 402 kilometres (250 mi) of track 3.66 million people every day