Kultura a umění


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Kultura a umění

  1. 1. Culture and Art (Kultura a umění)
  2. 2. Culture and Art  Culture and art  Cultural life  Music (styles, instruments, singers, bands, concerts)  Literature, Literary Genres (fiction, non-fiction)  Theatre (performances, Prague theatres)  Film (cinema, film genres, actors, actresses)  Visual arts (examples)
  3. 3. Culture and art Culture and art are important parts of human civilization. They enrich human life. Every nation has its folk customs, traditions and cultural heritage.
  4. 4. Cultural life Cultural life includes: Music Literature Theatre Film The media Visual arts
  5. 5. Music Styles of music: Classical music Brass music Folk music Rock Pop Jazz Soul Blues Techno music Hip hop
  6. 6. Musical instruments Piano Violin Guitar Drums LINK: http://www.slideshare.net/EFA_06_08/types-of-musical- instruments Flute Saxophone Bass
  7. 7. Do you play any instrument? Examples of answers: I have been playing the guitar for six years. I have been playing the piano since the age of ten. I played the violin when I was a child, but I haven’t got time for it now.
  8. 8. What kind of music do you prefer? Do you sometimes visit any concerts or outdoor musical festivals? Examples of answers: I like listening to popular music…............... My favourite singer is…………………….. I listen to the music of the bands like……… From time to time I also visit some concert, for example the concert of…………………..
  9. 9. Literature - Literary Genres Fiction: Science fiction novels Love stories Thriller novels Detective stories Psychological novels Historical novels Adventure tales Fairy tales Short stories Poetry
  10. 10. Literature - Literary Genres Non-fiction: Encyclopaedias Textbooks Dictionaries Atlases Manuals Technical literature Scientific literature Travel books Cookery books LINK: http://www.slideshare.net/ACurd/genres-of-literature
  11. 11. Do you read regularly? What kind of literature do you prefer? Where can we buy or borrow books? Examples of answers: I don’t read books very much; I prefer reading of newspapers and magazines. We can buy books in a bookshop. Because books are rather expensive, we can borrow them from the library. There are libraries in nearly every town.
  12. 12. Theatre performances Drama Comedy Opera Ballet Musical Pantomime Cabaret show Poetry reading
  13. 13. Theatres in Prague There are more than 30 theatres in Prague. The best - known Prague theatres are: • The National Theatre • Prague State Opera • Vinohrady Theatre • Musical Theatre Karlín
  14. 14. Film Genres Action film Adventure film Animated film Biography Cartoons Comedy Drama Documentary film
  15. 15. Film Genres Romance/love story Romantic comedy Horror film Science fiction film LINK: http://www.slideshare.net/AlexandraRamirez/types-of-films-vocabulary- presentation Thriller War film Western
  16. 16. Do you sometimes go to the cinema? What are you favourite genres? Have you got any favourite actor or actress? Examples of answers: I don't often go to the cinema, because the tickets are very expensive. I prefer watching films on DVD. My favourite genres are…………………..
  17. 17. Do you sometimes go to the cinema? What are you favourite genres? Have you got any favourite actor or actress? Last time I saw the film……with…… He/she is my favourite actor/actress. I also like films with………………..
  18. 18. Visual Arts Architecture (churches, castles) Sculptures Painting, drawings Design Crafts Decorative art