Jídlo a-pití


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Jídlo a-pití

  1. 1. Meals and drinks (jídlo a pití)
  2. 2. Meals and drinks  Daily meals  Breakfast  Snack  Lunch (soup, main course, dessert)  Dinner  Drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic – warm/cold)
  3. 3. Daily meals  People usually have three main meals a day: • breakfast in the morning • lunch at noon • dinner in the evening  Some people can also have snacks.
  4. 4. Breakfast The first meal of the day is breakfast. For breakfast we can have: Bread/rolls with butter and salami/ham/cheese/marmalade/honey Cakes or doughnuts Yogurt Cereals/muesli with milk/yogurt
  5. 5. Breakfast  We drink: black/fruit/herbal/green tea with lemon/honey/sugar milk, cocoa, coffee
  6. 6. Breakfast Examples of sentences: I have breakfast every weekday at 7 o’clock. I usually have……………………for breakfast. I drink…………………………………………
  7. 7. Breakfast Examples of sentences: For breakfast I usually have……………… I never have breakfast; I am not hungry in the morning. I don´t usually have breakfast because I am in a hurry in the morning.
  8. 8. Snack  Snack is the second meal of the day.  For snack we can have: • Bread/rolls with butter and salami/ham/cheese. • Cakes or doughnuts • Sandwiches/French loaf • Biscuits/cookies/crackers • Some fruit - an apple/a banana/an orange
  9. 9. Snack Examples of sentences: I have snack in school; my mum prepares it for me. For snack I usually have roll with butter and salami or cheese. I always buy snack on my way to school, my favourite snack is…….. I have snack in school canteen, we usually have……………………..
  10. 10. Lunch At noon people have their lunch. In the Czech Republic it is the main meal of the day  It has three courses: • Soup • Main course - meat and side-dish • Dessert
  11. 11. Lunch – Soups There are many types of soup: • potato soup • tripe soup • lentil soup • pea soup • beef tea • goulash soup • tomato soup • vegetable soup • garlic soup • noodle soup • bean soup • mushroom soup
  12. 12. Lunch - Main Course For main course we can have different kinds of meat: • beef, pork, chicken, rabbit, fish, duck, mince, lamb, smoked meat…
  13. 13. Lunch - Main Course  We can prepare it in various ways: roast, boil, grill, bake, fry, stew…  Side dishes are: rice, French fries, potatoes, American potatoes, croquets, mashed potatoes, pasta, Czech dumplings…
  14. 14. Desserts  Cakes  Ice cream  Pancake  Stewed fruit  Pie  Pudding  Fruit  Waffles  Apple
  15. 15. Lunch Examples of sentences:  I have lunch in school canteen, the meal here is good and quite cheap.  My favourite soup is …………………  My favourite main course is………….
  16. 16. Dinner Evening meal is called dinner. Czech dinner is not so nutritious, because people have a warm dish at noon.  For dinner we can have: • grilled chicken • salad • pizza • scrambled eggs • potato pancakes • sandwiches • sausages • boiled eggs
  17. 17. Drinks  We know many types of drinks: • non-alcoholic drinks: lemonade, Cola, mineral water • alcoholic drinks: beer, wine, Champaign, spirit • hot drinks: tea, coffee, latté, cappuccino
  18. 18. Použité zdroje • Pokud není uvedeno jinak, použitý materiál je z vlastních zdrojů autora • Ilustrace – kliparty MS Office