Česká republika základní údaje


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Česká republika základní údaje

  1. 1. The Czech Republic – basic facts (Česká republika – základní údaje)
  2. 2. The Czech Republic – basic facts  Location and neighbouring countries  The area and population  Three parts of our country  Landscape (mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, ponds)
  3. 3. The Czech Republic – location, area, population The Czech Republic is the state in the centre of Europe. Area is about 79 thousand square kilometres. Population is about 10 million people.
  4. 4. The Czech Republic – basic facts Curency: Czech crown - czech symbol "Kc", international symbol "CZK„ Flag: Two horizontal white (top) and red (bottom) bands with blue triangel Anthem: „Where is my home?“
  5. 5. The Czech Republic – division  Our country consists of three parts: • Bohemia • Moravia • Silesia
  6. 6. The Czech Republic - neighbouring countries Neighbours of the Czech Republic are: • Poland in the north • Slovakia in the east • Austria in the south • Germany in the west
  7. 7. The Czech Republic - system of government, head of our state, political bodies The Czech Republic is a democratic republic The head of state is the president (Miloš Zeman) Political bodies of the Czech Republic are: • the government • the parliament • the senate
  8. 8. The Czech Republic – mountains, peaks The highest mountains are the Giant Mountains (the highest peak is Sněžka/Snowdon, it is 1 602 m high). Next mountains are Krušné Mountains, Šumava, Vysočina, Beskydy, Jeseníky. A lot of protected areas and four national parks can be found in our mountains.
  9. 9. Snowdown Šumava
  10. 10. The Czech Republic – rivers Our longest river is the river Vltava – it is 430 km long, there are some dams on this river, for example Orlík or Slapy. Our biggest river is the Elbe flowing from the Giant Mountains to the North Sea.
  11. 11. Vltava Labe
  12. 12. The Czech Republic – lakes and ponds The biggest and the most beautiful lake is Lake Mácha. In Šumava Mountains we can find Black Lake and Devil's Lake. South Bohemia is famous for its ponds (Rožmberk,Horusický, Bezdrev). Rožmberk is the largest pond in the Czech Republic.
  13. 13. Mácha's pond Rožmberk lake
  14. 14. The Czech Republic - weather The Czech Republic has a continental climate which means the weather changes a lot during the year. We have four seasons of the year in our country spring, summer, autumn and winter. The highest temperatures are in July and August (around 25 or 30oC). January is usually the coldest month of the year (around - 5oC).