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Advertising campaign for the app Whatsapp. Concept of a video and a tablet extension.
Concetration: Idea

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  1. 1. Created by Jiri Jon and Patrick Temkin
  2. 2.  The Product: Whatsapp is an app allowing free cross-platform communication The Target Audience: People 12-65, with basic technological literacy, owning a smartphone The Key Objective: To raise awareness about the product The Deliverables: online video with a tablet extension
  3. 3.  The idea: A new epidemic struck the Earth – the epidemic of texting – people basically stopped living and live their lives only on their smartphones.
  4. 4.  The video is a parody of news coverage covering the spread of disease. The video also introduces people from both side of the spectrum – an addicted user, not seeing the problem and a sociologist warning about the effects. (stock image)
  5. 5.  In order to keep consistent with the video, we created and advertorial to cover the news of the epidemic. The upper right corner is an interactive element. A new page appears after sliding with a finger.
  6. 6.  The newly displayed page is a quiz to determine, whether a friend of the reader suffers from the disease. After selecting and submitting answers, the reader finds on of three possible results, each followed with a copy promoting Whatsapp.