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Additional notes on Computer Hardware Servicing (CHS)


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Additional notes on Computer Hardware Servicing (CHS)

  1. 1. Additional Notes on CHS
  2. 2. • • • • • • • • System unit- main part of a computer, sometimes known as the chassis adapters – otherwise known as interface cards Expansion Bus- data pathway between several hardware components in or outside the computer Power supply- Converts 120vac (standard house power) into DC voltages that are used by other components in the PC hard disk drive- Magnetic device that is used as permanent storage for data VGA port- Type of port which is used to connect monitors Parralel port - 25-pins port which is also called a printer port (for old printer models USB port - High speed serial interface that is used to connect to almost all latest models of devices such as printers, cell phones, etc
  3. 3. INPUT DEVICE OUTPUT DEVICE A. Audio B. Gaming C. Image/Video D) Pointing E) Text A. B. C. D. Monitor Printer Plotter Projector