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How to reduce Bounce rate


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How to reduce Bounce rate

Published in: Business
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How to reduce Bounce rate

  1. 1. 5 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate
  2. 2. According to Google the “Bounce Rate is the percentageof bounced visits to your site. A bounce is calculated as asingle-page view or single-event trigger in a session orvisit.”It means when a visitor comes to your website and leaveswithout going to other pages.
  3. 3. Good DesignGood website design is critical; don’t be afraid of whitespace. Make content easy to read.
  4. 4. Create unique contentUnique and quality content will definitely stop people fromleaving your site.After all they visit a website just to see some sort ofcontent.The point is learning to write content for both the humansand the search engines while still pleasing both.
  5. 5. Improve loading timeThe loading time of your website page is not only animportant factor in SEO , but also in having a visitor to stayon your site.If the web page loads faster, the visitors will view more andmore pages of your website.
  6. 6. Limit Outgoing LinksMost links that you have on the page should be internallinks that lead to other pages on your website.The less outgoing links you have the better your bouncerate.
  7. 7. Make it mobile friendlyUsers of mobile devices increasing day by day and this isthe right time for you to provide a mobile compatibleversion of your website for mobile users.So to minimize the bounce rate of your website, first stepyou must follow High Quality website design and try tokeep it on latest standards of Responsive Web Design.
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