Benefits of responsive web design


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Benefits of responsive web design

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Benefits of responsive web design

  1. 1. Benefits of Responsive Website Design emonde
  2. 2. In these days most of the clients wants a mobile version of their websites. It’s practically essential after all: one design for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook — and all screen resolutions must be compatible, too. For upcoming years we will likely need to design for a number of inventions. The solution, of course, is to make a website that works equally well on every device. Enter responsive web design.
  3. 3. In simple terms, a responsive website design uses “media queries” to figure out what resolution of device it’s being served on. Flexible images and fluid grids then size correctly to fit the screen. If you’re viewing this article on a desktop browser, for example, try making your browser window smaller. The images and content column will shrink, and then the sidebar will disappear altogether. On our homepage, you’ll see the layout shrink from three columns, to two columns, to a singular column of content.
  4. 4. Benefits of Responsive Website Design •Usability •Better SEO •Increase sales and conversion rate •Increase visibility in Search Engine
  5. 5. Usability Important benefit of a responsive design is its flexibility to adapt to different screens. Your website is easily accessible on all types of devices such as iPhones, Desktop, Laptops etc. According to the size of the screen, the website automatically adjusts content, images resize, and font size adjusts to deliver a quality experience to your users.
  6. 6. Better SEO Responsive web design is now an important requirement for making your site search engine optimized. Instead of optimizing content or building links for multiple sites, responsive design creates a single model that is easy to update and optimized for all devices.
  7. 7. Increase sales and conversion rates Important merits of responsive design is that the user has a better site experience as there is no need for redirection, use of CSS across devices and quality design approach will also create a unique look and feel. This will create a positive impact on conversion rate.
  8. 8. Increase your visibility in search engines Responsive Design means you can manage one website with a single set of links. SEO campaigns can be time consuming and costly, but by creating a responsive site, all of your efforts can be focused on a single site, with unified strategy and tactics across devices.
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