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MEDex 2012, a first of its kind health exhibition being conducted by St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences November 7th-November 10th 2012 in the St. John’s Hospital Campus, Koramangala, Bangalore as part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

The exhibition is intended at providing general public especially young adults an insight into the field of medicine from close quarters and to sensitize them about the different aspects of medical profession.

Come experience the Art of Healing like never before.

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  1. 1. The Medical Information ExhibitionSt. Johns National Academy of Health SciencesBangalore -34
  2. 2. St. Johns Medical College• 1963-2013, Golden Years of Health care and Health Education• Being acknowledged teachers in the healthcare realm, we believe it is also our responsibility to enlighten the public and especially aspirant healthcare students on the various facets of this stream.
  3. 3. MEDex 2012• The St. Johns Golden Jubilee Health Information Exhibition.• One of its kind in the city and possibly in Karnataka, where mostly trade expositions were common in the past.• An Exhibition, which at once will educate and entertain young students, lay public and even other Healthcare providers.
  4. 4. Attractions/ Stall content• From Live Dissections of Anatomy to Live Surgeries• Specimens of Organs, Organ Systems• Different Medical and Surgical specialties stall.• Technology display section, Machines in Medicine• Drug Information, Pharmacology• Health stream career counseling stalls & Sessions• „screening check up‟ stations
  5. 5. • Nutrition awareness stalls.• Support services stalls eg: Health Insurance providers- enlightening the public on the cost of healthcare and pros and cons of Insurance Coverage.• Stand alone infotainment programs (AV presentations/ street plays / interactive sessions) through the day, strategically positioned to keep the interest of the visiting public.
  6. 6. • Various health related competitions, Quizzes• KIOSKS, Interactive Desks• History of Medicine explained like never before.• Life Style Diseases and Prevention• Road Traffic Accidents – Awareness Program• Anti – Substance Abuse Campaigns• Rural Medicine• Alternative Medical Practices
  7. 7. • Physiology of Human Body, Experiments• Mystery behind autopsy, Forensic evaluation techniques in crime scenes• Reproductive Health; everything and anything• Most Recent Imaging Techniques/ Machines• Hands on Experience as a laparoscopic surgeon at our mock Operation Theatre.• Simple First aid to Advanced Resuscitation techniques explained.
  8. 8. • Partner/ Sponsor stalls• Media centers, Media campaigns• National/ International Health Agencies• Medical Sculptors, Designs, Paintings, Photographs.• Stalls explaining St. Johns Contribution in Health Care system over the past 50 years.
  9. 9. …..and much, much more @ MEDex 2012 November 7th to 10th, 2012 St. Johns Medical College Hospital Campus Koramangala, Bangalore
  10. 10. Delegates• Young students from various institutions ,• Lay public,• St. Johns Hospital Visitors/ Patients• Healthcare providers and partners• Healthcare Institutions• Students of Medicine, Nursing, Paramedical Sciences from various institutions.• Medical Fraternity within the city
  11. 11. Expected Turnout• Over 10,000 young adults of age group 14-23 over 4 days from various institutions• Crowd turnout – 5,000+, per day for the Exhibition – MEDex 2012• In addition ,St. Johns Hospital Visitors/Patients ◦ Average crowd turn out at St. Johns on a routine working day – 6302*
  12. 12. MEDex 2012 – a sensation !• With a huge crowd turnout and with sheer uniqueness, will be a media favorite• Tremendous publicity assured, starting from invites, posters, online campaigns, banners, hoardings, print/electronic ads, radio campaigns, channel shows.• Moreover, publicity with health seekers at Bangalore‟s Busiest Hospital Outpatient Department (St. Johns).
  13. 13. MedEx 2012 Bengaluru“….promises to be one of the highlights of the season for the Healthcare fraternity in Karnataka… ” November 7th to 10th, 2012 St. Johns Medical College Hospital Campus Koramangala, Bangalore
  14. 14. Help us fulfill a Dream !• Be partners in this vision of ours, share a common forum to educate and empower.• Through ▫ Sponsorship, ▫ Providing educative material ▫ Publicity Partership ▫ Or by logistics support.
  15. 15. For More DetailsDr. Anil Abraham Dr. Jino JoyProfessor & Head Coordinator, MEDex 2012 (Partners & Sponsors)Dept. of DermatologySt. Johns Medical College Hospital jinojoy@medex2012blr.comDr. Binu Joy www.medex2012blr.comAssoc. ProfessorDepartment of