Evolution of User Research Methods in Industry


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Slides presented at CHI'08 in Florence as part of a workshop I was involved in on the future of user research methodology. Full information on workshop can be found here:

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Evolution of User Research Methods in Industry

  1. 1. The Evolution of User. Research Methodologies in Industry<br />April 6st 2008<br />Jon Innes CHI’08<br />
  2. 2. Three Threads of HCI Research<br />From Grudin 2006<br />
  3. 3. Major Themes in User Experience Research<br />AutomatedTesting<br />MagnitudeEstimation<br />Discount<br />RITE<br />Formal<br />CIF<br />Morea<br />Eye Tracking<br />Usability Testing<br />ContextualDesign<br />Taylor<br />Zuboff<br />Suchman<br />EPIC<br />Jobs &Outcomes<br />DiaryStudies<br />ParticipatoryDesign<br />SatisfactionSurveys<br />Ethnographic Studies<br />Web Logs<br />Click Tracking<br />Instrumented Beta<br />FeedbackCards<br />InstrumentedApps<br />Other Forms of Research<br />1980s<br />1990s<br />2000<br />2008<br />1905<br />
  4. 4. Factors Influencing Future User Experience Design<br />
  5. 5. Thoughts For Today<br />What factors are shaping our methods?<br />Nature of the products and services being analyzed?<br />Types of users we are studying?<br />Technologies we have to support our research?<br />Product design and development methodologies?<br />Increased expectations of consumers?<br />“The future is already here it’s just unevenly distributed…”<br />William Gibson<br />