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Groupon Clone


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Groupon clone is a daily deal buying website which offers you a products at discount.

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  • Groupon Clone comes with Free 15+ Themes Powered by Bootstrap and 52+ Language pack, Means now ready for any country around globe. Deal Script has all social integrations like Facebook, Twitter,Google,Yahoo,Sina,QQ and many more. Integration with Mailchimp allows it to send Newsletter with no hussle. Groupon Script demo can also be seen . Complete Source Code + App code is provided when you purchase Groupon Clone Script
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  • I have been using Wroupon now from over 3 years , Their script and updates are far better than others. Best things is one time fees and full source code.
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  • checked, nice effort surely. but still it can be better more if some required changes done on the site. Many Website Clones are available in the market, You can see Groupon Clone here:
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Groupon Clone

  1. 1. Groupon Clone - Todays Marketing Trend
  2. 2. What is groupon clone ?* The word “groupon” is derived from “group coupon”.* Its the deal of the day website featured with discount.* Collective buying is also know as group buying.* Groupon was launched in November 2008.* The first market for groupon was Chicago.
  3. 3. Whats the Groupon concept ?“If a certain number of the people sign up for the offer, then the deal becomes available to all.If predetermined minimum number is not met, no one gets the deals that day “
  4. 4. Industries coveredIndustries covered are -* Hotels and restaurants* Men and women accessories things* Recently even on travel hubs
  5. 5. A statistical data by Borell* It is said that 60 % of consumer use coupons at least once per week* Borrell also found that 48% of merchants would repeat a daily deal* 53% of adults said they use more deals and coupons than last year
  6. 6. Future of groupon marketEarlier :In 2012 gross billings grew 35% to $5.38 billion, revenue increased 45% to $2.33 billion, and operating income of $98.7 million compared to a loss of $233.4 million in 2011
  7. 7. Present* In January 2013, nearly 40% of North American transactions were completed on mobile devices, an increase of 44% compared with January 2012. (Substantial growth in mobile activities)
  8. 8. Future* Revenue for the first quarter 2013 is expected to be between $560 million and $610 million, an increase of between 0% and 9% compared with first quarter 2012.* Over all 2013, operating income is expected to increase compared with 2012.
  9. 9. What Analyst say* Analyst argue that groupon will grow gaining at an average annual rate of 31% over next 5 years.* But financial markets are not so confidents on the marketing model.
  10. 10. Now coming to Ndot deals.* World wide there more than 1000 sites similar to groupon.* Ndot deal groupon clone is one of the leading and rich featured script available in the market.* Its a cost effective group buying deals websites solutions.
  11. 11. Ndot Deal Instantly start your own group deal website with Ndot Ndot have hosted nearly 750 sites over the world.
  12. 12. With many more features likeFree installationInstant dealsDeal discussionFacebook applicationsLanguage settings (multiple language)Dynamic currency supportMultiple payment gatewayEasy admin panel and many more.
  13. 13. New dealFind out whats new in Ndot deal !!!
  14. 14. Ndot script* People using Ndot script are successfully running their group buying deals.* Moreover the script is offered at an affordable cost when compared to the market.Ndot Demo Link - other reviews, check out Ndot Reviews
  15. 15. Contact Ndot Website – Facebook - Twitter - Linkedin -
  16. 16. Located atFloors 1,2,3 , Block no:3,Mullai Nagar, Maruthamalai Main Road,Coimbatore - 641 041, India.Phone: +91 422-434-2519Email: contact-sales@ndot.inSkype:
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