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Jinghong song financial writer


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Jinghong Song is former University of Missouri student who was born and raised in Missouri.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Jinghong song financial writer

  1. 1. Jinghong Song Financial Writer Jinghong Song is a financial writer who helps others obtain financial freedom with tips and words of wisdom in regaining control of their money and lives. Through smart investments, saving, and many other tactics, he is able to help others regain control of areas they may not feel secure. Song attended the University of Missouri and is wise beyond his twenty-five years. He believes in helping others and enjoys his writing on topics that change lives.
  2. 2. Jinghong Song Successful Author Jinghong Song is a financial writer and life coach who helps others find financial freedom through his work. His writing often gives tips and advice for everyday people to employ in their lives and has helped many who are struggling with their finances. Song is also a world traveler who enjoys learning about other countries and cultures and writing about his time spent around the world. He recently had a fiction novel published as well.
  3. 3. Jinghong Song Sports Fan Jinghong Song is a sports fan who has always enjoyed football and baseball over other sports. As a child, he enjoyed playing baseball and watching his favorite team, the Denver Broncos. Now as an adult, he still enjoys watching sports and maintaining an active lifestyle playing sports recreationally when given the chance. He led a very active lifestyle as a child and throughout school and has found memories of each sport he still watches today.
  4. 4. Jinghong Song Caring for others Jinghong Song is former University of Missouri student who was born and raised in Missouri. Although he now spends much of his time traveling, he greatly enjoys working with local charities and volunteering his time and money whenever possible. Song also enjoys learning about other cultures as he travels the globe and is a journalist who is constantly teaching others and educating them .
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