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Jinghong Song - An Author


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Jinghong Song is a philanthropist that wants to help make his community a better place by bringing people together. That is why whenever he has a bit of free time, many can find him out joining and supporting causes that are helping the homeless. Homelessness is still a serious issue all across the world, and Mr. Song is doing his part to help.

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Jinghong Song - An Author

  1. 1. Jinghong Song An Author Jinghong Song has written countless articles on the subject of finance. Now though, he is branching off into other territories. He has even published a romance novel, and promises to publish another book, one he hopes will help establish his name in fiction writing. With a few successful publications in life coaching, a successful fiction novel may be coming soon.
  2. 2. Jinghong Song How to Be a Better Writer Jinghong Song has led a successful writing career, due in part to his career in finance writing, as well as his successful series of life coaching books. Writing is a discipline and craft, one that takes time to cultivate. No matter how good of a writer you are, there is always room for improvement.Jinghong Song is a respected finance writer with a substantial following both online and in news print. He has built this following because he offers poignant perspective and advice in finance that have allowed many to have a healthier bank account.
  3. 3. Jinghong Song Introduction to Financial Writing Jinghong Song has not just made a successful career out of his life coaching book series, but is also a respected financial writer. Financial writing is a field where a writer creates educational commentary in the finance field. These publications are usually made with the purpose of appearing in a web publication or print piece. The piece is meant to interpret the latest finance news from the perspective of the writer.
  4. 4. Jinghong Song A Sports Lover One of the things that Jinghong Song is passionate about other than writing, is sports. He has been a big sports fan for most of his life, interested specifically in football and baseball. His favorite football team is the Denver Broncos. For baseball, he is a fan of his local team, the Kansas City Royals. Mr. Song enjoys watching a good game with friends and family.
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