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Jinghong Song - A Decorated Writer


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Jinghong Song is an award-winning writer, and author of numerous books. He was born and raised in Missouri. He took journalism classes at the Missouri University prior to his knowledge about the study abroad program of the university. Since then, he has been travelling around the world, exploring and writing on his experience. In addition, he is a loving person and a sport fan.

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Jinghong Song - A Decorated Writer

  1. 1. Jinghong Song A Decorated Writer Jinghong Song is a decorated writer who hails from Missouri. He writes on finance, love, leadership, management, global warming, and other relevant issues in the society. He travels a lot, gathering information on different cultures of the world and how other people live their lives. Furthermore, he is a philanthropist, and he has volunteered his time severally to homeless programs. He has also received numerous accolades for his works, both local and international.
  2. 2. Jinghong Song A Young Man with Great Passion for Journalism Jinghong Song was brought up in Missouri. He is a young man with great passion for journalism. He as well conduct live lectures through which he inspires people to make some important decisions in their career and relationships. He delivers his lectures in such a way that even a lay man will perfectly understand.
  3. 3. Jinghong Song An Avid Sport Fan Jinghong Song is an avid sports fan, and he follows the trends in the National Football League and the Major League Baseball. His favorite teams are the Denver Broncos football team, and Kansas City Royals baseball team. He not only watch sports, but he also actively engages in sporting activities. Furthermore, he is a well-travelled journalist and a life coach.He loves sports, and he is a fan of the Denver Broncos football team, and Kansas City Royals baseball team.He engages in both physical and mental exercises
  4. 4. Jinghong Song A Writer with Enormous Experience Jinghong Song grew up in Missouri. He started his career as a writer a long time ago, and has since been able to gather enormous experience, knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the industry. He has been to several countries of the world and has come in contact with people from diverse cultures. This gives him the enablement to write on his adventures and life experiences.
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