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The 1 Hour Business is a simple system you may use to start your business online. For just $10 a month, you can start and run a successful business online in just 1 hour a day. All the tools you need, including marketing tools are included. This is a step by step business plan, and if you follow it, you will make money.

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The 1 Hour Business

  1. 1. The 1 Hour Business:How to Start a Business Online in Just a Few Hours and Run it in Only 1 Hour a Day Jinger Jarrett
  2. 2. CopyrightCopyright, 2013, Jinger Jarrett. All Rights Reserved. You may print acopy of this ebook for your own personal use. You may also brand it andgive it away. (Instructions on how to get your brandable copy areincluded at the end of this ebook.) You may not change any of thecontent.Additionally: Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of research orprivate study, or criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright,Designs and Patents Act 1988, this publication may only be reproduced,stored or transmitted, in any form or by any means, with the priorpermission in writing of the author. Inquiries concerning reproductionoutside those terms should be sent to the author.The use of registered names, trademarks etc. in this publication does notimply, even in the absence of a specific statement, that such names areexempt from the relevant laws and regulations and therefore free forgeneral use.The publisher makes no representation, express or implied, with regardto the accuracy of the information contained in this book and cannotaccept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions thatmay be made.To get the most from this report, read it through at least onetime. See what is involved. Then, read it through a second time,only this time you want to take action. Follow the instructions tothe letter. Even if you only have 15 minutes a day to work on this,if you work on it 15 minutes a day consistently, you will have yourbusiness set up in no time.To contact me, or for further resources, please see the list at theend of this report.
  3. 3. Table of ContentsPreface............................................................................................iiiAbout this book...........................................................................................iiiGetting Started.................................................................................1Step 1 – Sign Up For Your Web Hosting, Domain, and 2 – Set Up Your Easy Downlines System.................................7Step 3 – Market Your New Business................................................9Internet Marketing Tips............................................................................11Step by Step Instructions...............................................................13Part 1 – Set Up the Basic System..............................................................13Part 2 – An Alternative Way to Set Up the System...................................14Resources.......................................................................................17Essentials...................................................................................................17Marketing Resources.................................................................................17Get Help.....................................................................................................18 i
  4. 4. PrefaceAbout this bookAlthough I wrote this ebook as a way to promote one of the manyprograms Im involved in, its also something more. Its a way for me toprovide another solution for my customers and readers: How do youstart a business online without mortgaging your whole lifestyle?Although you do need to know the basics of using a computer, you reallydont need any special skills to do whats required in this report. If youcan read and follow instructions, you are well on your way to starting abusiness that will make you a lot of money.One of the most important things Ive learned since I started my businessis that most people arent interested in making a million dollars on theInternet. Most just want to make ends meet at the end of the month.Personally, I dont have a problem with that. Running a business full timeisnt for everyone.Regardless, the most important thing is that you get started. Readeverything you can about online business. Study it. Apply it. Keep doingwhat works for you and discard what doesnt. Too often most peoplewant the “Magic Bullet.”There is no magic bullet. To start a successful business, you have to rollup your sleeves and get to work.Now lets talk about whats involved. iii
  5. 5. Getting StartedThe biggest problem in starting a business online is that most systemsare too complicated for those who are new to Internet business. Forsomeone new, the system needs to be as easy as possible.This system was written to solve the problems involved in starting abusiness online:1.It has to be easy and inexpensive. It only costs you $10 a month. Thatsit.2.The system has to be duplicable. This means that anyone can take thissystem and start a business by simply following the instructions.3.It helps in building a list. By building a list, you recycle your traffic andget higher conversions on what you are selling.4.It must allow you to generate multiple streams of income. Dont put allof your eggs in one basket. The more streams of income you haveavailable to earn from, on autopilot, the faster your income will grow.5.It provides you with a way to market your business using the mostcommon free Internet marketing methods without going afoul of siteslike craigslist and Ezine Articles. Because you will own your own domain,you wont violate the terms and conditions of the sites where you aremarketing.How This System Solves the ProblemIve solved all of these problems by tying three different programstogether. Once you set up these programs, which can be done in a fewhours, you are ready to go. All you will have to do is market your new 1
  6. 6. Getting Startedbusiness, and Easy Downlines, as well as Perfect Traffic Storm, willhelp you get this done.Now, lets get started setting up your new business.(Please Note: Links to all of the resources in this ebook are at theend of the ebook. Resources that have a link are in bold anditalics.) 2
  7. 7. Step 1 – Sign Up For Your Web Hosting,Domain, and WebsiteTo get started, the first thing you need to do is sign up for an accountwith This is the only expense you will incur in setting upthis system. It costs $10 a month, and you earn an income down fivelevels. This program offers a 7 day free trial.The rest of this business involves investing your time. Once you get thesystem in place, you will only need to market your business, and you cando this in less than one hour per day.The next step is to sign up for the Easy Downlines System. With theEasy Downlines System, you will get simple marketing tools and trainingto build a list of referrals. It also allows you to refer others to multipleprograms, including, giving you the opportunity to earn frommultiple income streams.You also build a list of prospects for what you are selling. Although youcan do this with the default page, their system doesnt allowyou to earn multiple income streams and promote multiple programs.Once you have signed up for both of these systems, the next step is tolog into each of these accounts and complete your setup. (After you signup for both systems and confirm, copy down your affiliate URLs for usein the next steps.)Tip: When creating your domain name, stay somewhat generic. (Youmay want to consider using your name, or something similar.) Thereason is that if I decide I dont like my site, or I want to promotesomething different, its easy to change. Keep it simple. Make yourdomain name easy to remember. Names do rank well in the search 3
  8. 8. Step 1 – Sign Up For Your Web Hosting, Domain, and Websiteengines. If you dont believe me, look at the top 10 high traffic sites onthe Internet as listed by Alexa... Theyre all names.Website.wsOnce you sign up for, you will receive a confirmation email.Confirm your account and then log in. (Remember, you will receive a 7day free trial, so this gives you plenty of time to set up a business, andyou dont have to do all your set up at one time.)On the left hand panel is the menu for this site. You will need to look for: AffiliatesClick this button and it will take you to the Affiliates panel. Scroll downuntil you see “Hit Logs” on the page. You will also see your promotionalURL. It will look like this: Copy down thisinformation as you will need it later if you decide to promote theprogram or to brand this ebook.Next, on the left hand menu, scroll down until you see “Domains”. Under“Domains”, you will see “Build Your WebSite”. Click on this link. It willtake you to the set up panel for your domain.On the next page, you will see “My Domains”. Underneath will be thedomain you have just signed up for. You will see a link under “ChangeDNS.” Click this link.Scroll down until you see “Domain Forwarding”. Click the dot beside itand click “Continue”. On the next page, you will paste the URL youreceived from the Easy Downlines System into the box underneath“Updating URL Forwarding”. Click the “Update” Once you have 4
  9. 9. Step 1 – Sign Up For Your Web Hosting, Domain, and Websitecompleted this step, your website is set up, and now its time to see tothe administrative details. (If you dont have a link for Easy Downlinesbecause you couldnt find it earlier when you confirmed, then see theinstructions later in this report for how to find it.)Underneath “Setup Your WebSite”, you will see, “Setup Your Email”. Youmay either use the email service here, or you may simply forward youremail to your own email account. I recommend forwarding it to yourregular email account. You wont receive much email here, so this reallyisnt an issue.You do however, want to make sure you get the email here that comesyour way. Often it is someone who has a question about the program,and you want to answer those questions. If you cant answer thequestion, ask your sponsor. (That information is available in themembers area. I personally always answer those in my downline. Imhappy to help.)Next, you need to scroll down until you see “Account Info”. There arethree things you need to take care of here so you get paid when youmake a referral: Preferred Payment Preferred Commissions Contact gives you a choice of Check or Pay Pal. I prefer Pay Palbecause its connected to my bank account, and I get a debit card. If Iever need the money, I just go to the teller machine. If you dont have aPay Pal account, you can sign up for one. Its free. Some dont like Pay 5
  10. 10. Step 1 – Sign Up For Your Web Hosting, Domain, and WebsitePal. Ive never had any problem with it, and it makes it very easy to shoponline as well as get paid.One thing I would recommend is that you sign up for either a PremierAccount or Business Account. (Still free.) The reason is that later ondown the road, you may decide to expand your business and want toaccept payments for products you create. Even if you dont, the majoradvantage of one of these two types of accounts is that you can get a PayPal MasterCard Debit card. It makes getting your money really easybecause you go to any teller machine and use your card.You do want to add a debit/credit card to your Pay Pal account, and yourchecking account. This will make you a verified buyer and help you getyour Pay Pal Mastercard Debit Card.Account setup is pretty straightforward. Make sure your account is setup and confirmed. You may add a maximum of 8 email addresses to youraccount if you want to use different email addresses to accept payments.Otherwise, if you prefer, you may get paid by check by way, make sure you print out and mail the W-9 to them.Finally, whenever a site asks you for the information to pay you, enteryour Pay Pal information. All of the sites included in this report allow youto be paid by Pay Pal to get paid. This makes it easy on you because itsautomatic, and youll have all your money in one convenient place.One word of advice here: Make sure that when you set up your Pay Palthat you create a very secure password. (Use something like Roboform ifyou have to and make backups of your pass cards). It seems nowadaysthat more and more people are out there to steal your money, so protectyourself. This includes your email and any other financial informationyou have online. 6
  11. 11. Step 2 – Set Up Your Easy DownlinesSystemPlease Note: Before starting this step, I would highly recommend yousign up for a free Gmail account. You will need this account to handlethe emails for your marketing system.I wont spend a lot of time on this step. The reason is that when you loginto your account, you will find a link in the menu that says Training.Click on the link that says Modules. Follow this through to the end.You may want to consider doing the training over a series of days, butyou want to make sure you get it done.If you can read and follow instructions, you can use this system to setupand market your business so you make some real money.Let me let you in on a secret here: the real secret to making moneyonline is to choose a system and then work it until you start makingmoney. In other words, find an opportunity you are interested in andwork it until you see results. Focus. Plain and simple.Its not that a lot of stuff online doesnt work. Yes, there are plenty ofpeople out there that peddle junk. However, there are also plenty ofpeople like me who know tried and true principles for starting abusiness. There are no shortcuts, and theres always work involved.The truth is, most people will jump into an opportunity and work it for afew days or few weeks. When they dont see immediate results, or theydont see results fast enough, they give up and move on to the next bigthing. They just keep doing that over and over, and so they never makeany money. 7
  12. 12. Step 2 – Set Up Your Easy Downlines SystemI know this because Ive done the same thing. Let me promise yousomething though: if you choose an opportunity and stick with it, youllsee results, and youll see results a lot faster if you stay focused.Procrastination is another enemy of those who want to make moneyonline. Thats why, once you read this ebook through once, the next stepis to reread it again and do each step as it occurs.Once you set up your marketing, then you want to make sure that yougrab your affiliate link and go to Perfect Traffic Storm and set up yourlinks. You will also want to create ads to market your system.One final note here: You will only need the Perfect Traffic Storm Systemif you plan to brand this ebook. Otherwise, there are really only twosteps involved: 1) Set up your account. 2) Set up your Easy Downlines account. Once you have this ready, then you will want to take the next step, which is marketing. 8
  13. 13. Step 3 – Market Your New BusinessSome people act as if theres some big mystery to getting traffic to yoursites and making sales. Its really not that complicated.The truth is, if you know a few things, youll get traffic in no time at all.There is a very fast and very easy way to get started generating traffic toyour website. It takes you about an hour to learn the system and thenyou need to write your ads. Once you get the system in place, it takesabout 15 minutes a day to maintain this system.Its called “Craigs List Marketer Pro,” and you can get a free copy of theebook and video through Leads Leap. Although Leads Leap offers a paidprogram, you can sign up for their free program and use it to build a list,promote your business, or make money giving away free stuff,particularly the 1000 minutes of free video you get from this site whenyou sign up.Let me assure you that you wont even have to watch all of the videos tobecome an expert at Internet marketing. Just watch a few of the videos,or just watch Craigs List Marketer Pro and implement the strategies.Either way, youll become an old pro in no time at all.Dont discount the value of these videos. Ive watched quite a few ofthem, and they are excellent. The marketing techniques are just asrelevant today as they were when they were made. In fact, I boughtAffiliate Project X when it was $77. Its now $97. Dont get me wrong; itis a good product. However, many of the strategies outlined in AffiliateProject X are also available in Affiliate Windfall Profits, which is availablethrough Leads Leap for free. 9
  14. 14. Step 3 – Market Your New BusinessTo get your free video, what you need to do is sign up for your LeadsLeap Account. Once you have signed up and verified your account, loginto your members account. Scroll down on the left side menu until yousee “Resources”. Under this is a link to “Free Bonuses”. Click on thislink, and you will find video to teach you just about any Internetmarketing technique you might imagine. Whats even better is thatimplementing most of these techniques is free.1000 minutes of video might seem like a lot. However, you dont have towatch the videos on every technique taught. If you break the videosdown, and you only watch one hour of videos a day though, you will havefinished all of the videos in 17 days. On the 17th day, you wont evenhave to watch a full hour. Youll know what you need to do to build abusiness. (If you dont have that much time, spend 30 minutes a day.Youll complete all of the videos in just about 30 days.)The point is, its not as hard to learn Internet marketing as you think,and the learning curve is not as steep as you think if you actually knowhow you want to market when you first start off. Do your homework first,and then implement what you learn.Finally, because this membership is so jam packed with resources toteach you Internet marketing, I wont try and teach you those here. WhatI do want to do is give you some tips to help you get started. Whats mostimportant is that you take action. Bad marketing is always better than nomarketing. If you dont market, you wont make any money. Your sitemight have bad copy, or it might be ugly. None of that will matter if noone sees it. 10
  15. 15. Step 3 – Market Your New BusinessInternet Marketing Tips1.Choose one, and only one Internet marketing technique to get started.If you try to learn all of the techniques at one time, you wont get startedat all because youll get overwhelmed.2.When choosing your marketing technique, ask yourself thesequestions: What marketing techniques make sense to me? Whattechniques do I think I can do? What techniques have a fairly lowlearning curve? Do I like to write or not? If you dont really like to write,Craigs List Marketer Pro is ideal. You create simple image ads, whichare really easy to do.3.If you do like to write, then try article writing. Article writing andpromotion will help you rank high in the search engines because you arebuilding backlinks to your website. Searchers love articles becausetheyre information, not advertising.4.The easiest way to learn how to write ads, articles, and any othermarketing materials is to study good ads, articles, and other marketingmaterials. Although this sounds simplistic, the truth is, no one can makeyou a copywriter but you.Ask yourself what would make you want to buy a product and then writeabout that. Dont tell others your life story. Find a problem and thenmatch the product to the problem. The product you promote should solvethe problem. If you dont feel comfortable writing your own ads, etc. thenrewrite the ads that come with the program if any are available. Dontuse them exactly as they are; the ads may have been overused. Overusedads arent effective in getting the sale. 11
  16. 16. Step 3 – Market Your New Business(The easiest way to implement the Craigs List Marketer Pro Strategy isto use the graphics in the Free and Powerful System as your image ads.Just take the graphics and upload them to Photo Bucket. Change the linkin the code to your domain. Add something after the domain to make itdifferent. For example, if your link is, make it This makes the linkdifferent and Craigs List will see it as a different link. You will still needto write headlines for your ads, but which is easier and less timeconsuming: writing 70 headlines, or 70 headlines and ads?)In the next chapter Ive boiled this all down to a step by step plan. Justfollow the plan, and youll have this system set up in no time flat. Ivealso included an alternate plan for you. 12
  17. 17. Step by Step InstructionsSince I originally wrote this ebook, Ive found that there are a lot of waysto make this system run faster and better.In the first section of these instructions, Ive included the fastest andeasiest way to build your business quickly. In the second part, Ill showyou how to take it to the next level by blogging. This will allow you toearn multiple streams of income and still only work about one to twohours per day.My very best to you,Jinger JarrettPart 1 – Set Up the Basic SystemStep 1 – Set up your account. You will want to go to thewebsite and sign up for your account. Its free for the first 7 days. Afterthat, you will be charged $10 per month.Step 2 – Sign up for your Easy Downlines acount. You will want tolog into your account and complete the training. Set up your accountincluding the payment information. Once you have completed this step,then log back into and complete the set up steps listed inChapter One of this report.Step 3 – Start marketing your new business. You may use theresources within Easy Downlines. This is the easiest way to get started.You will also want to get on the social sites and start connecting with 13
  18. 18. Step by Step Instructionsothers who want to make money. Give away this ebook (You can brand itfor free.)Part 2 – An Alternative Way to Set Up theSystemOne of the most effective ways to make money on the internet is throughblogging. Blogging allows you to generate multiple streams of incomebecause you can promote multiple products and/or services on your blog.When you sign up for, youll get all the training you needto build this system. Here are the steps:Step 1 – Sign up for and Easy Downlines the same wayyou did before. Set up both your accounts.Step 2 – Create your websites. You will want to use Easy Downlines tocreate a squeeze page (Instructions are included inside the EasyDownlines training.)Step 3 – Upload this page to the main directory of your website.(Website .ws will send you directions on how to do this. If you still needhelp, ask, or contact 4 – Log into your member panel and install yourblog. You will want to install it in a sub directory.As a member of my downline, youre entitled to a copy of WordpressCash Machines. Just send me an email through the member panel orcontact me through my support desk, and Ill gladly send you thedownload link. 14
  19. 19. Step by Step InstructionsThis package includes the following:Wordpress Cash Machine - This ebook will show you 50 different waysto make money with Wordpress.Wordpress Setup Checklist - Dont struggle with getting yourWordpress blog set up right. This video course will show you how to setup your Wordpress blog correctly. Nothing is left to chance, and youwont waste your time trying to figure out how to set up your blog.Wordpress SEO Mastery - Optimize your blog for the search engines,rank high in the search engines, and drive a ton of traffic automatically.Make Money From Wordpress - Discover 20 more ways to makemoney from your Wordpress blog.Guide to $200 a Day - Step by step plan shows you everything youneed to do to get your blog earning $200 a day.This training is in addition to the affiliate training provided on my mainwebsite. Wordpress Cash Machines currently sells on my site for $17,but its easily worth a lot more because its actually several differentpackages that sell for $47 each. Im providing this information as acourtesy because I really want to help you build your business. When youmake money from, I make money, so its win-win for both ofus. 15
  20. 20. ResourcesIf you would like to brand this ebook to use it to promote your businessand make more money, then you will want to join my membership site,Killer Marketing Arsenal.By joining this site, you will have access to some of the best free ways tomake money online, as well as some of my best traffic resources. If youdecide to upgrade, youll receive my 52 week Internet marketingecourse, as well as my easiest, fastest, and best way to make moneyonline.Youll find the link to this site below.(Please Note: All links are clickable. If you decide to copy and pastethem, please copy and paste the full link. Because all links use a linkcloaker so the ebook can be more easily branded, you wont reach yourdestination if you dont use the link listed.)EssentialsWebsite.wsEasy DownlinesMarketing ResourcesLeads LeapKiller Marketing Arsenal 17
  21. 21. ResourcesGet HelpOnce you sign up, Im available to answer any questions you may have.Feel free to either email me from the member panel or usemy convenient support desk below:Support DeskYou may also visit my channel on Youtube for additional training to helpyou.Jingers Youtube Channel1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]asdfghjkl;zxcvbnm,./!@#~`$%^&*()_+QWERTYUIOP{}|ASDFGHJKL:”ZXCVBNM<>? 18