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The Spartan Business System Overview


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The Spartan Business System is a 5 part system that includes 3 steps. The purpose of this system is to help veterans who are unemployed or underemployed, achieve economic self sufficiency. The techniques outlined in the system are classic internet marketing and online business techniques that include email marketing and website hosting sales. One the system is implemented, it allows the veteran to achieve a passive income where he is paid repeatedly whether working or not. "Work one time and get paid over and over again." Although this system was designed to accommodate the needs of veterans, it is also available to anyone who wants to achieve economic self sufficiency and a passive monthly income.

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The Spartan Business System Overview

  1. 1. Veteran Owned Business The Spartan Business System 5 Elements 1. Web Hosting 2. Autoresponder 3. Squeeze Page 4. Offer 5. Marketing Plan
  2. 2. The Concept ● Create a system anyone, including veterans, can duplicate ● Make it affordable ● Allows us to leverage the efforts of one another ● Work one time and get paid over and over ● Offers complete training ● Avoids “shiny object syndrome” ● Work part time
  3. 3. Part 1: Web Hosting ● Web Hosting ● System ● Offers 7 Day Free Trial ● Combined with List Wire, allows you to have a legitimate business for just $10 a month
  4. 4. Part 2: Autoresponder ● Used to capture leads ● Helps you recycle your traffic ● Makes it easier to market to customers ● List Wire: free autoresponder system ● Offers an incentive for your visitors to join
  5. 5. Part 3: Lead Capture Page ● Provided as part of the package ● Edit and upload to the server – – ● Only takes a few minutes Can be done in a text editor Build a blog on the backend for multiple streams of income and additional profits
  6. 6. Part 4: The Offer ● income opportunity ● Sell your own products or affiliate products ● Sell your services
  7. 7. Part 5: Marketing ● Ongoing training provided for free ● Can be done for free ● Marketing customized to your products and location
  8. 8. How to Get Started ● ● Sign up for – Sign up for List Wire ● Download and customize the package ● Upload to the server ● Start marketing
  9. 9. Things to Know ● ● ● ● If you already have a business and website, let me know. We will get you the marketing training. This system is optional. It is designed to teach veterans who are beginners how to start a business. It is available for those who want an additional income stream in retirement. You will receive complete support, and I will answer all your questions.
  10. 10. Questions? Join us in our Facebook Group. We are the only group on Facebook that teaches economic empowerment to veterans.