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Discover how to market your business on the internet for free using only free internet marketing techniques. These free techniques will help you drive more traffic and sales to your business.

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Internet Marketing Tips Guide

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Tips Guide by Jinger Jarrett
  2. 2. CopyrightCopyright, 2013, Jinger Jarrett. All Rights Reserved. You may print acopy of this ebook for your own personal use. You may also brand it andgive it away. (Instructions on how to get your brandable copy areincluded at the end of this ebook.) You may not change any of thecontent.Additionally: Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of research orprivate study, or criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright,Designs and Patents Act 1988, this publication may only be reproduced,stored or transmitted, in any form or by any means, with the priorpermission in writing of the author. Inquiries concerning reproductionoutside those terms should be sent to the author.The use of registered names, trademarks etc. in this publication does notimply, even in the absence of a specific statement, that such names areexempt from the relevant laws and regulations and therefore free forgeneral use.The publisher makes no representation, express or implied, with regardto the accuracy of the information contained in this book and cannotaccept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions thatmay be made.To contact me, or for further resources, please see the list at theend of this report.
  3. 3. Table of ContentsPreface............................................................................................iiiAbout this book...........................................................................................iiiInternet Marketing for FREE...........................................................5Introduction: Building Traffic to Your Site for Free...................................5The Techniques............................................................................................8A Word on Viral Marketing.......................................................................19Your Action Plan........................................................................................22Resources.......................................................................................23The Programs.............................................................................................23Support......................................................................................................23 i
  4. 4. PrefaceAbout this bookThis whole idea that you can just jump online and start making money,or marketing for that matter without any preparation, is a joke. If youwant to make money online, then you need to make a few decisions first.Once youve decided what type of business you want to start, then yournext step is to decide how you will market your business online. If Ivelearned one thing about the time Ive been online its this: The morethings change, the more things stay the same.Blogging and the creation of Wordpress were two of these innovations. Itcaused me to change the way I do websites forever. However, thats oneof those rare changes. The truth about internet marketing is this: manyof the techniques, like article marketing and search engine optimizationstill work. What you have to do is learn how to properly do thesetechniques.Once you learn how to do them, your next step is to find thosetechniques that work the best for you and keep doing them. Eventuallywhat happens is that your marketing takes off on its own. If you marketlong enough, hard enough, and consistently enough, you build afollowing and your business markets itself.With that said, lets get started.Jinger Jarrett iii
  5. 5. Internet Marketing for FREEIntroduction: Building Traffic to Your Site for FreeSo many of my subscribers have asked me exactly what I do to buildtraffic to my site. The questions have become so frequent that Ive finallydecided to reveal in this ebook exactly how I do it.Although my plan may seem simplistic at first, if you implement my plan,step by step, youll have a constant flow of targeted traffic to your site.(Targeted traffic is traffic that is looking for your offers. This is alsotraffic thats more likely to buy.)The purpose of this ebook is to help those who are intimidated by thewhole idea of marketing online. This section will cut through all thehype, and give you real information immediately.The bottom line is this: if you want to make money online, and you wantto do it consistently, you have to market consistently. This report willshow you how to do it, and do it for free.Youre probably wondering why I would tell everything I know and thengive it away when so many are selling what they know and making reallybig money to do it.Simple.I know what its like to build a business on a shoestring. I know what itslike to struggle until you find the right formula to market your business.The information you will find in this report is only the tip of the iceberg.Its to give you a good taste of what I can teach you about internetmarketing. 5
  6. 6. Internet Marketing for FREEI want to build a relationship with you so that you choose my productsand services over other marketers. This ebook is about over delivering toboth my customers and potential customers.Ill be the first to tell you that I run my business for less $100 a month.This includes 14 websites, web hosting, domain names, and all of mybusiness expenses. Everything. I have been in business online for severalyears now, and I have consistently made a profit on my business everymonth that I have been in business.Have I gotten rich? Of course not. Most of this time, I have run mybusiness part time while I raised my three daughters. Now that I amworking full time in my business, I make a lot more money, but while Iwas working part time, I was still earning a full time income. This gaveme the time and the freedom to raise my children.The point is, dont let anyone tell you that making money online is easy.Its not. If it were, wed all be millionaires. Once you develop a businesssystem that works for you though, it gets a whole lot easier, and moneywill come in like clockwork.You have to take action. Have a plan. Know what you want. Once you geta system in place that works for you, then, and only then, does it becomeeasy and profitable. The most important thing to do is to stay focused.Set up a business, get it making a profit, and then set up another one.Create multiple streams of income so that you are making money all thetime. If one opportunity fails, you have money coming in elsewhere.Ive learned from talking to my readers that they want simple solutionsto their business and marketing problems. Most cant afford to spendhundreds or thousands of dollars on traffic solutions that may be toocomplicated to use, or simply cost too much. 6
  7. 7. Internet Marketing for FREEThe most important thing I have learned about doing business online isthat you have to help others. You have to give your customers andpotential customers simple solutions that work for their situations. Thetruth is, the most expensive solution, although it may put money in yourpocket, may not be the best for your customers.Give your customers the solutions that are right for them, or they wontcome back. In the long run, youll spend a whole lot more money gettingnew customers than you will keeping the ones you have.You reap what you sow. Treat your customers right, and money wontever be an issue. I want to build a relationship with my readers andcustomers. I treat others the way I want to be treated.Im sure some of you have been burned by high priced products thateither didnt work for you, or were too advanced for you to do anythingwith. I know I have, and I no longer use those products.After reading a manual written by one of the top online marketers that Ipaid $69 for, I threw it in the trash. It was a waste of paper and ink, aswell as reading time. I bought over $100 worth of products from thatperson, but I wont buy any more. Lesson learned.Thats another reason I want to make my readers, as well as yourpromotion efforts, as simple as possible.As long as you follow the steps in this ebook, youll be building trafficand sales to your site in no time. You can send me a testimonial to helpbuild your linking strategy. 7
  8. 8. Internet Marketing for FREEWith that said, know that you will find all of the tools you need, in thisbook, to market your business online, and many of them are free. I wontmake you pay for things I didnt buy either.If time is a problem for you, spend 30 minutes a day implementing yourstrategies. Do them one at a time. Work through the list until you havedone them all. Youll be amazed at how much just 30 minutes adds up.The more you market, the better you will get, but you will also get fasterat whatever you are doing too. Take your time. You have a step by stepplan before you that is easy to implement. (In the resources section ofthis book you will find a link to my software directory where you will findlow cost software to market. This will save you so much time, and time ismoney).If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through mysupport desk. Ill be happy to answer any questions you may have. Im areal person.With that, lets get going!The Techniques1. Build a list.This step is absolutely crucial to your success in business. The key hereis to differentiate yourself from others who are marketing the sameprogram you are, or to differentiate yourself from competitors who areselling products and services that are similar to yours.The way to do this is to offer a free report, write articles and send themout to your lists, and offer your potential customers valuable information 8
  9. 9. Internet Marketing for FREEthrough your list. Give your potential customers something they cant getanywhere else. Use this information to entice others to join your list.Make it exclusive so they cant get it anywhere else.Demonstrate a problem that relates to your products or services, andthen show how your products or services solve the problem.To get started building your list, you can build a one page mini site.Explain what your list is about, and what kind of information you willoffer on your list.Emphasize the benefits of your list. Study sites whose lists you havejoined to help you write your descriptions. Tell your potential readersand customers about your free report and how it will help them.Put a subscription box on the page so that potential customers can joinyour list. If you have a content site, then make sure you put a copy ofyour subscription box on all of the pages of your site.A one page site is very easy to make. I like because it givesyou an income opportunity, and its very flexible. I have used this serviceto build sites for others, and it is very reliable and dependable.If you visit my sites, you will also notice that I use free reports to getmore subscribers to subscribe to my lists, and I use them to get traffic tomy site.2. Promote on Traffic Exchanges.The way to get the most out of this marketing technique is to give yourpotential customers a reason to visit your site. The mistake that mostmarketers make with this promotion strategy is that they offer their 9
  10. 10. Internet Marketing for FREEproducts or services up front, or they promote the same lead capturepage everyone else is using.Like classified advertising in a newspaper, you want to use a two stepapproach with this technique. Get your visitors to your site. Get them tosign up for your list. In fact, a list page (lead capture page) is the easyway to do it.Again, offer a free report, ezine, or opt in list. Create a page on your sitespecifically for this, and be sure and include a headline at the top thatemphasizes the most important benefit for joining your list ordownloading your report. Make yourself different.If this sounds too complicated, then choose a program with a good leadcapture page that you can promote. Use this for your page in the rotator.To get the most from this type of marketing, I would recommend you useEasy Downlines. Its a complete marketing system.One other thing I want to point out here is that you also want to promotewhatever traffic exchanges you join. By promoting them, this allows youto earn additional credits through referrals. This is good because youwill get more traffic faster.3. Build your reputation.No single strategy on the Internet will help you more than building yourreputation. By getting your name out there, no matter what you areselling, your potential customers will come to you. 10
  11. 11. Internet Marketing for FREEI have been using this technique for a long time now, and I have seen asignificant increase in my traffic and sales, as well as increasing links tomy sites and higher rankings in the search engines.By increasing the number of links to your site in the search engines, youcan use it to help you raise your rankings in the search engines.The other strategy that will also help you is writing articles. This allowsyou to create keyword rich pages in your area of expertise.Below are the various techniques I have used to build my reputation,business, and sales. Use each of these techniques to help you build yourreputation and get your name out there.a. Joint Ventures.If you want to make money a whole lot faster, and get your name outthere, no single strategy will do it faster than this one.The reason joint ventures are so effective is because you are puttingyour products and services in front of a whole lot more people a lot morequickly than if you simply sent a mailing to your own list. By creatingjoint ventures with ezine publishers and other web site owners who ownlarge lists, you can quickly get your products and services in front ofothers. You are using the power of leverage.The key here is to build relationships with the potential joint venturepartners you approach. Give them a valuable offer and make it an offerthey cant refuse. Whether you contact them by email or support desk,make it personal and show them whats in it for them.b. Affiliate Program Management. 11
  12. 12. Internet Marketing for FREEBy creating your own affiliate program, you can boost the number ofsales you get by having others sell your products and services for you.Instead of having to spend your own money on advertising, youraffiliates do that for you.The place to start here is by posting your affiliate program description toas many affiliate program directories as possible. Currently, there areover 40 affiliate program directories online. You can find these in thesearch engines by searching for "affiliate program directories".c. Article Writing and Marketing.Ive mentioned this in many of my other ebooks and articles I havewritten. This is my primary means of promoting my business, and it hasdone far more than anything else except joint ventures to help me buildtraffic to my sites.You can do a search in the search engines for the top 50 articledirectories. Once you have been marketing for awhile, then considersigning up for a submission service or software to help you submit.There are some good ones available.Another good place to promote is on Yahoo Groups. You can submit yourarticles to lists there. Just search for the types of lists you want, or betteryet, browse some of the categories. Pay particular attention to thesubscriber numbers. You want active lists with lots of people on them.d. Forum Posting.Not only does posting on forums allow you to build your reputation andget your name out there, it also creates search engine friendly content. Itallows you to network with potential customers and build a relationship. 12
  13. 13. Internet Marketing for FREEThere are quite a few forums online that are heavy traffic sites rankedvery highly in the search engines.Now, there are forums out there for every topic you can imagine. Theeasiest way to find them is to do a search in the search engines. Searchby topic and add the word forums. Put your search term in quotes so thatyour search is more targeted. If you use Alexa, you can also getinformation on the rankings of the sites.Make sure you lurk for awhile before posting, then contribute. Dont postadvertising unless its allowed. Otherwise, youll either get banned fromthe boards, and worse, youll make a name for yourself youll never getrid of.I know one forum owner who has banned entire ISPs from his boardbecause of his board being spammed. Anyone living in India, Malaysia,Singapore, or anywhere in the Pacific Rim cant use this forum because afew bad apples decided to spam this forum.The truth is, you can get a lot more effective results from posting onforums simply by following the guidelines for each forum. Make yourcontent valuable and helpful to others, and you will get better results.e. Blog Posting.This has become one of my favorite activities online. I dont get to do itas much as I would like to, but it has been very helpful in helping mebuild my reputation as well as a following of loyal readers andcustomers.A blog is like an online diary. You can use for posts that are too short tobe articles. I use mine to write marketing tips, resources I have read 13
  14. 14. Internet Marketing for FREEabout, and to give my free ebooks and reports away. I also offer myreaders free tutorials, as well as free marketing software and onlinetools. Again, remember to include information.I use Wordpress self hosted, which has tons of plug ins to help youmarket your business.If you dont want to set up your own blog using Wordpress, then I wouldrecommend you sign up for a site like Blogger. You can get a free blog atBlogger.The other side of blogging is guest blogging. This is where you submitunique blog posts to other blog owners for publication on their blogs.Youll have to do a search in the search engines to find relevant blogs,but you can use Google Blog Search.f. Free Ebooks and Reports.This technique is already covered in the section on list building. Thistechnique is much easier than you think.You can create ebooks from articles youve written, or you can findaffiliate programs that offer articles. Combine them into a free reportand give it away. You can easily create PDFs using Open Office.I try to create a new report or ebook about every few months. I submitthem to the major ebook directories. You can find ebook directories bydoing a search in the search engines under the search term "EbookDirectories". Ive also listed several I recommend later in this ebook.g. Social Marketing. 14
  15. 15. Internet Marketing for FREESo you think you can make big money online without meeting people? Ordoing nothing?I always laugh when I hear that one.Whether you are sending out an ezine or articles, posting on forums, orany other method I have already mentioned, you are building arelationship with someone.Offline its a little easier to get away with not building a relationship withyour customers. After all, you have a physical address, and if yourcustomers are unhappy, they can just show up on your doorstep.Not so online. If you dont take the time to build a relationship withothers online, they wont trust you enough to buy from you. Its one ofthe reasons that SPAM is so ineffective. (Another reason SPAM is soineffective is because its so untargeted).*************************************Let me pause here a moment and explain to you what SPAM really is.Ive actually had people who subscribed to my list write me and complainbecause I was sending them email. (If you dont want email from me,then dont subscribe).SPAM is unsolicited commercial email. It is email that you didnt request.Somehow your email address has been indexed by some less thanreputable list builders out there, and they are sending you email. Oneway to spot these people is if they request that you send an email to beremoved from their lists. Reputable companies will use autoresponders,include a link at the bottom of the email, and all you have to do is clickthe link. 15
  16. 16. Internet Marketing for FREE*******************************************When networking, go to the high traffic sites. There are three top sites Irecommend: Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.Which networking sites you use online is a matter of choice. Differentsites work better than others depending on how you plan to promote.Build an effective profile on the site. Tell others about yourself and whatyou offer. If the site offers you a personal blog, post to it. If it doesnt,then find out if you can add your RSS feed to your profile. This will allowothers to read your blog content.If the site offers them join their forums and/or groups. Participate. Thesesites can save you a lot of time because youll have your forums andgroups in one place. Participating in these forums and/or groups mayallow you to build content to your profile allowing you to offer updatedcontent to those who are visiting or connecting with you.Other forms of social marketing do include blogging, socialbookmarking, and video marketing. It is beyond the scope of this book togo into detail on these techniques. However, if you are looking for somevery effective ways to market your business, then you definitely want toconsider them.h. Press Releases.If you want to drive a ton of traffic to your website, press releases areanother great way to do it. 16
  17. 17. Internet Marketing for FREELike articles, press releases are very viral in nature. Unlike articles,which give your visitors information about the topic of your site, pressreleases are news about your site and your business.A press release, like a news story, should answer the 5Ws and the H ofjournalism: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.One of the best ways to learn how to write a good press release is toread press releases. However, I wouldnt recommend reading pressreleases on press release sites. Read your local paper and study thenews.Its estimated that up to 92 percent of the news in newspapers is takenfrom press releases. Newspaper reporters simply dont have time towrite all of the material for newspapers that newspapers require,especially if its a daily paper. Using press releases, even if they need tobe rewritten, are better than empty space.To find newspapers to study, you can search sites like Google News orYahoo News or read your local paper.Once you have a feel for the news in a publication, then you can craftyour own press release.Craft a compelling headline. Like news stories, if the headline doesntgrab readers, they wont read the story.Answer the questions that I listed above.If you are writing a press release to announce the release of a book or anew product, stay away from talking about the product or book. Start 17
  18. 18. Internet Marketing for FREEwith a problem and then explain how the product or book solves theproblem, but never directly refer to the product or book.Include a resource box, especially if you are submitting your pressrelease online. Like articles, when you are promoting your press releaseonline, you want to promote your products, books/ebooks, or services inyour resource box. Lead your readers to your site.For more information on how to effectively use press releases, the bestthing to do is to read the information on the press release site you aresubmitting to. Youll find plenty of tips on how to write effective pressreleases, as well as how to properly format your releases and get morefrom your promotions. Simply search for “submit press release.”-i. Search Engines.No ebook would be complete without at least mentioning the searchengines. In fact, I cant believe that when I first wrote this report I didntinclude this information because search engine optimization andsubmission have always been a big part of my internet marketingstrategy.Anyway, if you own a website, a part, even if its just a small part of yourmarketing strategy, must include search engines because this is oftenone of the ways that people will use to find you.To get found, the easiest way to do it is to create a sitemap and thensubmit it to the three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN.I would also recommend that you submit your website to Exactseek, aswell as Alexa. Exactseek will help you grab the smaller search engines.Alexa will provide you with some pretty good statistics about your site. 18
  19. 19. Internet Marketing for FREEThis includes how much traffic you are getting, where its coming from,and what words visitors are using to find you. Youll also find informationon your competitors.The best way to prepare your website for the search engines is to studythe information you find at Google and Bing. These two sites cover about80 percent of the search traffic for the Internet. (Bing supplementsYahoo now.)As for telling you how to optimize your sites for the search engines, Iwould recommend that you make sure you optimize your website for thekeywords that searchers are actually looking for. Build lots of backlinks,and the easiest way to do this is to write articles, guest blog posts, etc.Social bookmarking is a good way, as is blog comments. Again, the bestthing to do is read the Webmaster tools sections at Google and Bing.This will save you so much time because youll understand what theyrelooking for.A Word on Viral MarketingViral marketing is a way to spread your message across the Internet bygenerating buzz about your products or services. Promoting witharticles, press releases, and free ebooks can also create a viralmarketing strategy for your business because other website owners arepublishing your work.For example: you have a free ebook. You give it to two people, they eachgive it to two people, and on and on.Viral marketing multiplies itself exponentially. 2x2x2x2=16, not 8. 19
  20. 20. Internet Marketing for FREEAll of these techniques are very effective for spreading your marketingmessage. However, what if you are intimidated by the whole process ofwriting?Deep down, I dont think that its the writing that is really the issue herefor most people. I think its a matter of confidence. It takes a lot ofconfidence in yourself, your product, and your writing ability to makeyourself vulnerable enough to put your message out there in front ofmillions of people.I know when I first started sending out my articles, I was scared todeath. I just knew people would tell me I was a horrible writer, that Iwas stupid, or I should quit this business because I didnt have what ittakes.Although I have gotten a few nasty, and pretty condescending emailsabout my writing over the years, overall, the reception was quite warm.It helped build my confidence. Now it doesnt matter because Ive grownpast the need to have approval from others. Its very liberating!(Sooner or later you learn that the ones who are so negative towards youare the same ones who have never published or who have never owned asuccessful business. These are the same people who will never succeedfor that reason. Theyre either critical people or perfectionists. Eitherway, they never succeed).People want to know what you know, especially if it will benefit them.Most people are less interested in whether or not your grammar isperfect. They just want to know what you know that they dont, that willhelp them improve their lives. (If they show more interest in yourgrammar than in your content, or they prefer “pretty” web sites to “ugly”ones, reread what I just wrote above). 20
  21. 21. Internet Marketing for FREESome business people will never develop the confidence necessary to dotheir own writing. It isnt a problem if you can afford to hire acopywriter, but what if you cant?Theres a simple solution. You can use craigslist to advertise your site.Since craigslist gets so much traffic, it really is a terrific way to postyour ads and get high search engine rankings for those ads. craigslisthas high page rank, which means that Google ranks it really high.You can set up a complete internet marketing campaign on craigslist,and it will only take you about 15 minutes a day to maintain. This isgreat for those who are time crunched.You can get a free copy of CraigsList Marketer Pro video and ebook toteach you how. All you have to do is sign up at Leads Leap for a freeaccount. Once youve confirmed your account, log in and go the the freebonuses page. Download the video and ebook. Read it, watch the video,and set up your campaigns. It really is that easy.Viral marketing is very effective and can continue to drive traffic to yourbusiness for years. Dont overlook it if you are looking for a way to getextra exposure, but you arent comfortable with your writing.Finally, please remember you dont have to do all this in one day. Icertainly didnt do it in one day. Work it one step at a time. Build on yourmarketing plan. Make changes. Nothing is written in stone. Everyonessituation is different. All of these methods will work, but you have toapply it in a way that reaches your target market.Jay Abraham mentions this in his ebook, "Getting Everything You CanOut of All That Youve Got", and I think it definitely applies here. 21
  22. 22. Internet Marketing for FREESomeone once asked bank robber Willie Sutton why he robbed banks.His reply? "Because thats where the money is".So how does this apply to marketing? Simple. Go where your targetmarket is and apply these techniques. You will get traffic and sales. Do itconsistently. Youll get more traffic and sales. Keep building on thatmomentum, and be consistent. Youll definitely see a difference. Target,target, target. Thats the real secret to converting your visitors intocustomers.Your Action Plan-Implement one strategy per week from this list until you have them allin place. Take as much time as you need. Dont overwhelm yourself.Work on each method until you have completed it, and then start on thenext one.-Track your results to find out which methods are the most effective foryou. Do a search in the search engines for link tracking software. Thesechange, but you can find plenty of free solutions that will do the job.-Tweak your marketing plan until you have the methods that are mosteffective for you and continue to consistently apply these methods toyour business. You will see results. 22
  23. 23. ResourcesIf you would like to brand this report, then you can either download itfrom Killer Marketing Arsenal, or you can download it from my affiliatessite. You can get a free membership at Killer Marketing ArsenalThe ProgramsWebsite.wsEasy DownlinesLeads Leap – Although not mentioned in this ebook, this is one of myfavorite marketing resources because it allows you to build traffic toyour site, and Kenneth Koh offers a ton of marketing training for free.Worth a look.Killer Marketing ArsenalSupportStill have questions? Then feel free to use my convenient support desk: 23