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Google wants you to share your content across its platforms, and Google has made it really easy to do just that. You can also automate much of the process, and this helps you get far more marketing done in far less time. Here's a simple way to market your content on Google+, Youtube, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites, automate it and do it for free.

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Get Google Love: Google Marketing With Content: The Right Way!

  1. 1. GET GOOGLE LOVE! Google Marketing With Content: The Right Way! JINGER JARRETT
  2. 2. Copyright 2013, 2014 Jinger Jarrett, All rights reserved. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of research or private study, or criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, this publication may only be reproduced, stored or transmitted, in any form or by any means, with the prior permission in writing of the author. Inquiries concerning reproduction outside those terms should be sent to the author. The use of registered names, trademarks etc. in this publication does not imply, even in the absence of a specific statement, that such names are exempt from the relevant laws and regulations and therefore free for general use. The publisher makes no representation, express or implied, with regard to the accuracy of the information contained in this book and cannot accept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that may be made. Author Website:
  3. 3. Dedication This book is dedicated to my daughters. They are the most important people in my life and have done more for me than anyone. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.
  4. 4. PART One: Introduction Google. It's one of those sites that sometimes it's hard to know what to do when it comes to marketing. On the other hand, it can be an insanely profitable site if you understand Google and how Google works. If you can do that, you'll get tons of passive traffic from this website. It's easy to do too. Just follow the rules. Google is going social, and so if you want to get the most from marketing on Google, then follow this plan. It will save you a lot of time and frustration. Without tools, or someone to help you with the work, it's impossible to get it all done alone. I'll show you how to overcome all these obstacles and set everything up quickly. Don't forget to check out all the other resources Google has available to you to help you market including Google Sites, Mobile Sites, Local and Google+. Put all these sites together, and you have a winning marketing plan. Google isn't going anywhere soon. It gets 80 percent of the search traffic, and it's a multibillion dollar business. The plan is simple, and you can do it all with free tools. I'll
  5. 5. tell you what all those tools are, and then I'll show you the tools I use to make this happen. Once you set this up, you don't really have to do much except write two to three blog posts a week, and I'll show you how to do that too. Pretty simple. Just follow the plan.
  6. 6. PART Two: The Plan I will assume here that you already have a niche. This is not about teaching you how to choose one. The three biggest of course are health, relationships and making money online, and there is a lot of money to be made here. This plan is about creating content and then distributing that content across the Google network. Getting started is pretty simple. All you need is a Google account. Sign up for a Google account and use it to manage all your Google+ Pages, Youtube Channels and Blogger Blogs. Because you can scale this method, it's much easier to have everything under the control of one account. As long as you follow the rules, Google won't mess with you, and you'll be fine. This is based on how Google has everything set up, and it's about sharing content. Google makes it really easy for you to do that because they allow you to connect these distribution channels. Once you have your account, you want to create a Google+ page, a Youtube channel and a Blogger blog in the same niche. If
  7. 7. you don't already have a niche, then this is the time to get one and choose a valuable keyword for building your channels. The first step is to create a Google+ Page, a Youtube Channel for this page and a Blogger Blog and then you want to customize those channels. When you are customizing your Google+ page, you will need to create a password for that page so you can use the email and password for that page to log into Youtube. (Your main account works for Blogger.) This will connect the two accounts together. Then, whenever you create a Youtube video, that video will automatically post to your Google+ page. Here are some tips on how to do this: First, when you build your Google+ page, make sure you include the website links to all your properties. This includes a link to your Youtube Channel, your Blogger Blog and your niche site if you have one. It gives you a backlink and points your visitors to your website. Adding these links also establishes authorship with Google, which is an important component of branding and search engine optimization because Google now
  8. 8. looks at authorship when ranking your sites. Include links to your article directory profiles, Facebook, Twitter and other top sites too. You only have to do this one time, so this makes it easy. If you have a niche site that is verified in Google, which means that you have added it to Google Sitemaps, it will allow you to create a custom domain. Here are two examples for you to see so you understand how it is done. Look at the About tab on both profiles. The first is my main profile at Google+. The second is a Google+ page I have created that has its own channel at Youtube, as well as it's own blog. Jinger Jarrett (Profile) on Google+ Dating and Attraction Page Notice that both the profile and the page have the domain of my sites in the link. This connects it to my site and establishes authorship. You can use these pages as examples for setting up your own pages. It's simple to do. In the top right corner of the screen where you see your
  9. 9. profile picture (has a placeholder if you don't have your picture there) click on it. The menu drops down, and you can go to the page or profile dashboard for Google+. Go to the Settings tab and customize your settings. This is where you create the email address and password so you have a log in for your page. Once you have done this, go to the About tab in your profile and edit each of the sections. Later you will want to search for those who are interested in your topic and start following them. They will probably follow you, so this is the easiest way to build a following. Again, include links to all your properties. You will see how I have done it on the page. Add a header, a profile picture and your customization is complete. Then you want to go to Youtube and begin the set up of your channel there. You can access this by clicking on the Youtube tab (this is where your videos will appear on your Google+ page) and then clicking on the Youtube link. Customize your profile here. Add a header and a photo. Most of your work will be done from your Youtube channel page. Click on the About section of this page to
  10. 10. add up to 10 links to your stuff. I would include social profiles, a link to your website and any other links you think are important. You can see on my Dating and Attraction channel how I have done this. Add your description, and make sure you have your social profiles as this allows you to get passive traffic. Once you have completed this step, then the next thing to do is to go to the top left corner of the page and use the Youtube settings section to set where your content is distributed. Click on the Connected Accounts in the left hand menu and add your Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts so your content is automatically shared. The next step is to set up your corresponding Blogger blog. This content will be shared on your Google+ page automatically. Go to the dashboard for your blogs, click on the Edit menu (it looks like a page) and then click on Google+. This allows you to post your content to Google+ from your Blogger blog automatically. Here is the blog I made to go with this account. I will show you later how I am generating content to this blog. Dating and Attraction Tips Blogspot
  11. 11. Again, make sure you have your main Google profile complete. Complete your Google+ profile for this blog, and it will show on your blog. You can see in the sidebar the modules I have added, and I suggest you add those too. This is a simple system that allows you to cross post your content. If you want to add an additional way to post content to your system and automate it, then I suggest you use Hootsuite. You can get a free account there to help you handle all this, and the upgrade is pretty inexpensive. This will allow you to automate the posting of content that doesn't come from your Youtube channel and Blogger blog. You can get an account here for free, and Hootsuite will even give you a free 30 day trial. I've tried plenty of tools to help me connect all this, and this one is the best for the price because it allows you to connect your most important sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. It wil also save you a ton of time because it allows you to monitor all the most important social platforms you market on and applies the 80/20 rule to your marketing. Here's the link: Hootsuite. Use this to schedule updates for your other content and links
  12. 12. that can't be added to the system. All this can be done for free, and once you set it up, all you have to do is create and post the content to your blog and Hootsuite. The system takes care of the rest. Since Blogger is much more flexible and allows you to post just about any kind of content as long as you aren't spamming, you'll be fine. Although this will help with your SEO and content distribution, there's also another advantage too: Blogger blogs get read, and once other people find your content on your channels, which isn't hard, you'll have a marketing plan that's pretty much automated. Just add your content. In another section I'll show you some simple ways to create content. Personally I really don't sweat the ”duplicate content penalty” so many make such a big deal about. Google has never bought anything from me, and the important thing here is to get your content distributed in a way that's fast and simple, doesn't require a lot of time and follows the rules. This follows the rules, and I know this because I've been doing it for months now. One other thing: use the analytics in your dashboards for
  13. 13. Google+, Youtube and Blogger to find out what's working. Then do more of it. Blogger isn't so uptight about marketing affiliate programs as long as the content is good, and you can even use Google Adsense and widgets to monetize. In the next section, I'll add one more piece to the puzzle, and it will put the whole thing on steroids with a self hosted Wordpress blog.
  14. 14. PART Three: The Plan on Steroids You can get started doing this for free. If you only have one blog, and you only want to market to the free sites listed, this will still give you backlinks and help with your submissions. If you want to put the system on steroids, then upgrade. Social Autoposter Plugin for Wordpress Simply install the plugin to your Wordpress blog. Add your social accounts. When you make a post to your Wordpress blog, choose the sites where you want the content to go. I use this more than anything else because I write a lot of articles. Another plugin I use is this one: Automatic Youtube Video Posts. It feeds my videos back into my Wordpress blog. Then I just write a nice post around them, and then post them. I don't have to go to Youtube to retrieve them. Wordpress grabs them for me. Since the Social Poster plugin works with future posts, content goes out when I need it to, so I can set this up and walk away from it, and come back to it when I'm ready to write. Install this plugin, add your channel name to it, and it will automatically
  15. 15. post your videos to your blog. If you want to edit them first, just set it to draft and add them as you like. When you are setting up the social poster plugin, you'll also want to create a Facebook page. This will allow you to market your content on Facebook too. Sounds complicated, right? I'm about to show you the system step by step. As I said before, once you put the pieces in place, basically all you will be doing is writing a few blog posts/articles each week, and the system takes care of the rest. Let me explain something first before I show you the step by step system I use. Once you set up the system, there's only two things to do: go to the sites listed and connect. Add people to your circles, like and comment on stuff with Youtube and Google+ and others will return the favor. You can spend as much or as little time as you like doing this. It just increases the traffic effect, and you can even outsource with sites like Fiverr. The other thing I do is create content. I write simple articles, submit them to Ezine Articles and then use Article Video Robot to create stunning videos and documents to post to the video and
  16. 16. document sites. You can get started with Article Video Robot for free and try it out. Here's the system I use step by step: 1. Write an article and submit it to Ezine Articles. 2. Once it comes back approved, I grab the link and go to Article Video Robot and convert it to a Power Point presentation and a video. I submit the video and the Power Point. (Article Video Robot includes all the submisson tools.) 3. Convert the Power Point to a PDF and submit to other document sites like DocStoc, Calameo and others. 4. Once the video is uploaded to Youtube, it feeds back to my Wordpress blog. I edit the post and schedule it. I check the list of sites I want it to go to, and I'm finished. For me that's about an hour a day because I can write a complete article in about 10 to 15 minutes, submit it, and once the articles start getting approved, then I go to Article Video Robot and do my stuff. The best part is that you can also write short tweets and posts and resubmit your article links and video links through Hootsuite so you multiply the exposure and recycle the
  17. 17. content. It's important to give others multiple exposures to your content. This also gives you content for your lists, and you can write short emails saying something like, ”Hey, go check out my video.” In the next part I'll share some free resources you can use to improve your traffic and get some backlinks.
  18. 18. PART Four: Resources Killer Marketing Arsenal – Get a free or low cost membership to my marketing site. I'll teach you how to market your online or offline business using completely free internet marketing techniques. Screenr – Easy way to make videos. Allows you to create instant screencasts. Youtube RSS Feed – This tool helps you find the RSS feeds for your Youtube channels. Why is this important? Because you can then submit your RSS feeds to the RSS directories. Backlinks and traffic. RSS Submit – Free tool to submit all your RSS feeds to the RSS directories. Make sure you submit your Youtube, Blogger and Wordpress feeds here. Backlink Ping – This allows you to ping your links and notify the search engines that they have been updated. Use this for your profiles, RSS feeds, blogs and other links. Vtube – One of the biggest problems with embedding Youtube videos on your blog is that if it's done wrong, it sends
  19. 19. the traffic back to Youtube. You want to avoid that. This tool helps you with your Youtube videos, and you can turn off certain features. Recommended Very seldom do I ever recommend products and services on the internet because there's so much junk. However, I do buy a lot of products try them out and then give my readers a few recommendations. Video is extremely hot right now, and so if you want to make some serious money online without having to learn a lot of technical skills, then video is the way to do it. Tube Cash Code – This is a complete video marketing course. It will teach you how to first create your videos and then how to market them. You don't need a website of your own. I like this course because it has some really good marketing software to go with it, and you can use that software to post your content to video sites, bookmarking sites document sites and others. Nice alternative if you're completely new to video marketing and want to learn how to do it right so you actually make money.
  20. 20. PART Five: Blog Content for Non Writers Content can be a lot of trouble for a lot of people because they take the attitude, ”I'm not a writer.” Most people aren't. Doesn't mean you can learn basic writing skills and communicate your message. We communicate all the time. There are some simple things you can do to get content. 1. Get private label rights content on your topic and rewrite it in your own words. Plenty of it available on the internet. 2. Sign up at the Submit Your Article website and have them deliver content to your blog. It's free to become a publisher, the content is pretty decent, and you can automate the posting through the dashboard panel. 3. Offer guest blogging opportunities, which is nothing more than allowing others to write a post for your blog in exchange for a backlink. 4. Go to Fiverr and get articles written. They're not but about $5 each, and it's original content. 5. Add the Repost plugin to your blog. This is the
  21. 21. easiest way to curate content, and it's free. You get plenty of news sources, video and other content, and it also allows you to make your content available to this system so yours gets syndicated. There's no duplicate content penalty issue, so you don't have to worry about that. It will also help you in determining what content your readers enjoy.
  22. 22. Google Alerts I gave this its own section because building backlinks and creating content that is timely is of utmost importance, and it can also get you immediate traffic. The beauty of this system is that it's pretty much a built in marketing system, so you don't have to spend so much time marketing. Once you're making money consider some form of paid advertising as this will help you increase readership and further reduce your marketing workload. Now, what Google Alerts do is tell you what topics are trending. It also tells you where to go to comment on blogs to build backlinks. You can also use the content to create what is a curated blog post. With a curated blog post all you have to do is link to stories from several blogs and write short summaries under each article, giving you a unique blog post. Doing this tracks back to the other sites and allows you to connect with the other blog owners. It also allows you to engage other blog owners and readers through content. Even though blog comments don't count as much as they used to for search engine optimization, it's still a
  23. 23. fast way to get traffic. To set up a Google Alert, just go to Google and type in Google Alerts. You can subscribe by email for any topic you want. To make sure there are enough active stories on the topic, go to Google first and type in your keywords and then click the news tab. Keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner or any other keyword tool will help you find the right blogs and content to market your site. Also consider browsing Technorati as they offer lists of the top 100 by category.
  24. 24. About the Author Jinger Jarret is a full time freelance writer, author and internet marketer. She teaches small business owners how to get started online and then market their businesses for free. Her books are available on Amazon. Read her blog: Mind Body Spirit Business and Life Visit her on Amazon: Jinger Jarrett