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29 ways to market online for free ebook


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29 ways to market online for free ebook

  1. 1. 29 Ways to Market Online for Free Jinger Jarrett
  2. 2. CopyrightApart from any fair dealing for the purposes of research or private study,or criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright, Designs andPatents Act 1988, this publication may only be reproduced, stored ortransmitted, in any form or by any means, with the prior permission inwriting of the author. Inquiries concerning reproduction outside thoseterms should be sent to the author.The use of registered names, trademarks etc. in this publication does notimply, even in the absence of a specific statement, that such names areexempt from the relevant laws and regulations and therefore free forgeneral use.The publisher makes no representation, express or implied, with regardto the accuracy of the information contained in this book and cannotaccept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions thatmay be made.
  3. 3. Table of ContentsPreface............................................................................................iii29 Ways to Market Online for Free............................................................iiiFree Ebooks......................................................................................1Video.................................................................................................3Ezines...............................................................................................5Articles.............................................................................................7Blogs.................................................................................................9Search Engine Optimization (SEO)................................................11Linking............................................................................................13Email Marketing.............................................................................15Giveaways.......................................................................................17Forums............................................................................................19Social Marketing............................................................................21Branding.........................................................................................23Joint Ventures................................................................................25Affiliate Marketing.........................................................................27Affiliate Program Management.....................................................29Free Classifieds..............................................................................31Social Bookmarking.......................................................................33Memberships..................................................................................35Offline Marketing...........................................................................37Relationship Marketing.................................................................39Press Releases................................................................................41Content Syndication.......................................................................43Ad Swaps.........................................................................................45Directory Submission.....................................................................47Firesales.........................................................................................49Pay Per Click..................................................................................51Copywriting....................................................................................53Viral Marketing..............................................................................55Teleseminars..................................................................................57Resources.......................................................................................59 i
  4. 4. Preface29 Ways to Market Online for FreeAlthough there are many ways to market your business online, someways are more effective than others. If you know how to use the mosteffective free marketing techniques, you can easily drive a lot of trafficto your website. These are the techniques I have found that are the mosteffective.1. Free EbooksIts a cliche, but everyone loves freebies. Create a free ebook thatsoriginal, offer compelling content, and give it away to those who joinyour list.2. VideoVideo is also very popular. Once you learn how to create videos, they canbe very effective because you can actually show your visitors how to usethe product.3. EzinesAlthough ezines are a relatively old way to market, theyre still effective.Ezines allow you to build a relationship with those who join your list. Usecompelling content and include resources your readers find helpful.4. ArticlesArticles are my favorite because, of all the internet marketing techniquesIve used, these have been the most effective. Articles can be used for iii
  5. 5. many purposes because you can recycle them into other types of contentlike video.5. BlogsBlogs allow you to create search engine friendly content. They also allowyou to build websites that dont require you to know a lot of HTML.6. SEOSearch engine optimization allows you to get high rankings in the searchengines. When you rank high, searchers are more likely to visit your sitebecause they can find you.7. LinkingBacklinks and Google page rank go hand in hand. If you want high pagerank, and high rankings, consider building links.8. Email MarketingThe most effective way to put your marketing on autopilot is throughemail marketing. Once you build your lists, if you build them effectively,then all you have to do is send an email to your readers and make thesale.9. GiveawaysGiveaways are the easiest way to build a list. It allows you to use theleverage of many different people to drive traffic to your list.10. Forums iv
  6. 6. Forums, like some of these other techniques is rather old, but its stilleffective. Forums allow you to build relationships with others.11. Social MarketingSocial marketing is similar to forum marketing because it allows you tobuild relationships with others. It also includes blogging, videomarketing, and any other interactive ways to market.12. BrandingCreate a brand for yourself and others will recognize you. The realsecret to making a lot of money online or offline is building a relationshipand then getting others to remember you.13. Joint VenturesJoint ventures are one of the fastest ways to make money online if youknow how to set up your JV correctly. It also allows you to use the powerof leverage and sell your products in places you might not haveconsidered.14. Affiliate MarketingYou dont need a product, a list, or even a website to get started inaffiliate marketing. You just need to choose a product and startpromoting.15. Affiliate Program ManagementWith affiliate program management, youre the merchant. You get othersto join your affiliate program and promote your products or services. v
  7. 7. 16. Free ClassifiedsFree classifieds, are also one of the oldest techniques. Theyre stilleffective if you know how to write a good ad, and you post those adswhere theyll be seen.17. Social BookmarkingThis technique not only allows you to build backlinks to your site, but italso allows you to connect within various communities like Digg. Its alsoa fast way to get traffic.18. MembershipsMemberships are similar to giving away free reports, but theyre alsobetter. They allow you to build relationships, as well as create jointventure deals. You can then leverage your promotions.19. Offline MarketingOffline marketing can be as varied as your imagination. Posting noticeson bulletin boards, giving out business cards, or even joining offlinegroups will help you connect.20. Relationship MarketingRelationship marketing is somewhat different from social marketing.This type of marketing can be done online or offline.21. Press Releases vi
  8. 8. Press releases allow you to build backlinks. They also allow you toannounce news about your business, connect with journalists, as well asyour customer.22. Content SyndicationContent syndication is where you offer your content in different forms.These forms include articles, videos, images, and audio. In other words,its any way that content can be recycled.23. Ad SwapsAd swaps allow you to build your list more quickly. You can eitherexchange ads using solo ads or swapping ads on thank you pages.24. Directory SubmissionThere are plenty of both general directories and specialized directorieson the internet. These directories allow you to build backlinks to yoursites.25. FiresalesThis is just one of the many forms of a joint venture. It allows you tomake a lot of money quickly.26. Pay Per ClickPay per click is usually considered a paid technique. If you know whereto look, you can find tons of free credits to test your campaigns first.27. Copywriting vii
  9. 9. Most wouldnt think of copywriting as a marketing technique. However,if you write an ad or sales letter that increases your response, youvemade money you wouldnt have made if you hadnt used effective copy.28. Viral MarketingThis is definitely the hardest way to market. Getting others to spreadyour message isnt something you can control. The key is to createsomething that others are willing to share.29. TeleseminarsTeleseminars are one of the most personal ways to market because theyallow you to talk to your readers. Theyre also very effective becausethey are so personal. viii
  10. 10. Free EbooksOne of my favorite ways to promote my business is to give away freeebooks. The reason is that there are so many ways to do this, and its agreat way for the subscriber to determine if you can provide a solution tohis/her problem.Although sometimes this technique has often been overused, its still anexcellent way to promote your business provided you follow a few simpleguidelines.If you want to get the most from your promoting free ebooks, here arethe steps you need to take:1. Write a quality ebook.This seems pretty obvious, but its really not. Some people will use theirebooks as just an upsell. They provide no real information. Whatsunfortunate is that ebooks like this just get deleted.You dont have to reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of ways to createyour content without writing it yourself. Whats key here is offerinformation your potential customers want. Give them a taste of what thefull blown product is like and how it will solve their problems.2. Include "vital" information in your ebook.Include things like contact information, as well as links back to your siteor to the product. Make sure your links work, and that theyre pointingto the right place. Just dont include too many offers. One or two isplenty. Write several short reports promoting different products. Youllget more mileage that way. 1
  11. 11. Free Ebooks3. Offer your ebook in different formats.Different readers will want to consume your content in different ways.Turn your ebook into a video, audio, podcast, and even a PowerPointpresentation. The more ways you present your material, the more placesyou have where you can post it to promote it.4. Submit your ebook to the ebook directories.Ebook directories will be one of the first places readers will look for yourcontent. There are some top notch ebook directories out there that get alot of traffic. Make sure your ebook is included.5. Submit your ebook to the software directories.Most wont consider submitting here, but its actually easy to do. All youhave to do is create a whats called a PAD file. Upload it to your serverand then submit the link to the Shareware Professionals website. Yourebook will then get picked up by 100s, or even 1000s of software sites.6. Consider an ad swap with another list owner.An ad swap is where you exchange solo ads with another list owner. Youmail their ads to your list, and they mail your ads to theirs. Youll need alist of about 500 to get started, so make sure youre list building whileyoure promoting.7. Write a press release to announce your new release.Make sure what youre doing is news. The whole thing with free ebookshas been done. Look for a special hook that makes your promotiondifferent and then promote it. 2
  12. 12. VideoVideo is one of the absolute best ways to market your business onlinebecause so many people love them. Its so much easier to explain how todo something when you use a video to market your business.Video sites are also very popular. Besides the fact that YouTube wasbought for several billion by Google should tell you that. Regardless, itsan excellent way to market your business, and if youre not much of awriter, then you can still create good content that your users will love.Also, if youre an actor, musician, performance artist, or anyone thatdoes anything thats even remotely visual, this is a great way to promoteyour stuff.To get started, the first thing youll need to do is sign up for some videosite accounts. There are tons of video sites out there. Whats important isthat you make sure you sign up for sites where it would be a good placefor you to promote. You dont want to try putting business videos on anadult site, and you dont want to violate the terms of service for the siteyoure using either.The best way to find video sites to market on is to do a search in Google.You also want to make sure you tie your video promotion to your socialmedia promotions, so make sure you post your videos to your socialaccounts like Facebook and MySpace too.Once youve found several sites to market on, then sign up and completeyour profiles. Include a link back to your website and any relevantinformation you think should be on your profile. Make it lookprofessional. You want to make a good impression on those who visityour page, and you want them to go your website for more information. 3
  13. 13. VideoNext, create a video to submit. Write a good title and description, andchoose tags to add to your video page. Make sure you include keywordsthat are relevant to your video. Dont make up keywords just becauseyou want to connect with a certain market. Untargeted marketing is acomplete waste of time, like spam. I mean seriously, who falls for thatanymore?Submit your video. Check to make sure that everything is working. Thisshould be a no brainer but some dont do it. When youre satisfied withyour submission, then create new videos and start the submissionprocess over again. Remember, search engine optimization is critical toyour success here. You want to make sure you do it. Also, the morequality targeted videos you have to promote you, the better. Just dontforget to cross promote them on social sites as it will get you even moretraffic. 4
  14. 14. EzinesEzines are an excellent way to market your business online because theywill help you in two ways: 1) They allow you to create valuable contentfor your visitors to your site and make your visitors want to stay, and 2)by submitting your sites to the ezine directories, you can build valuablebacklinks to your site and improve your rankings in the search engines.However, before you start thinking about that part, the first thing youneed to do is develop a concept for your ezine. What will your ezinediscuss, and what will be the format? Will you offer it in PDF, text,HTML, etc? Format used to be a bigger concern than it is now, buttechnology has evolved, so its easier than ever to format your ezine intojust about any format, or even convert it from one format to another.The next step is to develop your content. You want to have at least a fewweeks worth of content so that you have additional time to find newcontent as you go. If youre organized, and you have a good idea of whatinformation youll be offering in your ezine, then putting it together eachweek or each month wont be a problem at all. If your topic is evergreen,then you can load up your autoresponder with content and then sendupdates and special offers as you have them.And speaking of autoresponders: if you want to offer a quality newsletterto your readers, offer your ezine through an autoresponder. You dontwant to have to hassle with subscribes and unsubscribes, and yourreaders dont have to worry that youre a spammer because theyrehaving to send their unsubscribe requests to some fake Gmail emailaddress.Use an email address off your domain. It makes you look moreprofessional. Gmail, Yahoo, etc. are fine for personal email, and in fact, Iactually pay for my Yahoo so I have an online office. However, when I 5
  15. 15. Ezinessend email to my readers, the email address I use always comes from mydomain.When youve created your content and loaded your autoresponder,create a lead capture page. This is simple and can be done with leadcapture page software. Upload it to your server on your domain, andyoure ready to go.Write a description and title for your ezine and submit to the ezinedirectories. There are plenty of them available, and its usually free to beincluded. Make sure you read the instructions for each one so youinclude all the relevant information. This will get you subscribers, but itwill also attract writers who are willing to create content for your ezineabsolutely free. 6
  16. 16. ArticlesOf all the methods Ive ever used to market my business online, the mosteffective has always been article writing. The reason is that the internetis a content driven medium. Although articles are only one type ofcontent available on the internet, its the easiest way to makecomparisons, offer product reviews, and make your website sticky.Article writing really isnt as hard as you think either. Unfortunately,most who consider using article writing dont because they rememberwhat it was like in high school English, and they simply cant imaginethrowing themselves out there and facing the criticism.Heres what you need to know: although there are those out there whowill criticize your writing, seldom are they people who actually write.Besides, theyre reading you. Are you reading them?Dont get me wrong. Valid criticism is good but all too often Ive seen alot of criticism that was not only unfair, it was unwarranted and soundedmore like sour grapes than anything else.Now, although there are many ways to write an article, and you shouldtest them out (different types of articles need different formats), thesimplest article to write is called the list or the recipe.These are actually two different formulas, but theyre so similar that Ican explain how to do one, and youll immediately know how to do theother.With a list, you simply offer a list of things that go together: tips, secrets,strategies, ideas. etc. They are all related ideas to a specific topic. Agood example of this is the article series that this article is a part of: "29 7
  17. 17. ArticlesWays to Market Your Business Online for Free." In that article I provide29 different free ways you can market your business online.Once you write out your list of related tips, then all you do is write two tothree different sentences for each tip. Write a beginning and conclusion,as well as a resource box, and youre basically done. One thing I wouldhighly recommend you do though is make sure you research yourkeywords prior to writing your articles. If you dont, they you may end upusing the wrong keywords for what youre doing.The recipe allows you to offer step by step directions for doingsomething, similar to a food recipe. Do each step in a specific order, andbefore you know it, you have created whatever the article tell you thatyou will be able to create.Article writing is not only an easy and effective way to market yourbusiness, but you can use it to help you build great content for yourwebsites too. Use it to make your sites "sticky," and you can drive trafficautomatically for years to come. 8
  18. 18. BlogsIf you like to write, and youre looking for a way to market, build aninternet presence, and make money at the same time, blogging is theperfect way to do that. One of the reasons is that blogging allows you tomove past website creation. Once you set up your blogging platform,then you can focus on the writing and content creation. You build yoursite as you go, but you separate your content from your design. Thisallows you to change your site design at any time, but youre notspending a lot of time on the technical aspect.Blogs are also search engine friendly. The search engines love them, andthey tend to rank highly. Thats why its not uncommon to see one pagewebsites ranking highly in the search engines. You cant always tell fromlooking at the site unless the site owner left the "powered by" tag in thefooter, but if you look, youll discover that many of these sites are builton the Wordpress platform.The first step you need to take to get started is to decide what the topicof your blog will be. If you think you may change the topic of your blogdown the road, you may want to consider buying your name for yourdomain or buying a rather generic domain. This will allow you to moreeasily change your site in the future if you decide youre no longerinterested in your topic.Otherwise, consider buying a domain that has your keywords in it. In thecase of branding, seriously consider buying your name. This will helpothers to see you as an expert provided you provide good content.Whether youre selling your own products or someone elses will have animpact too.Next, choose the type of products youll be offering. You have a lot offlexibility here because you can market both your own products and 9
  19. 19. Blogsothers products. In fact, you can write about just about anything thatyou want. This allows you to build multiple streams of income from onesite.Once youve chosen your topic and products, then the next step is tochoose your platform. The most popular platform is Wordpress selfhosted, but there are other good places to publish blogs if you dont haveany money to buy domains and web hosting. Blogger is a good choice asis the free version of Wordpress online. (Although Wordpress is free,youll need to purchase hosting and domains if you want to be seen as aprofessional as well as a real business.)What platform you decide to use is up to you. Once you set up your site,start creating content. Youre not limited to writing either. You can addvideos, images, and audios if you like. You may even want to considerpodcasting. Whatever you do, make sure your blog is a rich contentplatform your visitors will use. 10
  20. 20. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)SEO, or search engine optimization, is where you prepare your websiteto be indexed by the major search engines. How well you prepare yourwebsite will determine how well your website performs in the searchengines. What I mean by this is how well your website ranks andwhether or not it is found in the first page of the results.Now, there are a lot of techniques you can use to optimize your website.This article is not all inclusive. I will outline the basic techniques, as wellas talk about on page and off page optimization.First, on page optimization is where you optimize the elements of yourpage. You do not optimize a website for the search engines; you optimizea page. Its one of the reasons why youll have different pages rankingfor different keywords.Start by selecting keywords before you create your website and optimizeeach page for a different keyword. This will allow you to rank formultiple keywords instead of just one or two. This gives you a chance toget more traffic because you have more opportunities for first pagerankings, and this traffic will be targeted.Next, write keyword rich content. Include good titles, meta keywords,and descriptions. Although these elements wont help you with yoursearch rankings, per se, it is what searchers will see when they find youin the results. You want to give them a reason to visit your website, sowriting good descriptions will help with this. (You can get software thatwill help you with optimization, so its worth it to invest in this type ofsoftware and get rid of the guesswork.)Off page optimization relates to factors outside of your website. Thisincludes things like linking. When another website links to your site, 11
  21. 21. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)these links are like a vote for your page. Linking is probably one of themost important factors because it affects Google Page Rank. Page rankis how Google decides how important the page is. Page rank is usuallythe result of having a lot of links pointing back to your page.The most important thing you can do here is to take care of your searchengine optimization as you build your site. Dont wait until you have builtit and then decide to optimize it. It will make it a lot harder for you tooptimize for the search engines once your site is built because youllhave to rewrite a lot of content. Try to write SEO optimized content asyou go.Although search engine optimization is important to building sites thatrank well in the search engines, I would highly recommend you use othermarketing techniques besides this one. Search engines dont buyanything. People do. Remember that when youre marketing. 12
  22. 22. LinkingLinking is an internet marketing technique that is related to searchengine optimization. It is one of the most important ways you can marketyour business when marketing in the search engines. As an internetmarketing technique though, it is very effective in its own right, and youshould consider making it an important part of your marketing plan.Most people who use this technique to market do it wrong. The reason isthat most people who use it, especially those who use blog commentblasters and tools like that, blast their fake comments out to thousandsof sites without bothering to see where these comments are going. (Iknow this because I used to get those comments until I figured out a wayto block them.)If you want to get the most from your linking efforts, youll want to learnhow to do it right. (Having one link from a top quality site will carrymore weight than hundreds or thousands from low quality unrelatedsites.) Of course, the most effective way to do this is to start an affiliateprogram. Since most affiliates wont cloak their links, youll have tons oflinks pointing back to your website. This is how Corey Rudl once madehis website Marketing Tips rank so well in the search engines for theterm internet marketing.However, if you dont own your own products, or youre not interested increating your own products, or, if youre an author who puts yourproducts on Amazon and cant build backlinks, then this is probably not apractical solution for you. Youll need to come up with other ways topromote.Before I mentioned blog comments, which is only one way of buildingbacklinks. The key, or secret here, is to find blogs that are "do follow,"post thoughtful comments, and keep doing this to build up links. 13
  23. 23. LinkingAlthough this will take awhile, its worth it because not only do theselinks help you rank better in the search engines, but other people willread them if theyre well written.Submitting to directories is another way to build backlinks. Mix it up bysubmitting to general directories, as well as topical directories. Searchengines are also a form of directory so make sure you submit yourcontent there.One of the most important things I want to stress here is that searchengines dont buy anything. People do. Tailor your marketing effortstowards those who will buy your products. You want to build arelationship, and spamming people with useless comments or uselessemail wont make the sale. Yes, there are those who are new to theinternet who will fall for this. Unfortunately, theyll end up getting rippedoff before they learn, but for the most part, this type of marketingdoesnt work, so dont do it.Whats most important to remember here is that you want to link to sitesthat are relevant to yours. For example, if you own a health site, dontwaste your time building backlinks from internet marketing sites. Yourewasting your time. Although general sites, like article directories aregood, or social media sites, like Facebook, if the site is related to aspecific topic, stick to the topic. 14
  24. 24. Email MarketingIf youve been in business for any length of time then youve probablyheard this: "The Money is in the List." I know it sounds cliché, butimagine sending out an email and then earning $20,000. Its been done.If you have enough people on your list, and you have built a relationshipwith these people, its possible to get a high return on your mailings tothose on your list.Now, in order to get the most from this marketing technique, youll needto first build a list. You can use the other techniques in this series to helpyou do this. These techniques include article writing, forum marketing,free classifieds and others.Once you have built your list, then youll want to start marketing to thesesubscribers. Mixing up your content and offering both content and salesmessages to them will help you build a relationship with them.Another recommendation I would make is that you dont mail more thantwice per week. If you mail too often, youll overwhelm your readers. Ifyou dont mail enough, then what will happen is that your readers willforget about you. Then theyll think that youre spamming them eventhough they signed up for your list.An important point I want to make here is this, and youll find this oftenhappens with those who are new to the internet, or those who dontknow how to use the internet: sooner or later you will be accused ofspamming them. You can try to explain to them that because they signedup for your list and confirmed their email addresses, its not spam. Byconfirming their email addresses, they have agreed to receive email fromyou. 15
  25. 25. Email MarketingNow, what Ive learned from this is that even if you explain this to them,youre wasting your breath. They wont get it. The best thing to do issimply delete them from your list. I usually block these people fromresubscribing to my lists. Then I avoid having possible spam complaintsdown the road that could cost me my business.When you are constructing your emails, youll want to use two differenttypes of emails: content and sales. A content email can be a link to a blogpost, an article, a free gift, or anything that helps your readers get toknow your business better. You are giving them value and adding valueto your business.Sales emails are slightly different, and youll need to learn how to writethese. This includes having a catchy effective headline, short sales copy,and a call to action. The biggest reason you want to keep it short is sothat you avoid getting your email trapped in the spam filters.Let me emphasize here that you want to make sure you build arelationship with your readers. They will be more receptive to youroffers, and youll make more sales. Also, make sure that the marketingyou are using is targeted. You dont want people joining your lists whoarent interested in your offers. These people wont respond, and if youhave a limit on the number of subscribers you can have on your list theway I do, you dont want that dead weight on your lists. 16
  26. 26. GiveawaysOne of the easiest ways to start a business and market it is to use freegiveaways. The reason is that free giveaways will help you build a list,the websites you build are simple, and you can either use affiliateprograms to earn income from the lists you build, or you can even createyour own products.Its really easy to get started with this too. There are tons of freegiveaways available, and once you get involved in your first giveaway,youll continue to receive emails that tell you about the latest freegiveaways.One important point to keep in minder is that you want to find a listbuilding partner who wont bombard you with email. Unfortunately,some of these list owners like to bombard their list partners with emails.If this happens, then unsubscribe, or delete the emails. Once thepromotion is over, I would also recommend you delete your membershiptoo. This will keep you from getting additional email.Now, you can find these giveaways by doing a search in the searchengines. Sign up for as many as you can. If possible, try to upgrade inone or two because it will help you get additional traffic and listsubscribers.To set this system up, youll need a lead capture page, a download page,a giveaway offer, a sales offer, a domain, and web hosting. If you have to,then use free services, but its better to use paid resources. Ask aroundto find out what others are using. Its best to buy based on therecommendations of others.Once you have your domain name and web hosting set up, then createyour lead capture page. The lead capture page is a squeeze page/list 17
  27. 27. Giveawaysbuilding page. This is where visitors will go to see your offer. They havea choice of either subscribing or leaving, nothing else.Once the person subscribes to your list, he/she should be taken to a pagethat has your paid offer on it. This is their first exposure to your offer.Make it something thats inexpensive. This allows you to get sales moreeasily, monetize your list building, and make money while building yourlist.When the subscriber confirms his/her subscription, then he/she shouldbe taken to a confirmation page. Make the offer again. Put yourdownloads at the bottom of your page so that subscribers have to scrollthrough your offer first.Include clear instructions on the page as to what subscribers are to do.It is unfortunate that even when you include instructions people will stillget lost on your page. 18
  28. 28. ForumsAlthough forum marketing is one of the oldest ways to market, it is stillone of the most effective. The reason is that it allows you connect withrabid fans who are interested in the same topics you are. By connectingwith those who share the same interests you do, you have an opportunityto build a base of rabid fans for your products and services. This is one ofthe secrets to creating a six figure business.Before you start marketing with forums though, youll want to do somepreparation. Your first step is to start by finding forums on your topic.This is really easy to do.Do a search in your favorite search engine for your topic plus the wordforums. For example, if your passion is gardening, then youll want tosearch for "gardening forums" (without the quotes). There will be a fewthings you need to look for in order to find the right forums to marketon.1. Look for forum networks. A forum network is a site that offersusers the ability to create a forum. These sites get a lot of traffic, anddown the road you may want to either create your own forum or look forother, or similar forums to market on. Youll find a wide variety of topics,so simply browse these sites to find what youre looking for. (An exampleof this type of site is I am not affiliated with this site,but it was the first site I found in the gardening niche that was actually aforum network.)2. Look for sites that have a lot of members, posts, and activity.The most important factor here is activity. You can have a forum thatonly has a few hundred members but is very active. A lot of activitygenerates a lot of posts. Posts are content for the search engines. This 19
  29. 29. Forumscontent gets indexed by the search engines and exposes you to a muchwider audience.Once you have found several forums that meet this criteria, select fouror five. These will be the sites you will start marketing on. (You canalways go back and choose other forums to market on later as you buildup your marketing using these sites.)Complete your profile. Try to add a picture if you can. Dont create fakeprofiles. Be real. No one wants to do business with someone pretendingto be someone else. If youre found out, it will damage your reputation,and makes you look like a scam artist. Be who you are.Add your signature if the system allows you to. A signature is a shortblurb about your product or service and includes your link. I suggest yougive away a freebie to build your list and then recycle your traffic. This ishow you will advertise your product. Make sure you read and understandthe forum guidelines first before creating your profiles or posting. If youdont, you could end up being thrown off the forum, and you will havewasted a lot of time building your profile for nothing.After that, just go to the forums you have chosen and get involved.Connect with others, build your reputation, and youll build traffic andsales. 20
  30. 30. Social MarketingSocial marketing is actually a combination of techniques. This includeseverything from blogging to video marketing. You also have social siteswhere you can connect with others. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace andothers are examples of these types of sites.The first thing you will have to decide is which techniques you want touse: blogging, video marketing, social bookmarking, social sites. Youmay use one or all of these techniques, but whats important tounderstand here is: 1) these techniques, although effective, can be timeconsuming, and 2) what makes all these activities social activities is thatthey are interactive. If youre not really a social person, then you may notwant to use these techniques.The next step is to look for sites where you can perform these activities.Youre probably already familiar with sites like Facebook and Youtube,so go ahead and sign up for these sites. Complete your profile, and makesure you add links to your websites to your profile. You will also want togo out and start making "friends." Connect with those who are interestedin the same things you are. You are looking for targeted traffic to youroffers, and the easiest way to do this is to find those who are interestedin the same things you are.If you want to find more social sites to market on, consider doing asearch in Google or another search engine. You may also want toconsider browsing sites like Alexa as this site will show you the mostpopular sites on the internet. Youll also find information on sites bytopic. This allows you to find sites that are related. This makes it easierto find what you are looking for.A big consideration here should be to look for sites that are related toyour topic. For example, if your topic is internet marketing, or network 21
  31. 31. Social Marketingmarketing, you may have a better chance of connecting with those whoare interested in your topic than if you had chosen Facebook. The reasonis that Facebook is a large site with hundreds of millions of users. Youhave people who are interested in just about every topic you canimagine. Its easy to get lost on the site, and your marketing messagecan also get lost.Regardless of which sites you choose to market on, there are a couple ofthings you will always make sure you do. First, make sure you create aprofile. Allow others to get to know you. Second, add your photo. Thiswill make it personal, and it will help your visitors get to know you andwant to connect with you. 22
  32. 32. BrandingIf you want to use branding as a way to make others remember yourbusiness, you will need to create some type of association so that yourvisitors will remember your business in a certain way. Developing acampaign from the beginning will help you build this awareness overtime.There are a lot of different elements you can use to create this effect, butthese are the most important: name, logo, tagline or catchphrase,shapes, graphics, color, sounds, movement, smells, or taste. You canchoose one of these elements or a combination of these elements tocreate your campaign.In order to make your branding campaign successful, youll need to havea plan. Youll want to choose a particular element of your business thatyou want to brand, and then begin working on that brand.For example, you choose to brand your business by using a logo. Thishelps your visitors remember who you are so you want to make sure thatyou design something that is simple yet memorable. When creating yourdesign, you want to make sure that you are using colors that fit withyour business and contribute to the overall design.It is essential that you understand the meaning of colors becausedifferent colors mean different things to different cultures. You want tochoose the right colors so you send the right message. It is easy todetermine this information by simply doing a search on the internet andthen choosing colors based on your message.Consider your design. This represents who you are, and you want tomake it memorable. Keep it simple, but dont be afraid to try out newthings so that you can get the design you want. You can search the 23
  33. 33. Brandinginternet for logo designs and use these designs to help you create thedesign you want. Dont copy. Incorporate what you learn into your owndesign.Let me caution you here: unless youre good with creating graphics, Iwould advise you not to create your own graphics. Hire a graphicdesigner to do this for you. Although it will cost you some money, youllget a design that you are satisfied with. It will look professional.Remember, this is a reflection of you and your business. You want tomake sure that your business is properly reflected here.One final consideration here is that you may want to create a short andcatchy slogan for your business. Do a search in the search engines tomake sure no one is using your slogan.When youve created your designs, then start using them on yourstationary, in your websites and in all your marketing materials. As youcontinue to use these materials, it will help others associate yourbusiness with your design, and they will remember you. 24
  34. 34. Joint VenturesJoint ventures are one of the fastest ways to profit on the internet onceyou get everything in place. It is as simple as sending out an email toyour joint venture partners and then sending out emails to your list whenthe time is right.However, in order to create an effective joint venture that will make youmoney, you need to make sure that you do a certain amount ofpreparation. It is important to get this part right. Get it wrong, and youllend up doing all your marketing yourself and youll alienate potentialjoint venture partners.Now, before you start contacting anyone, you want to make a plan. Inthis plan you will want to your marketing plans, affiliate program, andemails you will send to potential joint venture partners and your list.These emails are especially important because you want to your jointventure partners to accept your offer.When writing your email, you can create a basic template. This willinclude everything that you want to tell your potential partners. Thisincludes your offer to them. What will you offer them to make them joinyou? You want to show them the benefits of doing business with you. Youwant to offer incentives.Incentives includes higher commissions than you pay your affiliates, aswell as bonuses for them to give their buyers for buying from them.Make sure your commissions are high enough that theyre worth it foryour partners to participate. The higher the commissions the better. Ifyoure selling a membership, then recurring commissions can be anincentive, as well as generous commissions on your upsells. 25
  35. 35. Joint VenturesYou will also want to offer pre written sales materials. Make sure theyare professionally written and will get high conversions. Consider hiringa copywriter with a proven track record to create these materials foryou. Although it may cost you quite a bit, its worth it because youll geta higher return in sales, and youll easily make your money back.Selecting partners is not so easy as developing your offer. Start withsites that allow you to create joint venture partnerships. Search for jointventure forums. These forums also have members who are looking forpartners. Consider doing a few partnerships with others first before youask others to participate in yours.Use social sites to connect with others. Because these sites aresearchable, its really not that hard to find people who fit yourparameters for a partner. You can search by industry or keyword. Thisalso works with the search engines because you can use them to helpyou find websites that may want to partner with you.Once you have found your partners and set up your deal, then youllwant to promote. Now that you have all these parts in place, youll beable to set up deals in days instead of weeks. This will allow you to makemoney quickly, and youll be able to print money on demand. 26
  36. 36. Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is as much a money making technique as it is amarketing technique. The reason is that this isnt just a way to promoteproducts, its a way to market your business.So, what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is where you marketothers products for a commission. This commission can be as little asfour percent, in the case of a company like Amazon, or it can be as highas 100 percent. Generally when a company offers this much commission,it is offering a more expensive backend offer so that it makes money.There are different types of affiliate programs you can market to makemoney online. These include CPA (cost per action), CPC (cost per click),and pay per sale. How much you make from CPA always depends on theoffer. You could make a small amount for collecting emails, or you couldmake a large commission for making a sale. Cost per click offers areusually offers like Google Adsense, where you get paid a specific amountwhenever someone clicks. On a pay per sale, you get paid wheneversomeone buys.There are also different ways to make money from your offers. You canchoose to offer one time sales or memberships. With one time sales youcan quickly earn cash by offering a low cost offer on the front end. Witha membership, you continue to get paid over and over for the duration oftime the person is a member of the site.The key to making a lot of money from affiliate offers is to first set up asales funnel and then make yourself different. Your sales funnel issimilar to the type of sales funnel that a product owner would set up.First, you create a free offer on the front end. Offer a free product to getthe subscribers email. This allows you to build a relationship with thevisitors. Subscribers tend to buy from those they trust online, so if you 27
  37. 37. Affiliate Marketinghave a relationship with the person, that person is more likely to buyfrom you.To build a relationship, you offer solutions to your subscribers. Sendthem valuable offers, as well as articles and other free stuff to showthem you are interested in helping them. Mix up your offers withcontent. Give before you get and let your subscribers know that youconsider them to be important because they are. Without them, you cantmake any money. Its costs more to acquire a new customer than it doesto market to your current customers so make sure you treat them right.You may also want to consider creating special offers and offeringbonuses to your subscribers. This works particularly well during alaunch of a new product, and its a great way to make yourself different.Video is one of the absolute best ways to market your business onlinebecause so many people love them. Its so much easier to explain how todo something when you use a video to market your business. 28
  38. 38. Affiliate Program ManagementAlthough having your own affiliate program can be time intensive, itsalso a great way to increase the amount of money you are making veryquickly. The reason is that affiliates will market your business in placesyou havent considered, but they will also allow you to use majorleverage in order to get the word out about your business.Its not enough to offer an affiliate program though. There are certainthings you will need to do in order to get super affiliates to join yourprogram, as well as keep your affiliates active and motivated. The truthis, only about 20 percent of your affiliates will actively promote yourprogram. Most affiliates will try your program for about 30 days andmove on.Here are a few things you can do to help your affiliates:1. Offer a list for them. On this list you will send them updates,training, and other resources to help them stay motivated and makemoney. You may also want to consider sending them marketingmaterials as well. If you have an upcoming promotion, its a good time tolet them know.2. Create brandable materials for your affiliates to give away.When your affiliates can brand free ebooks, software, and other toolsthat promote your business, they are more likely to give them away. Thisis a simple way for you to create a viral marketing campaign for yourbusiness. Viral marketing campaigns can continue to market yourbusiness long after you create them.3. Build a training area for your affiliates. You can offer a freetraining course, promotional downloads, access to statistics and other 29
  39. 39. Affiliate Program Managementresources your affiliates may need. Keep this area fresh so affiliates willvisit often and let them know its available.4. Consider offering contests from time to time. Allow affiliates toearn your products for making a sale. This gives everyone an opportunityto be a "winner."5. Offer your affiliates special deals on your products. This allowsyou an opportunity to make a little extra cash, and your affiliates willappreciate you offering them a better deal.Once you set up your affiliate program, you will want to promote it.Submit your program to the affiliate program directories. This will helpyour program get found. Offer a generous commission to affiliates sothey are more likely to want to join your program. Include products atdifferent price points so they have more opportunities to earn. They willappreciate your efforts to help them, and youll earn more money too. 30
  40. 40. Free ClassifiedsIf you are new to internet marketing, there is no better technique for youto use to market your business online than free classifieds. The reasonsare really simple.First, its one of the most simple ways to market online. Most peopleunderstand classifieds because they have used them in the past. What Imean by this is that theyre familiar with classifieds because weve allread the local newspaper at one time or another.Second, its a simple method to use to market your business. All you haveto do is choose a product you want to market (either an affiliate productor your own), and then write a classified and post it. Before you do thisthough, its it a good idea to keep in mind that some sites may not acceptads for affiliate programs. So, the best way to avoid this is to build a listinstead. What this will allow you to do is to recycle your traffic. Bybuilding a list, it allows you to build a relationship with those you aremarketing to. Its much easier to sell to those you have credibility with.The first thing you want to do is to create a subscription page. Youllneed something free to give away, as well as a subscription page and anautoresponder. (If you cant afford to use a paid version of theautoresponder you can search for free ones in the search engines.)Create your squeeze page (subscription page) and then upload it to yourhosting. Get the link for this as you will need it when you post your ads.Once you have acquired the tools you need and have set everything up,the next thing to do is to write your ads. You will want to follow the AIDAformula:A - Attention 31
  41. 41. Free ClassifiedsI - InterestD - DesireA - ActionNow, I wont explain here how to completely write your ad, but I will tellyou that you need to focus on the benefits of your offer. The purpose ofyour ad is to get your readers to click through the ad to your site andsubscribe to your list. This way you can start marketing to your list.Your next step is to do a search in the search engines to find freeclassified ad sites to post your ads. There are many classified ad sitesavailable, but craigslist, Backpage, and Ebay Classifieds are all goodchoices as they get a lot of traffic.Write multiple ads and post them in different cities. Always make sureyou test your ads to see which ads perform best in which cities. Themore ads you have circulating, the more chances you have to connectwith those who are interested in what you have to sell. 32
  42. 42. Social BookmarkingSocial bookmarking is an important component of search engineoptimization. The reason is that many of the social bookmarking sites,like Reddit and Digg, are high ranking websites with lots of page rank.By posting your websites to these sites, you can build valuable page rankfor your website and rank higher in the search engines.Before you start posting to these websites, youll need to understandhow they are work, and then youll want to craft descriptions, as well askeywords, that will help your website rank well. Just think mini newsstory.The first step here is to do a search in the search engines for socialbookmarking sites. Reddit and Digg are the most popular, but there areplenty of others available to you. Sign up for an account with each sitethat you are interested in posting to. If the site allows you to create aprofile, make sure you create one. This may allow you to promoteadditional links. Since this is a really passive traffic strategy, its worth itto take the time to do this additional preparation.The next step is to determine what keyword tags you will use, as well asthe story description and title. Since these sites are often "mini story"sites, youll want to create a newsworthy type of story, but make sureyou include your keyword in both your title and description. Write yourmini story to the length of the description you are given and then includea call to action.Why include a call to action? Because readers are more likely to click onyour link if you do. You want to get the click. Although backlinks aregood, and they will help you rank well in the search engines, its no goodif no one visits your site. One important point to remember here is thateven if your site ranks well in the search engines for the keywords you 33
  43. 43. Social Bookmarkingare ranking for, it doesnt mean that you are getting a lot of traffic. Youwant to write descriptions that make readers want to visit your website.Now, one way to help you get the most from this marketing technique isto look for free submission tools that will help you submit to top sites.These types of tools are available. All you have to do is search for them.These tools can help you get your submissions done quickly and easily,so its worth it to look for them. It will also help you post to the top sites,the sites that will give you the most traffic and link juice. 34
  44. 44. MembershipsSome may not consider memberships as a way to market your business.However, there are actually several different ways that you can use tomarket your business with memberships.First, you can use a membership as a bonus for buying your products.This will allow you to build a list with it and offer additional value towhatever you are promoting. This is particularly useful if you aremarketing affiliate programs. This is because its important to make sureyou make yourself different from everyone else who is marketing thesame programs you are. A membership is a wonderful way to buildadditional value into your offer.You can also promote it as a free membership and use it as a way tobuild your list. Once you have built a list of members, then you canmarket to that list on a regular basis. The value is that you have a list ofmembers that is targeted and interested in what you are offering.Dont underestimate the value of lists. Lists allow you to recycle yourtraffic. Building a relationship with those on your list allows you toincrease your conversions because most people wont buy from thosethey dont know unless they really really want the product badly. Build arelationship with your list, and youll make more sales.Now, the other side of the coin are membership sites where you maymarket your business. These are the types of sites we want toconcentrate on. If you have a free membership site you are marketing, asI do, then thats great because it gives you an incentive you may use toget your visitors to visit your website or business. 35
  45. 45. MembershipsSome examples of memberships that allow you to market your businessare social sites like LinkedIn. There are other sites like traffic exchanges,safelist sites, and others where you may join to market your business.In order to get the most from these sites, heres what to do:1. Decide how you want to market your business first. If you wantto use forums, or in the case of a site like LinkedIn where you joingroups, then you want to look for memberships that offer you that way tomarket.2. Determine whether you need to spend any money on yourmarketing memberships. Sites like LinkedIn offer upgrades, and soyou can use these to help you get ahead faster. If you dont have themoney, dont worry about it. Most will have a way for you to market forfree when youre first starting off. Market for free until you get to a placewhere you can upgrade and then upgrade to speed up your results. 36
  46. 46. Offline MarketingThere are about as many offline marketing techniques as there arepeople. It really depends on you and your imagination. Although I wouldrecommend that you take the time to brainstorm your own ideas here,there are a couple things you can do from the beginning that will get youresults.Although this first technique isnt completely free, it is the firsttechnique you should do. Buy business cards. For just a few dollars youcan buy a huge box of business cards to give away. To make thistechnique effective, make sure that you keep your business cards simple.Include the most important information on your card: your name,website address, and exactly what you do. Make it catchy. You want tograb attention with what you say.Youre probably wondering what to do with all those cards once you havethem. Simple. Give them away but dont just give them to anybody. Youwant to give them to those who will want what you have to offer. Theeasiest way to do this is to use a website called Meetup. This site allowsyou to search for meetings on every topic you can imagine, frombusiness to church. There are all types of niche groups you can join andconnect with others.To get started, choose meet ups in your area, relevant to your niche.Dont be pushy when giving your business cards away, but make sureyou take them with you. The results could be far more than you expect,especially if you connect with someone who could become a potentialbusiness partner for you. You never know how that person could possiblyhelp you, so dont discount this technique. It can be very effective. Keepbusiness cards with you all the time as you never know when you mightmeet someone who can help you. 37
  47. 47. Offline MarketingAnother technique you may want to consider is fliers and signs. Flierscan be very effective, especially if you deliver them to the right places.Heres an example: Lets say that you sell a product that shows collegestudents how to get more financial aid. Consider putting these types ofproducts on bulletin boards on a college campus. If youre not near acollege campus, you may be able to outsource this type of task. Whatsmost important is that you make sure you distribute your fliers and signswhere they are appropriate.Offline marketing techniques are only limited by your imagination.Whats most important is to go where your customers are, and then givethem what they want. 38
  48. 48. Relationship MarketingRelationship marketing to me is really somewhat hard to define becausethere are really so many ways to do it. If you have built a businessonline, then there are certain ways to do it for this medium. It includesblog posting, email marketing, viral marketing, and any way that you canconnect with your visitors and customers.The point is that you want to build a relationship with your customers,especially if you own a business you run online. This is becausecredibility online is earned, and you will have to earn that credibility inorder to keep your customers and readers happy and connect with them.There are so many scams online, and so many people are skeptical. Toavoid this, do what it takes to connect with readers and customers, andthey will stay loyal. Word of mouth marketing is effective.Now, to build a simple relationship marketing campaign, you will need todo three things. First, lets start with your blog. Can your customers andreaders easily connect with you?This means offering email and RSS subscriptions, as well as offeringaudio if you can. Audio is important. I have customers who are blind, andthis is the only way they have to get my blog posts. What Im saying is toconsider the needs of your customers. Make your content easily availableto them.Next, youll want to think about your email marketing. You want to stayin contact with your customers and readers. This means developingemail marketing campaigns for them.Heres how to get started: 39
  49. 49. Relationship Marketing1. Decide what types of content you will want to send to them.Dont constantly bombard them with emails. If a marketer emails meevery day, I dont stay on his/her list for very long. The reason is that Isimply dont have time to read all that email. Once or twice a week isplenty. You will want to mix up your content. Send them articles, blogposts, videos, and sales emails. Mix it up. A 50/50 ratio of half salescontent and half content is a good place to start.2. Email your readers regularly. Dont go months without sendingemails to your lists. Try to email them regularly. Usually once or twice aweek is fine. Develop the types of emails I mentioned before. You canuse an autoresponder system and fill up your que with emails to send tothem. Once you get your campaigns set up, your emails can run onautopilot.3. Test and track your efforts because you want to make sure thatwhat you are doing is working. This will help you in planning futuremarketing campaigns.The final technique I want to mention is viral marketing. This type ofmarketing is much more difficult to achieve because it takes rabid fansto make it happen.One technique you can use to make this happen is to develop an affiliateprogram for your business and create brandable materials others cangive away. Develop a relationship with your affiliates and keep themmotivated. This is the easiest way I know to make this happen, and it willhelp you put your marketing on autopilot. 40
  50. 50. Press ReleasesPress releases are one of the simplest ways to market your businessonline for free. There are many reasons, but the most important one isthat you can bypass the media and connect directly with your readersand customers. That doesnt, however, mean you should neglect themedia. The media will get your news into places you cannot reach, soyou want to make sure that you treat the media with respect and makeevery effort to connect with them.The first step you want to take here is to determine the news in yourbusiness. Make sure that whatever you want to produce a news releaseabout is actually news. News can be events, new product releases, etc.Just make sure that whatever you are writing about, or having a newsrelease produced for your business, that you are focusing on what isactually news. Your readers will ask, "Whats in it for me?". They reallydont care about what you care about. If you want to connect with yourreaders, then you want to make sure that the news you are delivering isnews they are interested in, and there is a benefit they see forthemselves.When you finally sit down to write, make sure you optimize it for thesearch engines. You press release will do much better and get you a lotmore traffic if you consider the search engines when writing. Rememberthough, it is more important for you to write for your readers. Searchengines dont buy products. They get you traffic, so focus on yourpotential customers first.Try to syndicate your press release as much as possible. You mayactually do better if you sign up for only a few sites and then pay to haveyour release sent out. Paid packages will help you. If you cant affordthat though, just write several versions of your press release and submit 41
  51. 51. Press Releasesthem to as many sites as possible. Different versions will prevent youfrom being accused of being a spammer.Write press releases regularly and post them to the respective sites.Releasing news regularly is one way to keep in touch with your market.The more releases you have circulating, the more it will help youbecause these are little standalone marketing machines that will keepmarketing for you all the time. (This is similar to article writing, videomarketing and blogging, so you want to do it on a regular basis for thisreason too.) 42
  52. 52. Content SyndicationContent syndication is actually several different types of marketing donetogether. These include article writing, blogging and RSS, documentsharing, video marketing, press releases, free ebooks, and any other typeof marketing that creates content and allows you to offer that contentpassively.Now, in my opinion, the best way to get started in using this technique isto start with writing an article. The reason is that you will use thiscontent to create your other content. So, the first thing you will is writean article.The best type of articles for this type of syndication are list articles. Itworks best because this allows you to create separate bullet points, andits easier to convert these into slides to make videos or you can usethem to create slides for document sharing. Once you have written yourarticle, then you want to post it to the top article directories and yourblog.Once you have written your article, youll want to create a document fordocument sharing. Usually, the best way to do this is to use somethinglike a presentation software like Microsoft Power Point or Open OfficeImpress. Post this presentation to the document sharing sites.Next, youll want to create a video. You can film yourself flipping throughyour slides while you are talking about your topic. The important part isto make sure that you keep it short. Dont ramble through the videobecause you want to stick to the main points and cover those points asquickly as possible. 43
  53. 53. Content SyndicationFind a way to take your article and rewrite it as a press release. Thenyou can take your press release and submit it to the press releasedirectories.Chop your article up into Tweets and Facebook posts. Youll want to pairit with the url for the website you used in your article resource box.Spread these out throughout the week and use them to send others backto your website.I usually write my articles in a text editor. This makes it really easy tojust copy and paste my articles to the article directories. However, youcan also convert it to PDF. In order to do this, you will need to use aword processing program like Word or Open Office. Once you format it,then convert to PDF.Find as many ways as possible to recycle your content. It will save you alot of time in your promotions. 44
  54. 54. Ad SwapsIf you are looking for a way to get traffic fast, then you will want to usead swaps. The reason is that it is a form of joint ventures, and jointventures, once you set them up and get them in place, are the fastestway to market your business. This is also an advanced marketingtechnique because you will need to have a list in order to do this. Youcan start off with a small list, and as your list grows, it will change whoyou can do your ad swaps with.Now, one of the things I want to make clear here is that you can getstarted doing this for free. I would recommend that down the road youuse paid services. This will allow you to expand your marketing with thistechnique because it is quite effective.The first thing to do is go to Google and search for free ad swaps. Afterthat, youll need to sign up for whatever sites are available (choose twoor three), and then get prepared to market.Youll want to log into all your accounts and complete the setup. You mayor may not want to use a separate email address for keeping up withcorrespondence and if you may be receiving a lot of email. At the veryleast, its a good idea to have one email address that you do for yourmarketing. It makes it much easier to keep up with all your marketing ifyou have everything in one place.Dont lie about the size of your list. Make sure you have a list that is bigenough for what you are doing. In order to market on the list you areinterested in, then you may need to offer to send out the email severaltimes instead of one time so it hits the same number of subscribers.Be very descriptive about your lists and let everyone know what yourlists are about. You want relevant emails from other marketers to send to 45
  55. 55. Ad Swapsyour lists. You dont want to send out emails to your readers that theydidnt sign up for. This doesnt mean you cant do the ad swaps. Justchoose ad swaps from those whose swaps are relevant to you.The email you use to promote should be an email on building your list.The purpose of this marketing technique is to build your list, so you wantto give away a freebie.Test and track your efforts. This will help you determine your successand plan future campaigns. 46
  56. 56. Directory SubmissionLink building isnt always the most effective way to market yourbusiness. This is because Google is constantly changing its algorithm,and what works today may not work tomorrow. That doesnt mean youshouldnt use any type of link building to drive traffic to your website.One of the most effective ways to do this is directory submission.However, if youre using any type of submission software, its probably agood idea to stop using it and revert to manual submission. The moretargeted the directories you use, the better it is for you.There are two types of directories that you should consider using:general directories and niche directories. General directories can helpyou improve your page rank, as well get you on some very high rankingwebsites. This includes directories like DMOZ, which is a great place tomarket because their results are often syndicated. DMOZ also has highpage rank, and right now, its also a do follow directory. This means thatthey do pass on their link juice to you.You will have to decide here whether or not you will submit to both dofollow and no follow directories. The reason is that no follow directorieswont give you any link juice. Because of this, your page rank wontimprove. Having a listing in these directories could still get you trafficthough because of the human element. It will be up to you to decidewhether or not you want to use these directories.The other type of directories you want to focus on here are nichedirectories. These are directories that are related to your market. Theseare a little harder to find and are less likely to rank as well as generaldirectories. Their value comes from two things though. First, nichedirectories count a little more in your page rank than general directoriesdo because they are seen as more relevant backlinks. Second, these 47
  57. 57. Directory Submissiondirectories are less likely to get as much traffic as general directories.When searchers are looking for something in the search engines though,they are more likely to use niche resources as they are more related.Make sure that you mix it up and use both. Alexa can be one of your bestresources for finding these types of sites because Alexa will tell you theranking of a site compared to other sites. Google offers page rankinformation. There are tools you use in your browser to help you withthis. They include SEO Quake among others. To find these tools do a lookup in the search engines for your browser and then browse through thetools or add ons section. 48
  58. 58. FiresalesA firesale is where you offer your products on sale for a limited amountof time. This can help you increase your revenues quickly by making alimited time offer. Since this is a more advanced technique in marketing,you will need a list because your customers and readers are most likelyto be responsive to this type of offer.You may also want to consider including joint venture partners in youroffer as this can dramatically increase your sales. You will need to havean affiliate program. There are scripts available to use in order to workspecifically with joint venture partners. Offer special incentives forgetting everyone to participate.The first thing you will need to do is to choose an offer. Youll want tooffer something that is low cost. A dimesale is a good choice here asdimesales will drive sales (A dimesale is where you offer a low price andit increases as people buy. The prices increases by a certain amountafter a certain amount of time. So, if your initial price is $7, you couldhave the price increase to $7.05 after 10 sales.)Make sure that the offer is unique. You may want to use a product thatyou currently sell and then offer additional bonuses. You can makeadditional bonuses or combine your product with another product onyour site, a two for one deal. The key here is to offer a quality product ata low price and give customers great incentives for purchasing.You may also want to consider offering an upsell as this can increaseyour sales. Offer it after your customers pay for their original purchasebut before they go to the download page.A good way to set up this offer is to offer a low cost product on the frontend and then a membership on the backend. This will allow you to build 49
  59. 59. Firesalesup a recurring income stream. Keep the price of the upsell reasonable,and make sure that its something that complements your original offer.You will increase your conversions by doing this and make more sales.There are scripts that are available to help you set up these types ofoffers. You can find them easily throughout the internet. This will makethe job of creating these types of offers to be a lot easier. Use theseoffers to help you get some fast cash from your list, as well as provideyour readers and customers something special for being a part of yourlist. 50
  60. 60. Pay Per ClickWhen most marketers think of pay per click, they think that in order todo it they will have to spend money. Thats not necessarily true. Thereare plenty of great deals out there for free traffic, and you can even finddeals on Google Adwords and MSN Ad Center. You simply need to knowwhere to look.One consideration here is that using the lesser pay per click searchengines can help you test out your offers. You may even find out thatmarketing on these small pay per click search engines will get you evenbetter results than using Google or MSN.The first thing you will want to do is to find these free traffic offers. Thisreally isnt that hard. Visit your favorite search engine, preferablyGoogle, and search for "free pay per click" or "free pay per click traffic".You will find plenty of sites that offer coupons for the various deals. Youcan browse these deals and find the right one for you.One recommendation I would make is that you try more than one site.Choose three to five sites and then browse those sites. Make sure theyallow the types of products and services you are offering. Although youmay be tempted to market your business or products through these sites,dont. The best way to take advantage of this type of marketing is tobuild a list.Now there is an exception: if you have a low cost product, and yourelooking for a way to make some fast money, then consider marketing theproduct directly. However, for the most part, I would recommend thatyou work on building a list. With the right targeted keywords, you canget searchers who are interested in what you have to offer, and it willallow you to recycle your traffic. 51
  61. 61. Pay Per ClickAgain, once you have chosen three to five search engines, then the nextthing to do is your research. Choose sites that offer completely freetraffic, which will allow you to test out your offers first. Write a good ad.If youve never written an ad before, its a good idea to check the siteand see what recommendations they have. They make money when youuse their service, and so they will want to help you get the most fromyour ads.Once you have tested your ads to make sure they work, then use thesearch engines that worked best for you. If you didnt get good results,consider changing different elements of your ad or using different payper click search engines. 52
  62. 62. CopywritingCopywriting isnt traditionally seen as a marketing technique. It is a wayto offer your products and services to those who are looking to buy fromyou or join your list. However, copywriting can really help youturbocharge your marketing efforts when it is done right.Copywriting covers everything from the emails you write to the salesletters you create. The secret here is to write better copy. Writing bettercopy will increase your conversions. If youre currently getting a onepercent conversion on your sales letter, you may want to considerrewriting your it. Rewriting this copy may increase your conversion totwo percent. Instead of making one sale for every 100 visitors you get,you would get two. This will increase your results more quickly. You mayeven be able to rewrite your sales letter to get an even higher conversionof three to five percent.The key here is to track your results. After youve rewritten your salesletter, then youll want to find a way to track your results. Load yoursales letter into a tracking software, and when you promote, then use thelink you are given. This will allow you to track the clicks on it. Then youcan compare this to the number of sales you have made to see if there isan increase in the conversions.When writing emails, ads, or other types of marketing materials, thesame principles apply. Rewrite different elements and test them. Is yourheadline working? How about the sales copy? Are you tracking the linkswithin the copy?Dont rewrite everything at once. Rewrite one element at a time and thentest it. This will require you to use multiple tracking links so that you cancompare your results. 53
  63. 63. CopywritingIn fact, start with the headline. The headline, whether in your salesletters, ads emails, etc. will determine whether or not your readers readyour sales copy. Since this is what will provide about 80 percent of yourresults, you want to make sure that you take the time to craft a goodheadline. Write several headlines and use a split testing software to helpyou test. You may also do the same thing with your sales copy in yoursales letter.With emails and ads, use different tracking links. Different tracking linkswill tell you which offer is getting the most clicks. Then you take the ador email that is performing best and then use it. This way you will beable to compare your results by comparing clicks and sales. 54
  64. 64. Viral MarketingViral marketing is one of the most difficult internet marketing techniquesto do because there are no guaranteed results. Thats not to say it cantbe done.It helps if you have a following, and you have people who are willing topromote your content for you. Social sharing buttons make it a lot easierthese days, so make sure you have all the most popular services on yourwebsite.There is different types of content you may share: photos, ebooks, andsoftware. Photos are quite popular on sites like Pinterest and Facebook,so you may want to consider uploading your photos to these types ofsites. Pinterest is rather special because it ranks very well in the searchengines, but it also does well internally, and if you have enough of theright following, others will share your photos for you.The most common type of viral marketing is with ebooks and software.Usually it is done with something that is free. If you can make itbrandable so that others can embed their links, then its better becausethey are more likely to share.Before you start your campaign, youll want to do a little bit of research.Browse the most popular forums on your topic. You may also use a sitelike Facebook or other social site to help you find content as Facebookhas lots of groups and pages, and this will allow you to find out whatpeople are talking about in your niche.What you want to find out is what they are talking about. If you knowwhat others in your niche are talking about, then youll know what towrite about or what type of tool others will need in order to get the jobdone. This is your starting point for creating your resource. 55
  65. 65. Viral MarketingYou then want to create your resource. It helps if you have an affiliateprogram. Having an affiliate program will help you have a better chanceof giving your resource away because your affiliates, as well as yourreaders and customers, are more likely to give your resource away.Thats not to say they wont give it away anyway. Its just a good idea togive them a good reason.Add your resource to the top software directories, and if its an ebook, tothe ebook directories. Promote your resource anywhere you can as longas the site offers targeted traffic. You can use it to build a list, but it ismore likely to go viral if you give it away outright. 56
  66. 66. TeleseminarsTeleseminars are a great way to market your business, especially if youuse a service that will also help you with your marketing. Creatingteleseminars allows you to connect with your market, establishcredibility with readers and customers, and add value to your productsand services.If you really want to get the most from this internet marketing techniquethough, a certain amount of preparation is in order. You will actuallywant to map out your marketing plan first. Then youll want to decidewhat your content you will be offering. After that, its a matter ofimplementing the strategies you have outlined and launch your event.As I mentioned before, you want to plan out your marketing. Writing apress release and submitting it for publication is one of the best ways toget started. You will want to give yourself a little time here. Get thisdone first, and get it submitted. I would actually start this process abouttwo weeks out, and send visitors to a subscription page so that they cansign up so that once you announce your event, and youre ready topresent it, youll already know if theres really any interest.Articles are a good way to get long term traffic. Send them to the samepage you created for your press release. Use it to build a list, and youcan even offer a replay of your teleseminar as a bonus. This will allowyou to get additional traffic from your event, and so you will create anadditional marketing machine that is working for you 24/7.Share on the social network sites. This allows you to generate additionalbuzz and get others visiting your page. The important thing here is tomarket on these sites more than one time. Dont just post your offer andforget about it. Do multiple postings and explain why you are doing it. 57
  67. 67. TeleseminarsNext, you want to plan the content of your teleseminar. You should havealready had an idea when you created your press release. If not, thendecide what you want your topic to be, then plan your press release, aswell as the content of your teleseminar.Create a short workbook or something else that attendees can download.Make it something they can print out and write notes on. Make sure youinclude all the information on your offer, as well as your website, wherethey can get more information, sign up for your list, etc.Go back over all your materials and make sure that you have everythingyou need. There are tons of services where you may set up your event, soget everything set up and start promoting again so you fill those seats. 58
  68. 68. ResourcesBelow are my best resources for helping you make money online andmarket your business for free. They free too.Internet Marketing Membership – Ill teach you how to make moneyonline and market your business for free.Internet Marketing Webinar – Watch my free webinar and discover 10different ways to market your business for free. Youll also discover 12 ofthe best top sites to market your business for free. 59