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Step by Step Tutorial on How to Create Your Blog in Facebook Note


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Learn how to create and build your blog on Facebook Note. You can publish your articles or blog on your Fb account and Fb pages using the Notes of facebook. Like any other facebook feed, the Notes can be shared, liked, and commented on. It's another avenue to converse with your followers and community. Publishing with Notes is quick, easy, and fun. It's professional looking too.

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Step by Step Tutorial on How to Create Your Blog in Facebook Note

  1. 1. Learn How to Create and Build Your Blog in Facebook Note
  2. 2. Let’s start.
  3. 3. Go to your Facebook Page or Account
  4. 4. Click Notes 1 2
  5. 5. Click Add Notes
  6. 6. Type your post title here
  7. 7. Type your article or post here
  8. 8. Click here to add photo
  9. 9. Select or upload your photo
  10. 10. Select photo Click Open
  11. 11. Photo inserted
  12. 12. Click here to see text edit menu
  13. 13. Text options: Headline 1 Headline 2 Bullet list Numbered list Quote Link
  14. 14. Options for photo placement
  15. 15. Click to add cover photo
  16. 16. Click Upload New Photo
  17. 17. Select photo Click Open
  18. 18. Photo uploaded
  19. 19. Select setting
  20. 20. Click Save and Publish
  21. 21. The Note is published.
  22. 22. The published Note is your facebook blog.
  23. 23. See the complete published Note here: “What to Do When You Can’t Sleep?”
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