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Covington Auction 2010


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Covington Auction 2010

  1. 1. night of a good fortune COVINGTON AUCTION CATALOG 3 20 2010
  2. 2. March 20, 2010 Table of Contents Event Agenda Event Calendar ............................................ 8 6:00pm Live Auction ................................................. 9 Silent Auction begins Silent Auction Pick up your registration packet and start bidding! Appetizers served and Covington Priceless ......................... 13 cash bars open so you can enjoy cocktails while you bid. Events and Parties ........................... 18 7:30pm Adventures and Getaways .............. 21 Dinner Expand Your Horizons .................... 25 Enjoy a night of good food and great Performing Arts .............................. 28 company! Capture the Memories ................... 30 8:30pm At Home .......................................... 32 Entertainment and Live Auction Techie Toys ...................................... 34 Enjoy traditional lion dancers, the premiere of the Covington Auction Just For You .................................... 36 video, and exciting Live Auction Culinary Delights ............................. 38 items! Fine Wine ........................................ 40 10:00-11:00pm Sports ............................................. 44 Check-Out and Dancing Don’t rush home! Even though check- Kids Activities ................................. 48 out will open 15 minutes after Live Auction, you can pay at home via Google Check-Out on the Covington website. Enjoy a night of dancing and pick up your winnings before you leave.
  3. 3. A Night of Good Fortune Principal Letter Co-Chair Letter Welcome to a Night of Good Fortune! Dear Covington Community, Please join us as we celebrate our school community at It is my pleasure to welcome you to the energy and the 2010 Covington Auction! This evening is a wonderful excitement of A Night of Good Fortune. I am so example of the good things that happen when people come impressed with the commitment and dedication of our together from diverse backgrounds to support our school. parents, teachers and community for making this event We are fortunate to have worked with committed parents, extraordinary! teachers and staff to plan an event that showcases the diversity and strength of our community. Tonight you have the opportunity to actively support the programs that provide our children with enriched May good fortune come to you… educational experiences that make our school a fantastic place to teach and learn. Covington is a place where Many families have donated incredible gifts and offered students can explore their talents and nurture their unique talents to the Covington Auction. We are excitement for learning. The contributions and efforts of delighted and inspired by their generous contributions, our Covington families are essential in making teaching especially in these economic times. The 2010 Covington and learning effective and new! Auction represents the very best qualities the Covington community has to offer. Thanks to everyone for the It is my “good fortune” to have joined the Covington creativity, thoughtfulness, and breadth of your donations. community where it is evident that educational excellence is a priority. Your support ensures that our children We want to pay a special tribute to all the volunteers for have creative learning experiences that prepare them for their tireless efforts. Thank you for your time, commitment, successful futures! and hard work -- we are deeply grateful. A special thanks goes to the Covington staff and teachers for their continued Thanks to the parents and teachers for making it possible support. The generosity of your donations reflects your to continue our journey of excellence! dedication and commitment to our children and school. A heartfelt thank you is extended to Erin Green, who has Sincerely, supported us through the planning of this event. Our Erin S. Green deepest gratitude goes to the membership of the Covington Principal PTA, whose generosity and commitment to education has made Covington the place it is today. We look forward to celebrating this night of good fortune with you! Jenny Williams and Diana Ekstrand 2010 Covington Auction Co-chairs Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog 3
  4. 4. Generous Supporters Yvonne and Dan Cornell HB Fuller Co. Safeway SAP The Village Doctor 231 Ellsworth Restaurant • 99 Ranch Market • Krysta Decathlon Club • Decathlon Sports Club Summer Camps • Accola • Anne Adams • Adobe Animal Hospital • Destination Science Camp • Shveta & Johri Dhanotra • Adventure Out • Adventure Toys • Natalie Arnheim • After Dishdash Restaurant • Disneyland Resort • Ingrid Choong School Athletics • Aitken’s Peninsula Swim School • Suzy & & Dean Dragoli • Marilyn & Larry Draper, Olallieberry Inn • Timo Allison • Julie & Rick Altinger • Andronico’s Markets Elizabeth & Peter Dumanian • Blaine Dzwonczyk • Meri- • Anonymous • ApplyWellness • Aquarium of the Bay • Beth Bird & Mark Dzwonczyk • Kazuko & John Eames • Armadillo Willy’s • Asian Art Museum • Signa & Mark Eat2Fit • Dolly & Paul Eckinger • Diana & Brad Ekstrand • Atherton • Atlantis Casino Resort Spa • Lois & Jon Baer • Electronic Arts • Esther Ellis • Escama Studio • Kate & Ken Joel Barnett • Alene & Vahe Baronian • Nancy Barrett • Evard • Susan Evard • Kenna & Jim Fenton • Linda Figone Baskin Robbins-Los Altos • BATS Improv • Linda & Bob • Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco • First & Main Sports Baxley • Baylands Quarter Midget Racing Association • Lounge • Amy & Dan Fischer • The Fish Market • Foothills Faith Clarke & Jim Beck • Berkeley Repertory Theatre • Tennis and Swim Club • Virginie & Jason Forget • Friends Beth Sorenson, Sorenson Photography • Billy Jones of Filoli • Amy and John Gaffney • Galileo Learning • Wildcat Railroad • Bliss Beauty Center • Bloom Skincare • Michelle Oblena & Christian Garcia • Kathleen Gaspich • Blueprint Studios • The Boardwalk • Sunitha and Murthy Linda & Daniel Geiger • Bella & Albert Gelin • Genesis Bobba • Sue & Mark Boennighausen • Judy Bogard • Photography • Orchid & Bob Ghaffari • Gilroy Gardens • Books Inc. • Rachel & Bryon Botsford • Stuart Bowen • Angela Girod • Giving Hands Massage & Healing Arts • Gabriella & Paul Bradley • Suzanne & Don Bray • Brian Sherri & Randy Glein • Gigi and Wayne Godfrey • Gold Star Davino Florist • Kathy Bridgeman • Broadway by the Bay • Gymnastics • Golfland Entertainment Centers • Pauline & Sonia & David Brunner • The Bubble Lounge SF • Jo Mike Goloubef • Lisa & Jay Gonzales • Katie & Andrew Buchanon • Buck’s of Woodside • Build-A-Bear Workshop Gray • Erin Green • Ping Ping Guo • Edward & Lindsay • Anjana & Vikas Butaney • Errol Buxton of RR Donnelley • Hague • Owen Halliday • Beth & Walter Halvorsen • Byington Winery • Courtney Cadwell • Valerie & Jim Cairns Cameron & John Hamblin • Happy Hollow Park and Zoo • • California Academy of Sciences • California Theatre Harmony in the Garden • Tara Harte • Wengbo Yang & Center • California’s Great America • Fran & Neal Callan • Lifeng He • Hearst Castle • Jay Heeb • Dick Henning • Campo di Bocce of Los Gatos • Katie Campodonico • Hewlett Packard • Hidden Villa Trust • Hiller Aviation Valeria & Derrick Carty • Cascal • Melissa Chan • Mei-Tjng Museum • Hiruko • Hobee’s California Restaurants • Hotel Huang & Kun-Yung Chang • Judy Chapman • Charles De Anza • Sherri Hughes • Gilda Borrelli & Gianluca Schulz Museum • Gefei Zhang & Dong Cheng • Catherine & Iaccarino • Avery Ikeda • Jean & Kevin Ikeda • In-N-Out Frank Chevallier • Chez TJ • Children’s Discovery Museum Burger • Infineon Raceway • Emi & Herman Ishida • • Jeong Won Hwang & Hoon Choi • Philip & Hsia Choong • Jackson Square Fine Jewels • Sudnya & Nickhil Jakatdar • Jessica & Michael Chua • Jessica & John Clarke • Classic Mary Anne James • Jefunira Camp • Annette & Ali Jenab • Kids Photography, Burlingame Location • Classic Kids Elana & Neil Joffe • Jeanette Jones • Judy Jorgenson • JP Photography, Los Gatos Location • CNTV/NBC11 • Nathalie Digital • JW Catering • Paige & Mike Kaplan • Suzanne & Colodny • Community School of Music and Arts: Finn Chris Kasso • Samantha Kephart • Kepler’s Books and Center • Yvonne & Dan Cornell • Costanoa Lodge & Camp Magazines • KFOG Radio • Hina & Shakeel Khader • Vinita • Courtyard by Marriott Palo Alto-Los Altos • Dorothy & Sandeep Khanna • Lisa & Tie Kim • Nikki Klepper • Cowell • Lori & Tom Cox • Coyote Point Museum • Jill Katherine Kowal • Mary & Ben Lai • Corinne & Ed Croft • Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel • Deborah & Tony Landphere • Laser Quest • Lawrence Hall of Science • Custodio • Eileen & Jeff Cuzzi • Dahlia Blu Designs • Claire & Matt Ledwith • Legoland California • Tracey 4 Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog
  5. 5. Sakamoto & Ken Leong • Dave Leudtke • • Jana & Mike Schlansker • Julia Fong & Edmond Monica Lodge - Golden Eagle Sports Camp • Lynn Chao & Schmulbach • Jami & Tom & Schott • See’s Candies • Steven Loewy • Lori Loftus • Los Altos Art Docents • Los Debra Sereni • Elena & Tom Shea • Kim Sheehan • Kristin Altos Hills Parks & Recreation • Los Altos Nursery • Los & Patrick Sheridan • Anupama & Pritham Shetty • Altos Police Department • Los Gatos Luxury Cars • Julie & Shoreline Aquatic Center • Irina & Aleksey Shlyapnikova • Neal Maeyama • Marianne & Richard Mahoney • Nanette Sibby’s Cupcakery • Genie Sitler • SkinSpirit • SkyHigh & Tom Malgesini • Malibu Grand Prix • Viviana Marchevsky Sports • Caroline & Jim Small • Fan Liu & James Smith • • Marine Science Institute • Marion Jackston’s • Ivette Amanda Soo• St. Francis High School • Stanford Athletics Loredo & Peter Martin • Cortney Mase • Heidi & Grant • Stanford Continuing Studies • Stanford Men’s Basketball McCormick • Christy & Jeremy McCracken • Peggy & Bob • Stanford Women’s Basketball • Stanford Women’s McGrath • Cheryl House & Peter Meyn • Jennifer & Robert Soccer • Stanford Women’s Volleyball • Mara & Chad Mihalko • Cole & Lauren Miller • Erin Miller • Janet & Peter Starkey • Stella & Dot • Stepping Stones Preschool • Miller • Bibi & Kirk Millet • Judy Missirian • Kathryn Studio Cake • Sugar Bowl • Kristine Kim & Jay Suh • Okashima & Tim Mitchell • Miyo Yogurt • Monterey Bay Sundance The Steakhouse • Sunset Publishing Corporation Whale Watch • Nancy & Rod Morimoto • Nancy Mueller • • Sylvan Learning Center • Valerie & Steve Taglio • Tahoe Wendy Boufford & James Murdock • NBC Universal • Kim Donner • Efrat & Hagai Tal • Team Fitness Inc. • The Tech & Dan Nero • Matthew Nero • Elaine Chen & Hiep Nguyen Museum of Innovation • Thought Marketing • Tiffany Birch • Valerie & Tim Nichols • Niles Canyon Railway • Karen • The Time Butler Professional Organizers • Tiny Prints • Pivetti & Ron Ninomiya • Alice Nuzzo • Oakland Raiders • Mili & Erich Torres • Anne & Gregory Toth • Toyota One-on-One Basketball • Opera San Jose • Marjorie Ott • Sunnyvale • Aleana Yiu & Michael Trainor • Dale & Charlie Palace Café and Catering • Palo Alto Bowl • Palo Alto Tritschler • David Troyer • Wei-Yu & Paul Turner • Children’s Theater • Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club • University of California Men’s Basketball • Lori & Peter Van Vijay & Elizabeth Pande • Phyllis & David Pann • Jeong-Eun Deloo • Vera Smirnova Photography • Pauline de Visser • Lee & Chang-Man Park • Matt Parker • Lori & Tom Parsons Tim de Visser • Kathleen & Alex Vitakis • Chris & Simon • Pediatric Dentistry of Los Altos • Peju Winery • Peninsula Wakely • Walden Design Group • Margaret Yen & Yun-Che Symphony • Peninsula Youth Theatre • Ben Pesch • Wang • Jenny Warila • Tracy & Mark Warren • Miriam & Pilates Cardiocamp • Marie and John Pinder • Jieping Andreas Weber • Sara & Collin Wedel • Jolene Welch • Zhang & Xiaojun Ping • Planet Granite • Terry Pomposo • Mariette & Scott Wharton • Meg Whitman • Whole Foods Pump It Up - Sunnyvale • Raging Waters • Rainmaker • Kobylarz Wilde Family • Wm. H. Fry Contruction Properties • Darcy & David Ratner • Red Star Soccer • Company • Jenny & Duston Williams • Morgan Williams • Amy & James Reilly • Katie & Preston Roper • Emma & Christina & Chris Wilson • Gretchen Wilson • Alice Gregory Rossi • Cathy Rudolph • Assemblyman Ira Ruskin Lankester & Peter Winer • Winter Lodge • Ann & Neil Wolff • Maria & David Ruyack • San Francisco 49ers • San • Jean Fong & Jeffrey Wong • Linda Chan & William Wu • Francisco Ballet • San Francisco Chanticleer Inc • Yvonne Jing Zhang & Lei Xia • Ying Zhang & Meng Xu • Jing Wu & Freund & Sandy Sans • Santa Clara County Fire Department Ryan Xu • Takako & Mitch Yanase • Su-Jane Hsieh & Chien- - El Monte Station • Santa Clara Paintball • Santa Cruz Hua Yen • Xueqin Li & Zhiwei Zhao • Hong Zhang & Qin Mountains Winegrowers Association • Megan Scatena • Zhou • Qin Chen & David Zhu • Haixin Xia & Jianhei Zhu 2010 Auction Committee Suzy Allison • Julie Altinger • Signa Atherton • Mark Atherton • Alene Baronian • Vahe Baronian • Bob Baxley • Linda Baxley • Meri-Beth Bird • Sue Boennighausen • Sonia Brunner • Valerie Cairns • Fran Callan • Valeria Carty • Ingrid Choong • Nathalie Colodny • Dan Cornell • Yvonne Cornell • Lori Cox • Maria Dincel • Elizabeth Dumanian • Dolly Eckinger • Diana Ekstrand • Jean Fong • Virginie Forget • Sandy Furuichi • Deane Furuichi • Sherri Glein • Pauline Goloubef • Lisa Gonzales • Cameron Hamblin • John Hamblin • Jean Ikeda • Kevin Ikeda • Emi Ishida • Annette Jenab • Paige Kaplan • Mike Kaplan • Suzanne Kasso • Kris Maloney • Corinne Landphere • Ed Landphere • Tracey Leong • Julie Maeyama • Ivette Loredo Martin • Peter Martin • Erin Miller • Peter Miller • Elaine Miyake • Anjana Nagarajan • Dan Nero • Kim Nero • Hiep Nguyen • Valerie Nichols • Darcy Ratner • Katie Roper • Emma Rossi • Elena Shea • Irina Shlyapnikova • Sudnya Shroff • Leslie Skinner • Donna Soo • Chad Starkey • Steve Taglio • Filomena U • Kathleen Vitakis • Mariette Wharton • Jenny Williams • Ann Wolff • Jing Wu • Christy Wu • Margaret Yen • Aleana Yiu Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog 5
  6. 6. Auction Guidelines When you arrive at the auction, check in at the No-Bid Purchases registration table. You will receive a bidder number and will be asked to pre-register your credit card. No-bid items (a.k.a. event sign-ups) are sold for a By pre-registering your credit card, you may claim fixed price and include parties, certain events, and your auction items at the end of the evening. other items. To purchase a no-bid item, simply enter Invoices will be sent home the week after the your bidder number on the bid sheet. All no-bid auction for your review and payment via Google purchases are per individual. Purchasing continues Check-Out on the Covington School website. If you until all slots are filled. Waitlists may be started do not wish to use Google Check-Out, you may pay along the bottom of a bid sheet if a party or event by check (payable to Covington PTA). Due to high fills up and there is still demand for the item. Donors credit card fees, separate credit card transactions will be consulted and will make the final decision will not be accepted. whether to include bid numbers on the waitlist. Bid numbers on the waitlist will not be charged unless Silent Auction the donor authorizes additional guests. Adding your bid number to a waitlist does not guarantee that Bidding starts at 6:00pm. To bid, enter your bidder you will win a ticket to the party or event. number and the amount of your bid on the bid sheet. A bid constitutes a binding agreement to buy Proxy Bidding the specified item. Once a bid is entered, it may not be removed. All bids must start with the minimum If you are unable to attend the auction, but want amount indicated on the bid sheet and each bid to bid on an item, please find a friend to bid for increase must meet the minimum increment stated. you. Please remember that if someone successfully Bidding must stop when the section is declared bids on an item for you, that person is responsible closed. Once a section closes, no additional bids will to pay for the item. A bid constitutes a binding be accepted. The highest bid at closing constitutes agreement to buy the specified item, regardless of the winning bid. At the close of each section, an the intended buyer. All bidders must be prepared to auction volunteer will circle the winning bid number settle accounts on auction night and all items must and leave a copy of the bid sheet for general be claimed at the end of the evening. reference. Please do not remove the items or bid If you bid for someone who is not attending the sheets from the table. You may collect your items auction, you must use your own bidder number and when you check-out at the end of the evening. are responsible for paying for all successful bids. Any bid listed without a bid number, or which is A bid constitutes a binding agreement to buy the illegible, or which does not exceed the previous specified item, regardless of the intended buyer. If bid by the minimum increment will be considered you purchase tickets to a no-bid party or event for invalid. An authorized auction volunteer shall someone else, enter your bidder number and name have the sole and final discretion to determine the on the bid sheet and note the name of the intended successful bidder. guest so that the party host may send them the invitation. 6 Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog
  7. 7. Live Auction Auction items To bid, raise your bidder number facing the Generous parents and community members have auctioneer. Minimum bid amounts are announced donated the items available for purchase at the prior to the start of bidding for each item. Bids auction. We have attempted to describe these items registered by the auctioneer are legally binding correctly. We apologize for any errors, changes, or and do not require signature. The bid is registered omissions. If there is an item that you are serious when recognized and called by the auctioneer. The about buying, we suggest that you contact the highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer is donor prior to the event to confirm conditions and the winning bidder. The live auctioneer is bonded availability. and licensed by the state of California and, as such, all bids recognized by him are legally binding. All items are sold “as is”. All values are as estimated by the donor, where available, and are not Payment and Receipt warranted by the Covington PTA for purposes of valuation or tax consequences. Auction purchases You do not need to check-out on the night of the are tax deductible to the extent that the amount auction. Invoices will be sent home the week after paid exceeds the fair market value at retail on the the auction for your review and payment via Google item(s) or service(s) received. Please consult your Check-Out on the Covington School website. If you tax advisor for further information. would like to review your invoice on auction night, please proceed to the check-out area. Please be Winning bidders of auction items are advised advised, however, that your invoice may not be final that activities, services, and products are not or reflect purchases made at live auction. sponsored or supervised by the Covington PTA. The Covington PTA accepts no liability or responsibility If you do not wish to use Google Check-Out, you for activities, services, or products purchased at may pay by check (payable to Covington PTA). the auction, including, but not limited to, failure of Due to high credit card fees, separate credit card delivery, failure of performance, and/or claims for transactions will not be accepted. Credit card fees personal injury or property damage. are waived using Google Check-Out. All sales are final and no exchanges or refunds will be made. The Covington PTA cannot guarantee any of the purchases made at the auction. Regardless of how you check-out, you are required to take home any items purchased that were on display at silent auction. The Covington PTA is not responsible for items not claimed on auction night. Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog 7
  8. 8. Calendar of Events March 22 - Teacher for a Day Drawing, 8:30am 16 - Round Robin Tennis with Ms. Green, 9:00am-1:00pm 26 - Teacher for a Day, Principal for a Day 20 - Red Star Soccer Jamboree, 12:00-2:00pm 26 - Fourth Grade After School Game Day, 2:45-4:15pm 21 - Laser Tag with Third Grade Teachers, after school 21 or 22 - Peninsula Symphony April 2 - First Grade Movie Night, 6:00-8:00pm 24 - Dodgeball with Mr. Heeb, Grades 1-3 from 2:30- 3:30pm 3 - Cacao Connoisseur Party, 6:00pm* 26 - Dodgeball with Mr. Heeb, Grades 4-6 from 2:45- 4 - Photography Class with Bob Baxley, 3:00-6:00pm 3:45pm 8 - Sixth Grade Aloha Breakfast, 7:45-8:30am June 9 - Third Grade Dessert for Breakfast, 7:45-8:30am 9 - 6th Grade Promotion 23 - First Grade Teachers Rise and Shine Breakfast, 2-5 - Chanticleer concerts 7:30-8:30am July 23 - Coyote Mascot for Junior Olympics 26-30 - Flag Football Camp 23 - Kindergarten PJ Movie, 6:00-7:30pm 24 - Basketball Clinic with Mr. Wedel, 10:00-11:30am August 24 - Parma Progressive Around the World*, 6:00pm 18 - Back to School Brunch, 9:00-11:00am 27 - Flip Flops and Lemon Drops*, 7:00pm 24 - Opera and Overnight in San Jose 28 - Sixth Grade Baskin Robbins Adventure, 3:00-4:00pm September 30 - Second Grade Sundae Social, 2:20-3:30pm 25 - LASD Amazing Race* 30 - First Grade Movie Night, 6:00-8:00pm 26 - Ladies Hike and Brunch*, 8:00am-12:00pm 30 - Pizza and Ice Cream with 5th Grade Teachers, 4:00 October -6:00pm 2 - Outdoor Family Movie Night, 7:00pm 10 - Blue Angels Over SF May 1 - Real Deal Stained Glass, 9:00am November 26 - Coyote Mascot at Festival of Lights Parade 1 - Perspective Drawing Class, 1:00-3:00pm 1 - Family Night at San Jose Giants vs. Modesto Nuts, December 6:00pm 3 - Holiday Ornament Exchange Party*, 7:00pm 1 - Baylands Quarter Midget Racing Promo Day February 2011 2 - Japanese Cooking class at Baxleys 2:00-5:00pm 4 - Disco Bingo Party, 6:00-9:00pm 7 - Art a la Carte, 9:00-11:30am April 2011 7 - Covington Multicultural Festival 2-4 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four and Championship 8 - Meander on Marvin Progressive, 6:30pm* Games 12 - Sixth Grade NASA/Ames Tour, 12:00-4:00pm 15 - Infineon Raceway * denotes parent-only party 15 - Coyote Mascot for Pet Parade 8 Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog
  9. 9. Live Auction 1. Principal for a Day 3. A Year of Good Eats! On Friday, March 26, one lucky student will spend Indulge your taste buds with a trip around the the entire day with Ms. Green, getting a first-hand world! Our Covington Chefs de Cuisine will deliver view of what it’s like to be a Principal. Mrs. Green an international gourmet dinner once a month for will take the lucky winner out to lunch at Rick’s Cafe your family to enjoy for a year. Meals will feature in downtown Los Altos. Let’s welcome Ms. Green dishes from Japan, Mexico, Lebanon, USA, Thailand, to her first Covington Auction and make this a Day Spain, China, France, India, Italy, Isreal and Greece. of Good Fortune your child! No need for passports on this globetrotting culinary adventure! Value: Priceless Donor: Erin Green Value: Priceless Donors: Allison, Baronian, Baxley, Butaney, Cornell, 2. San Francisco Gourmet Chocolate Tour for Cox, Dumanian, Ekstrand, Wong, Forget, Joffe and Two Landphere Families If you love fine chocolate, this Gourmet Walks tour is for you! San Francisco is at the center of a new wave of artisan chocolatiers who are experimenting with high quality beans, new methods of production, exotic fillings, and breathtaking packaging. Taste an array of fine truffles, chocolate bars and drinking chocolate on a 3-hour exploration 4. Adobe Vet for a Day! of the city’s best artisan chocolate makers. You will learn and sample from a wide array of gourmet Calling all animal lovers! Don’t miss this dream- chocolate boutiques, including an artisan chocolate come-true opportunity for your child to be a vet manufacturer who manages production from for the day at Adobe Animal Hospital. Adobe is bean to bar, a small newsstand that carries 225 one of the most respected animal hospitals in the chocolate bars from over 15 different countries, a Bay Area. Your child will spend up to four hours Swiss chocolatier loved by Oprah for its champagne with a veterinarian and a vet technician, caring truffles, and a premier chocolateria dedicated to for a wide range of animals, including dogs, cats, finding exceptional chocolates from small, family- reptiles, birds, rabbits, chinchillas, and more! They owned makers around the world. To sweeten the even treat the occasional sheep, goat or pig! Give deal, Ms. Campodonico is including a specialty your child (no parents allowed) a chance to try out chocolate basket so that you can start tasting this career. Student must be at least nine years today! old. Date to be mutually agreed upon with donor. Please have several dates available when calling to Value: Priceless schedule your day. Donor: Katie Campodonico Value: Priceless Donor: Adobe Animal Hospital Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog 9
  10. 10. 5. Spectacular Viewing of Blue Angels Air • Wireless-N LAN card and Bluetooth Show (10/10) networking • 6-in-1 memory card reader, 6 USB slots, audio Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity during front ports San Francisco Fleet Week! The Gray family will host • TV tuner with remote three families to watch the aerobatic maneuvers of • HP stereo speakers with subwoofer and the world famous Blue Angels in a chic apartment remote 50W in one of San Francisco’s tallest buildings. With a • HP low-profile, wireless keyboard and panoramic view of the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz, wireless optical mouse and San Francisco Bay, adults and children alike will • Microsoft Office Basic Edition 2007 be dazzled by the incredible flight show, including • 15 months Norton 360 likely circling of the very building we are watching • 3-year HP Care Pack House Call Service from! Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to be missed! A light lunch and refreshing beverages will Value: $2,590 be served. Date: Sunday, October 10, 2010, 12:00- Donors: Valerie & Steve Taglio 3:00 PM. Hewlett Packard Value: Priceless Donor: Katie & Andrew Gray 7. Premier Two-Day Fly Fishing Experience Experience the thrill and tranquility of fly fishing with Covington Dad and outdoorsman 6. Best All-in-One Entertainment and extraordinaire, Ed Landphere. Ed will guide you Computing in Town: HP TouchSmart and a friend on an expert fly fishing expedition 600xt Series on the world renowned Lower Sacramento River. This once-in-a-lifetime experience includes Attractive, smart, and fun, the HP TouchSmart transportation to the launch site, two days of 600xt will transform your family computing and guided fly fishing (beginners welcome), and one entertainment experience. With its easy-to-use night shared hotel accommodations. All equipment touch interface, it’ll be hard to know if you are provided! Time to try something new! Limited to 2 working or playing. The large, sleek HD display, participants. Expires: December 31, 2010. integrated webcam, and TV and entertainment hook-ups all add up to make this a great home Value: Priceless solution. You’ll forget that there’s a powerful Donor: Corinne & Ed Landphere PC packed in this slick exterior. And, just to give you lots of buying confidence, we’ve thrown in the 3-year HP Care Pack House Call Service. Specifications included: • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit; • Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 processor; • 8Gb DDR3-1066MHz memory • 750Gb 7200 rpm SATA 3Gbs hard drive • 1Gb NVIDIA GeForce GT230M graphics card • Touch-enabled 23” diagonal full HD 1080p LCD display • Game console connections • Slot-load SuperMulti DVD burner 10 Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog
  11. 11. 8. Indian Feast for 10 Indian food is revered as one of the most exotic and B) Don’t miss this chance to be a ball kid for a Cal Men’s flavorful cuisines in the world. It is our good fortune Basketball game during the 2010-2011 season. Your to have Covington Mom and food enthusiast, child and his or her friend can be on the floor, shag Sudyna Shroff, delight and inspire you with a truly stray balls, towel off the court and watch the game memorable Indian meal for 10. Sudyna will create up close. Each child may bring one adult. Once the a menu from a mouthwatering collection of family game is selected, there are no changes, exceptions, or recipes reflecting the very best of Indian cuisine. redos allowed. Your child must arrive at the specified Date and time to be mutually agreed upon. time/location once the game day is set. Ball kid (and friend) must be 4-12 years old only. Game day: TBD. Value: Priceless Donor: Sudnya Shroff Value: Priceless Donor: Cal Men’s Basketball, Dept. of Athletics 9. Choice of Stanford or Cal Men’s Basketball Ball Kid Opportunity 10. The Ultimate Anniversary Package A) An unforgettable experience for your child Steal your loved one away in a Bentley Continental aged 9 to 14 to get up close and personal with the from Los Gatos Luxury Cars for a secluded Stanford Men’s Basketball Team. The Ball Kid will overnight at beautiful CordeValle, located an hour get early entry to a Stanford Men’s home game, south of Los Altos in a pristine valley set among shag balls during the warm ups, towel off the court 1,700 acres of tree-studded rolling hills. Infused with when needed, and spend the entire game on the local charm and superb amenities, your stay in a sidelines watching all the action up close. This is the luxurious bungalow includes a $300 credit at Sense, real deal! Also included is one general admission a Rosewood Spa, where your getaway begins. Your ticket for an accompanying adult. Game is TBD stay includes breakfast for two at One Iron Bar or within the 2010-2011 season. NCAA rules require the Lion’s Peak Grill, with hillside views of the Robert Ball Kid to be 9-14 years old. Trent Jones-designed championship golf course. CordeValle is a sanctuary in perfect harmony with Value: Priceless its natural surroundings. Winner may add round of Donor: Stanford Men’s Basketball, Dept. of Athletics golf for $125. Spa reservations must be made two weeks in advance to guarantee availability. For a preview, visit Resort service fee and spa gratuity not included. Driver must have valid insurance, driver’s license, and be 25 years of age or older. Limited to in-state driving for two days or 500 miles. Expires March 2011. Value: Priceless Donors: Altinger, Atherton, Brunner, Butaney, Wong, Ratner, Rossi, Taglio, Vitakis, Williams, and Xu Families Los Gatos Luxury Cars Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog 11
  12. 12. 11. Spend the Holidays in SoCal! Choice of 13. MOMA and Lunch in a Limo! Thanksgiving or Christmas Weeks! This is no ordinary ladies luncheon! Six lovely ladies Plan your holidays now! Have fun in the sun at the will be whisked off in a limo to the San Francisco Nero’s home in Carlsbad! You’ll be close to all the Museum of Modern Art for a morning of art best family attractions of Southern California, appreciation, followed by lunch at the Garden including a three mile drive to Carlsbad Beach Court Restaurant in the historic Palace Hotel, a (voted one of the top five family beaches in the $200 value. A limo will meet you at school or other U.S.), minutes to Legoland, a half hour to SeaWorld location within Los Altos. Take in the MOMA and or the San Diego Zoo, and one hour to Disneyland. it’s 75th anniversary show and enjoy a leisurely lunch This package includes five buy-one-get-one free knowing that you have a limo to drive you home. admission passes to Legoland. Your stay also We’ll provide refreshments for the limo ride to and includes full use of the resort-style community pool, from the city. Limo offer expires in August 2010. spa, wading area for tots, tennis courts, and fully- Donated in honor of our graduating sixth graders. equipped gym. And, with five bedrooms and four baths, everyone gets to sleep in a different room Value: Priceless each night! Sleeps 10 (4 queens, 2 twins). Multiple Donors: Bird-Dzwonczyk, Botsford, Bray, families welcome. Your choice of Thanksgiving Butaney, Evard, Kim-Suh, Nichols, Pann, Ratner, week, November 20-28, 2011, or the Christmas Roper, Ruyack, Shea, Sheridan, Tritschler, Weber, period from December 20, 2010-January 2, 2011. Wolff, Yen-Wang Families Happy Holidays! Value: Priceless Donor: Kim & Dan Nero 14. Mr. Heeb for a Day One lucky 4th, 5th, or 6th grader will be Assistant PE 12. Two Tickets to the 2011 NCAA Men’s FINAL Teacher for a Day! Mr. Heeb’s assistant will help FOUR! run PE classes (maybe make classmates do extra laps?), pick favorite games to play and find out Dads, this is your chance to see the 2011 NCAA what it takes to keep everyone in shape. This dream Men’s Final Four in person! You’ll get two tickets experience will take place on a mutually agreed for the semis on April 2 and the final on April 4, 2011 upon Monday or Thursday in April or May. This in Houston, Texas!! These games will be sold out is your student’s chance to work alongside our so don’t miss this chance to go!! Book your flight wonderful PE teacher, Jay Heeb. Whistle included! and hotel now because your seats are guaranteed to be good (lower section Value: Priceless of the arena)! Ticket release date Donor: Jay Heeb subject to NCAA distribution schedule. Value: Priceless Donor: Kim & Dan Nero 12 Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog
  13. 13. Covington Priceless 40 - 61. Teacher for a Day 64. Junior Olympic Coyote Mascot (4/23) One lucky student from each class will win this year’s Get the Covington crowd into the spirit of the games “Teacher for a Day” drawing. Each Covington student at the 2010 Junior Olympics! Be the Covington Coyote automatically receives one free ticket in his or her class Mascot on Friday, April 23 (the day before Junior drawing. Additional tickets can be purchased for $5 Olympics) at the pep rally and Ms. Green will escort each. Winning tickets will be drawn at a special assembly you to all of the classrooms! Student must be a current on Monday, March 22 and the winning students will be fourth to sixth grader. teachers for a day on Friday, March 26. A highlight of the day will be lunch with his or her teacher in the staff Value: Priceless lounge. Tickets are available through March 20. Donor: Erin Green Value: Priceless Donors: Our wonderful teachers! 62. Tech for a Day 65. VIP Seats - 6th Grade Promotion (6/9) Have a child who loves computers or wants to explore This is your sixth grader’s big moment! Make sure some Covington technology? As Tech for a Day, he you get the best seat in the house. Enjoy FOUR front- or she will enjoy a special program put together by row seats for Covington’s Sixth Grade Promotion on Kim Sheehan, Covington’s tech master. The winning Wednesday, June 9. student will choose what they’d like to explore. Options include taking apart a computer, becoming an expert Value: Priceless on our latest classroom technology (LCD and document Donor: Erin Green camera), making an iMovie or webpage, creating an art piece out of computer components, or other tech exploration. The day will also include a behind-the- scenes tour of Covington’s technology and a tech 63. Scientist for a Day demonstration to the class. The date for Tech for a Day will be set after the auction and in consultation with Assist our incomparable Mrs. Ellis in the science lab by the student’s teacher. Additionally, the lucky winner preparing and distributing materials during experiments! will enjoy four general admission tickets to the Tech The date for Scientist for a Day will be arranged after the Museum. The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose auction and in consultation with the student’s teacher. is focused on inspiring the techie in all of us! Enjoy New this year, the winning student will receive a family hands-on and interactive exhibits. Tickets include an guest pass to the Lawrence Hall Science in Berkeley. IMAX movie, not valid for feature films. Tickets expire Make snow, rainbows and clouds, study raindrops and December 31, 2010. Student must be a current third to ice crystals, swim with the fish in a virtual ocean, pilot a sixth grader. submarine model or even be a hydro-engineer and make electricity all at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Guest pass Value: Priceless is for a family of four and expires on December 10, 2010. Donors: Kim Sheehan Lisa & Jay Gonzales Value: Priceless Donors: Esther Ellis Lawrence Hall of Science Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog 13
  14. 14. 89. Coyote Mascot for the Pet Parade (5/15) 84. Coyote Mascot for the Festival of Lights Parade (11/26) Howl like a Coyote! This is your chance to show us your Covington spirit. The Pet Parade has evolved into one Have you always been told you have a shining of Los Altos’ most renowned civic events. fourth to sixth personality? Covington needs you to represent our grade students have the opportunity to show off their school in the 2010 Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade! Be animal magnetism at the 2010 Pet Parade! Date: May 15, our Mascot. This opportunity exists for students in third 2010. to fifth grade. Date: November 26, 2010. Value: Priceless Value: Priceless Donor: Erin Green Donor: Erin Green 77. Real Deal Stain Glass (5/1) 81. Personalized Summer Reading List Sign up to get a personalized summer reading list for Five students will join fourth grade teacher Ms. Figone your child by our own Covington Librarian, Susan Evard. in Room 22 to cut and place together glass with lead Susan will review your child’s current reading level, caming from start to finish. Open to third through six ascertain interests and hobbies, and create a reading list grade students only. Bring a sack lunch. Date: Saturday, that is just for them. Four lists available. May 1, at 9:00am. Space is limited to 5 students, $100 per student. Value: $50 each. Donor: Susan Evard Donor: Linda Figone 87. First to Third grade, Indoor Dodge Ball with Mr. Heeb (5/24) 92. Telescope and Star Gazing Class with Dr. Jeff Cuzzi Mr. Heeb is calling all Covington first through third graders to come play indoor dodge ball. Teamwork and Enjoy an evening of star gazing in your own backyard or strategy are the most valuable factors in dodge ball. a local park with Dr. Cuzzi, an astronomer and planetary Everyone can play. Availability is limited to 20 first to scientist. Dr. Cuzzi will show you the constellations and third graders, $20 each. Meet in the multi right after teach you how to use star charts so that you can find school. the planets and your favorite constellations on your own! You will use, and get to keep, the pre-owned Donor: Jay Heeb starter telescope, the Orion SpaceProbe 3 inch (76mm) Altazimuth Reflector (on display on auction night) for the class. The starter telescope is designed for five to 90. Audition coaching nine year olds. Expires December 2010. Be prepared for that all-important musical theater Value: Priceless audition or solo. Mrs. James, director of Covington Donors: Dr. Cuzzi Daybreakers and Coyote Chorus, will coach a student Kobylarz Wilde Family eight years and older through four 30-minute vocal sessions at her home in Los Altos. Coaching will include selecting a suitable audition piece, preparing the piece, and developing a confident look and sound for the audition. Cost of music will be the responsibility of the winning bidder. Date will be mutually agreed upon. Adults welcome to bid too. Value: Priceless Donor: Mary Anne James 14 Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog
  15. 15. 66. Librarian for a Day 94-96. Prime Covington Parking for the Year! Help check books in/out for your class and receive Avoid the congestion at drop off and pick up. Get to a paperback book and bookmark courtesy of our your kids’ concerts on time! This is the year to secure wonderful Librarian, Susan Evard. Open to one lucky your VIP parking spot in the Covington lot, reserved with student per class in grades first through third. Date will nameplate, for the ENTIRE 2010-2011 school year! Three be arranged to coincide with your class Library schedule. spots available. Space is limited to 9 students at $20 each. Donor: Covington PTA Donor: Susan Evard 91. Choral Concert and Pizza Outing with 67. Kindergarten PJ Movie Party (4/23) Mrs. James Wear your PJs, snuggle up with your pillow, and watch a Covington’s devoted Mrs. James will host four people movie with your classmates and Kindergarten teachers (adults, children, or a combination) for a 90-minute at Covington. Open to all Kindergarteners. Date: April Saturday afternoon concert of either Cantabile Youth 23, 2010, 6:00-7:30 PM. Room TBA, $20 per student. Singers (May 15 or May 22) or Ragazzi Boy’s Chorus (June 12), to be agreed upon between donor and Donor: Our Kindergarten Teachers winning bidder. Afterwards, she will treat the winners to pizza or other casual dining. Mrs. James can provide transportation or directions. Not suitable for children 85. Pony Rides at Mrs. McCracken’s Home under 6. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to visit Value: Priceless Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. McCracken’s property and Donor: Mary Anne James ride a pony, hike, and enjoy a picnic lunch! Two lucky families are invited. A larger horse is available for older children. Offer available during a weekend in April or 83. Basketball Clinic at Covington with May 2010. All pony/horse riders must sign a release of Mr. Wedel (4/24) liability to ride. Sixth grade teacher Mrs. Wedel has arranged for her Value: $200 husband, Mr. Wedel, to lead 12 kids in drills, plays, and Donor: Kristy McCracken the basic fundamentals of basketball. Drill practice will then be followed by time to play a game and put their skills to use. Sports drinks and snacks will be provided. Date: Saturday, April 24, 10:00-11:30am at Covington. 68. First Grade Movie Night (4/2 or 4/30) Space is limited to 12 students, $25 each. First Grade Movie Nights! Pick one of two dates or sign Donors: Sara & Collin Wedel up for both! Don’t miss this fabulous chance to wear your PJ’s, bring your pillows and sleeping bags, and watch a movie with our fantastic first grade teaching 88. Fourth to Sixth Grade, Indoor Dodge Ball team: Kim Nero, Megan Scatena, and Genie Sitler. with Mr. Heeb (5/26) Pizza, popcorn, and candy will be served. Drop off and pick up at Room 6. An age-appropriate G-rated movie Get your strategy ready! This promises to be a good will be selected. Date: April 2, 2010 or April 30, 2010, time. Join Mr. Heeb for an hour of after school dodge 6:00-8:00pm. Open to all first grade students, $20 per ball. Meet in the multi on May 26, right after school. student. Space is limited to 20 fourth to sixth graders, $20 each. Donors: Our First Grade Teachers Donor: Jay Heeb Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog 15
  16. 16. 69. Rise and Shine with the First Grade 74. Dessert for Breakfast with the Third Grade Teachers (4/23) Teachers (4/9) Rise and shine with a delightful breakfast served by our Enjoy a delicious breakfast served by our super third fabulous first grade teachers!! Come to the Staff Room grade teachers! Pancakes will be served with toppings and start your day in a fun-filled way! Date: Friday, April that include whipped cream, chocolate chips, and 23, 7:30 am. Space is limited to 30 firstt graders, $20 each. strawberries. Get the day off to a fun start and come to the Staff Room for breakfast! Space is limited to 20 Donors: Our First Grade Teachers students. Date: April 9, 2010 at 7:45-8:30am, $25 per student. 70. Second Grade Sundae Social (4/30) Donors: Our Third Grade Teachers Come to have ice cream sundaes with our marvelous second grade teachers, Mrs. Jorgenson, Mrs. Cuzzi, Mrs. 75. Laser Tag with the Third Grade Teachers Girod, and Mrs. Welch! After ice cream, the teachers will (5/21) lead a craft activity, read a story, and hand out party favors. Ice cream will be supplied by Baskin Robbins, Game on! Sign up to tag one another at Laser Quest Covington’s official ice cream sponsor. Open to six with Mrs. Pomposo, Mrs. Cowell, and Mrs. Barrett. students per class for a total of 18 students. Date: Friday, Parents will need to provide transportation to and from April 30, 2:20-3:30pm at the picnic tables outside Rooms Laser Quest. Date: Friday, May 21, 2010. Space is limited 9 and 10, $20 per student. to 12 kids at $40 each. Donors: Our Second Grade Teachers Donors: Our Third Grade Teachers Baskin Robbins 93. Famous American Custom Costume 71 - 73. Handmade Quilt, Book, & Lunch with Your Second Teacher Here’s a special offer for second grade parents. Plan ahead for your child’s third grade Famous American Item 71 – Mrs. Jorgenson Report by hiring expert seamstress, Jeanette Jones, to Item 72 – Mrs. Cuzzi custom create your child’s Famous American costume. Item 73 – Mrs. Welch & Mrs. Girod Parents to pay for costume supplies. This package includes a handmade quilt (a square Value $150 done by each child), a copy of your teacher’s favorite Donor: Jeanette Jones children’s book, and lunch with your child that includes a reading of the book. 76. After School Game Time with the Fourth Value: Priceless Grade Teachers (3/26) Donors: Our Second Grade Teachers and students Come play board games and have snacks with the fourth grade teachers after school in the Covington Library. 97. Mosaic Mirror by Mrs. Jorgenson’s Class All fourth grade students are invited to play on Friday, March 26, 2:45-4:15pm, $20 per student. Own this colorful and quaint mosaic mirror made by the second grade students of Mrs. Jorgenson’s Room 9. This Donors: Our Fourth Grade Teachers mirror promises to be unique and absolutely priceless! Value: Priceless Donors: Mrs. Jorgenson’s Second Grade Class 16 Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog
  17. 17. 78. Pizza and Ice Cream Outing with 86. One small step for man, one giant leap for Mrs. Pinder and Ms. Campodonico (4/30) MATH! (5/12) Our fabulous Fifth Grade teachers will meet 10 lucky Four lucky sixth graders will have the opportunity to students at Spot’s Pizza in Downtown Los Altos for an visit NASA’s Ames Research Center with Mrs. Courtney evening of pizza dinner and dessert at Baskin Robbins, Cadwell. During their visit, students will visit the NASA Covington’s official ice cream sponsor! Parents to drop Exploration Center and will be given a private tour by student off at Spot’s Pizza and pick up from Baskin Ames employees, during which they will be granted Robbins. Date: April 30, 4:00-6:00pm. Limited to five access to several restricted areas, including the Airspace students from each class at $50 each. Labs and the famed Vertical Motion Simulator (VMS). In the VMS, students will work their way through Donors: Our Fifth Grade Teachers the development bays to see how the engineers set Baskin Robbins up the simulator and will help run a motion-based simulator test as well as experience flight from a pilot’s perspective as they “fly” a fixed-based simulator. This 79. Aloha Breakfast with the Sixth Grade afternoon promises to provide students with eye- opening experiences as they see math in action! Parents Teachers (4/8) will provide lunch and transportation. Limited to four students. Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 (minimum Aloha! Start your day off with an island attitude. Come day), 12:00-4:00pm. $100 per student. have a pancake breakfast with a toppings bar, pineapple, and other items served by your sixth grade teachers! Donor: Courtney Cadwell Breakfast will be held in the multi. Date: April 8, 2010, 7:45am. Open to all sixth graders, $20 each. Donors: Our Sixth Grade Teachers 80. Baskin Robbins Adventure for Ice Cream Sundaes with the Sixth Grade Teachers (4/28) Stay after school and walk to Baskin Robbins in downtown Los Altos for ice cream sundaes with the sixth grade teachers. Baskin Robbins Los Altos is Covington’s official ice cream sponsor. Date: April 28, 2010, 3:00-4:00pm. Space is limited to 18 sixth graders, $30 each. Donors: Our Sixth Grade Teachers Baskin Robbins Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog 17
  18. 18. Events and Parties 210. Cacao Connoisseur Party (4/3) 212. Art a la Carte (5/7) Are you ready for a salivary sensation? You will be Join us for a morning of fun and an opportunity to get treated to an exquisite evening of chocolate tastings your creative juices flowing. You will get to create your and exploration with friends from both Covington own art while having a delicious brunch and delightful and Gardner Bullis. This party is being sold at both conversation. No prior art experience needed, we will school’s auctions. Amidst gourmet hors d’oeuvres and teach you the techniques you need to know to design fine wines at the Warren residence, Covington Mom beautiful, one of a kind cards or wall hangings which you and chocolatier Suzanne Kasso will guide you through will get to take home. Date: May 7, 2010, 9:00-11:30am. the wonderful world of chocolate. You will compare Limited to 6 people at $30 each. chocolates with a variety of cacao percentages as well as single origin chocolates of similar cacao percentages. Donors: Elena Shea & the Los Altos Art Docents And of course, there will be chocolate desserts to consume! Bring your questions and rev up your taste buds! This is a chocoholics dream! Date: Saturday, April 3, 2010, 6:00pm. Limited to 12 participants at $50 a 207. Meander on Marvin for an Ocho de Mayo person. Progressive Dinner Party (5/8) Donors: Kasso, Wakely and On the 8th of May, Meander Marvin starting with Warren Families appetizers & margaritas at the Malgesinis, followed by dinner at the Wolffs and finishing with dessert at the Kassos. Space is limited to 40 people at $50 per person. 211. Parma Way Progress Around the World Start meandering at 6:30pm. (4/24) Donors: Baer, Clarke, Kasso, Malgesini, From Japan to Italy, from Spain to Greece, come join Shea and Wolff Families friends for a gourmet trip around the world - all on foot! It’s an international progressive dinner for 20 people on Parma Way. Date: April 24, 2010, 6:00pm. Limited to 20 people at $50 each. 205. Round Robin Tennis with Former Collegiate Player (and Principal!) Donors: Dumanian, Ekstrand, Geiger, Ikeda, Lankester-Winer, and Miller Families Erin Green (5/16) Come to the University Club in Palo Alto for tennis and lunch with Celebrity Player Erin Green (current USTA 214. Take Me Out to the Ball game! (5/1) rating 4.5). We’ll play three courts of Round Robin-style tennis (Dan and Darcy will fill in) and every player will Join fellow Covington families for an evening at the get to partner with Principal Green. Lunch and libations ballpark. Watch the San Jose Giants take on the will be served after tennis. Space is limited to nine lucky Modesto Nuts at historic San Jose Municipal Stadium. adults, $100 per person. Date: Sunday, May 16, 2010 This promises to be a fun event for all! Tickets are from 9:00am-1:00pm. General Admission with a face value of $10 each. Date: Saturday, May 1, 6:00pm. Limit 50 people, $5 per Donors: Erin Green person. Nero and Ratner Families Donor: Anonymous 18 Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog
  19. 19. 203. Back to School Brunch at Chez 213. Invigorative Hike and Relaxing Brunch, (Suzy) Allison’s! (8/18) Up for it? (9/26) Drop your kids off at school and come to Suzy Allison’s Ladies, have you always wanted to discover the home to catch up with your friends at a Back-to-School beautiful foothills around you? Why not start your day Brunch! Enjoy Suzy’s muffins, sip mimosas, share off with an invigorating hike followed by an amazingly summer stories, and more! Date: Wednesday, August delicious brunch with friends? This event promises to 18, 2010, 9:00-11:00am. Limited to 30 families, $20 each be energetic, fun and rewarding. Hike takes place on family. Sunday, September 26 from 8:00am-12:00pm and starts at Hidden Villa parking lot. Limit 20 people at $40 per Donors: Allison, Jakatdar, Maeyama, person. Sakamoto-Leong, and Williams Families Donors: Alene Baronian, Pauline Goloubef, Emma Rossi, Anne Toth 215. End of Summer Flip Flops and Lemon 204. Family Outdoor Movie Night (10/2) Drops! (8/27) Calling all Covington Moms! Ring in a new school year Enjoy an evening with friends and family at an outdoor in your favorite flip flops and join us for yummy lemon family movie night on Saturday, October 2, 2010. Join the drops! Catch up with all your friends who you haven’t Ekstrand and Landphere families for a twilight showing seen all summer (and make new ones too!) while of an age-appropriate release. Bring your warm blankets enjoying sumptuous appetizers, refreshing lemonade, and lawn chairs and enjoy movie treats under the stars and perfectly sweet and sour lemon drops. Wear your with your school friends. Takes place at the Ekstrand favorite, festive flip flops and come prepared to hang home. Date: Saturday, October 2, 2010. Doors open at with your Covington BFFs at the Nichols home. Date: Friday, August 27 at 7:00pm. Limited to 50 people. $40 7:00pm, movie starts at 7:15pm. Limited to 20 families, per person. $40 each family. Donors: Lori Cox, Diana Ekstrand, Valerie Nicols, Donors: Ekstrand and Landphere Families Jenny Williams 208. Holiday Ornament Party (12/3) 206. Join the Amazing Race: Los Altos School District (9/25) Kick-off the holiday season at the 2nd annual Ornament Exchange party! Enjoy festive cocktails and hors Do you think you have what it takes to win the first d’oeuvres with fellow Covington Moms before you ever Los Altos School District Amazing Race? Gather duke it out for your favorite holiday ornament. There is the three other members of your team and take the plenty of good-humored strategy, suspense, and stealing challenge to solve clues, overcome obstacles, and be in order to get the ornament you want. Bring a new, the first to the gourmet dinner party and finale for the wrapped ornament, your holiday spirit, and lots of good ARLASD. Each school in the district will send their finest cheer. Date: Friday, December 3, at 7:00pm. Limited to team of four adults (no children) to compete in this 30 people, $50 each. fun and exciting battle of the best. Bid on this item to represent Covington!! Date: Saturday, September 25, 2010. Donors: Diana Ekstrand Value: Priceless Kathleen Vitakis Donors: Signa & Mark Athertons, Paul & Kim Albright, Kimberly & Chris Dickerson, Vicky & Russ Fujio, Karen & Craig Jones, and Debbie & Ken Munro Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog 19
  20. 20. 209. Disco Bingo & Dinner Party (2/4/11) 201. Lots of Pitchers at First & Main Sports Lounge The grooves are back with this smash hit party! Dress up Looking for a televised sporting event? Go to First & in your shiniest disco outfits and bring the whole family Main to watch your favorite sport with your favorite out to dance, play and eat with other fabulous Covington people and enjoy 10 pitchers of beer on the house. First families. You will enjoy an Italian dinner, wine, dessert & Main is the premier sports bar in downtown Los Altos, and other prizes! Date: February 4, 2011, 6:00 to 9:00pm featuring over 14 high definition televisions, plenty of at Los Altos Youth Center (LAYC). Limited to 45 families seating, and friendly staff. It’s the place to go for every at $65 per family. NFL, NCAA, NHL and NBA game! Bring friends and get your game on!! Donors: Butaney, Eckinger, Kim, Mihalko, Value: $100 Ratner, and Wolff Families Donor: First & Main Sports Lounge 200. There’s a Five Alarm Party In The 202. Be a Celebrity Bartender at First & Firehouse Tonight! Main Sports Lounge Spend the evening with our local heroes, the brave and Want to go where everybody knows your name? Come rugged Los Altos Firefighters! The firefighters from and learn the art of making the perfect martini for your the El Monte Station are cooking for you and your friends. Come one, come all to eat, drink and be merry guests and it’s going to be five-alarm fun! Your party and give back because First & Main will donate 15% of of eight will be welcomed for a behind-the-scenes tour all food and beverages from your shift to the Covington and dinner, prepared by the firemen themselves. The PTA. Date to be mutually agreed upon with donor. Shift firehouse really gets rocking with rides on fire engines, must take place on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Offer equipment demonstrations, and a slide down the expires March 2011. firehouse pole. This will be a fun and exciting evening for a group of adults or a great family outing. Time and Value: Priceless date to be mutually agreed upon. Donor: First & Main Sports Lounge Value: Priceless Donor: Santa Clara County Fire Department - El Monte Station 20 Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog
  21. 21. Adventures and Getaways 266. Two VIP Tickets to The Tonight Show in 263. Los Altos Police Department Ride Along LA! Interested in law enforcement? Experience what it’s like to be a Los Altos police officer! Spend four hours Here’s your chance to see the legendary show in person accompanying an officer in the front seat of a patrol car with these two VIP tickets to The Tonight Show with and help maintain law and order around town. Who Jay Leno in Burbank. Be part of a live studio audience knows? You might get to issue a speeding ticket! For and experience the taping of a late night show. As ages 14 and up. Expires December 31, 2010. a bonus, enjoy a 60-minute personalized tour of the NBC Studio lot including the famous Tonight Show set, Value: Priceless and wardrobe, make-up, set construction, special and Donor: Los Altos Police Department sound effect departments. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get an autograph or photo op along the way! Allow 4 weeks to reserve your VIP seats! Winner to arrange own transportation. Tickets and tour expire March 20, 2011. 253. Shanghai in the Summer Value: Priceless Come visit beautiful Shanghai! If you’re planning a visit, Donor: NBC Universal come stay in this lovely 1,440 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo. The condo is located on the 16th floor of a 20-story building, providing excellent views of the city and well-located for shopping. Within a 10-minute 255. Four Nights at an Oregon Beach House walk, you can access the city’s subway system and board at the Huai Hai Road station. Available August 1-31, 2010 Cozy up in a beautiful home on the Oregon coast near or other mutually agreeable dates. Tillamook (just 90 minutes from Portland). The “Strand” is an architectural delight that sleeps ten people. The Value: $1200 main bedrooms are located on the second floor with Donors: Qin Chen & David Zhu a king bed master bedroom, a queen bedroom, and a third bedroom with a queen hide-a-bed and bunk bed. On the third floor is a deluxe entertainment area with a gourmet kitchen, fireplace, two decks, and every 258, 267. Moms Horsing Around convenience one could imagine. Above the third floor is a loft bedroom with a queen hide-a-bed overlooking Love horses? Love the outdoors? Then drop the kids the living room -- a great place for kids. Cleaning fee is off at school and meet Covington Mom, Suzanne Kasso, included. This home is available any four nights through at the barn! Spend a beautiful morning atop Snappy the rest of 2010 except the months of July and August Francesca, a friendly, beautiful, bay Thoroughbred 2010, and any nights not already rented. Go to www. mare. We will tour Arastradero Preserve from a unique to view photos. vantage point. Suzanne will be your private, personal guide. No previous experience needed; the ride will be Value: $1,275 custom tailored to your ability. Working mom? This is a Donors: Fran & Neal Callan great mental health morning! Date to be agreed upon between donor and winning bidder. Two available. Value: $200 Donors: Suzanne & Chris Kasso Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog 21
  22. 22. 256. The Ultimate Relax and Play Central Coast 264. Escape to Palo Alto Get-Away Feel your cares slip away with an escape to the Westin Cambria is a delightful seaside coastal community and Hotel in Palo Alto for a Friday or Saturday night stay in a popular vacation destination on the Central Coast of a Fireplace Suite. In the morning, experience the calm, California, located just South of San Simeon, home of sophisticated atmosphere while enjoying breakfast the famous Hearst Castle, and North of San Luis Obispo for two at Restaurant Soleil. The Westin is an intimate, on Highway 1. This auction package includes a fabulous boutique hotel offering a Mediterranean setting. Best of consecutive two night stay at the Olallieberry Inn -- an all, the Westin is just steps from the Stanford Shopping historic bed and breakfast awarded “Best Breakfast Center where you can shop at Nordstrom with this $100 in America” by Inn Traveler Magazine. Your weekend gift card, have lunch at Babbo’s, a $50 value, and dessert adventure includes two tickets to the world renowned at Sprinkles with this $20 certificate. Hotel stay and Hearst Castle and wine tasting passes to Moonstone breakfast expire February 2011. Valid Friday or Saturday Cellars and Black Hand Cellar, highlighting wines from only and subject to availability. the Central Coast region. The Olallieberry Inn offers a peaceful, serene and private oasis, yet is just a short Value: $500 walk to the finest restaurants, shops and galleries. A Donor: Cathy Rudolph shopping pass for discounts at several Cambria shops is also included. For your dining pleasure, a $50 dinner 400. Bubbles and Ballet! certificate to Sow’s Ear Restaurant and a $50 gift certificate to the Black Cat Restaurant are yours to Celebrate your love with a dazzling evening of bubbles enjoy. Both restaurants offer award winning, fresh local and ballet! Relax at the comfy and stylish Bubble cuisine. Complete your weekend with two 90-minute Lounge in San Francisco for a champagne tasting for massages at the Inn given by resident innkeeper Marilyn two, a $75 value. Then head over to the SF Ballet for Draper, CMT, focusing on back, neck, shoulders, feet, a spectacular performance with these two orchestra and finishing with a soothing scalp massage. This seats. The SF Ballet was the first professional ballet vacation package is valid for two consecutive nights at company in America and has emerged as a world-class the Olallieberry Inn and expires March 2011. No blackout arts organization since it was founded in 1933. You dates. Call for reservations and availability. For more may choose a production in Program 4, 6, or 7 on a information, visit Tuesday through Saturday evening or matinee during the 2010 Repertory Season. Tickets and show must be Value: $700 selected and the gift certificate redeemed by April 21, Donors: Lisa & Jay Gonzales 2010. Reservations highly recommended at the Bubble Marilyn & Larry Draper, Olallieberry Inn Lounge. Gratuity not included. Marjorie Ott Value: $195 Donors: San Francisco Ballet The Bubble Lounge SF 251. Opera and Overnight in San Jose (4/24) Enjoy two tickets to Puccini’s “La Rondine” at Opera San Jose on April 24, 2010 followed by a luxurious night’s stay in a deluxe guest room at Hotel De Anza. Hotel De Anza offers the ultimate combination of classic architecture and modern comfort. Hotel offer expires March 31, 2011. Value: $311 Donors: Hotel De Anza Opera San Jose 22 Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog
  23. 23. 265. Date Night by the Bay 257. Whale Watching for Two At 231 Ellsworth in San Mateo, you’ll enjoy big city dining Head to the Monterey Bay Whale Watch Center for a in a neighborhood setting. Apply this $50 certificate trip aboard a whale-watching cruise. You’re sure to towards an exquisitely prepared dinner in a warmly see whales and dolphins on this marine-biologist lead elegant setting. 213 Ellsworth is a favorite destination adventure. Persons with heart conditions or who are for celebrations and special occasion dining. After pregnant are not permitted on the trip. Expires March dinner, take in a show at Broadway by the Bay during the 2011. 2010 season. Some exciting productions include: “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” “Annie,” and “La Cage Aux Folles.” Value: $90 Broadway tickets expire November 21, 2010. Restaurant Donor: Monterey Bay Whale Watch certificate not valid for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve and expires March, 2011. Value: $126 Donors: 231 Ellsworth Restaurant 260. Take a Ride on the Niles Canyon Railway Broadway by the Bay Spend a Sunday afternoon with your family on the Niles Canyon Railway. Niles Canyon Railway provides historic 254. There’s Room for Four in Bear Valley train ride experiences year round from the 1880’s depot in Sunol and from Niles Station in Fremont, California. You’ll feel far away from the everyday when you retreat Enjoy this rustic, scenic rail adventure in the heart of to this Bear Valley condo for four. Enjoy any two non- the Bay Area. Four passes are included for the Sunday holiday consecutive nights until April 15, 2011. If your excursion train. Check the web site ( for train party is five or more, and Bear Valley is the place for times. Expires October 2010. you, contact the donor in advance of the auction to arrange alternate lodging. Cleaning fees and a $50 non- Value: $40 refundable security deposit are not included. Check out Donor: Niles Canyon Railway the properties at Value: $600 Donor: Joel Barnett 261. A Romantic Weekend at the Cabana Hotel Here’s your chance to get away without having to go 259. Discover the Pace of Nature at Costanoa too far away. After enjoying a romantic Saturday night’s Lodge and Camp stay, wake up to an elegant Sunday brunch for two at the Cabana Hotel, site of this year’s Covington Auction. Costanoa is an eco-adventure resort designed to Valid until March 20, 2011. Subject to availability. encourage guests to explore the stunning beauty of our protected California coastline. Enjoy a two-night Value: $250 stay in one of Costanoa’s Pine Village Tent Bungalows Donor: Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel which are wood-framed with canvas walls, electricity and heated mattress pads. Excludes holidays and based on availability. Upgrades possible for difference in rate. Expires March 20, 2011. Value: $206 Donor: Costanoa Lodge & Camp Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog 23
  24. 24. 252. No Room For Guests? 262. Two Night Stay at Reno’s Atlantis Casino Send visiting friends and family to the familiar Courtyard Resort Spa by Marriott in Los Altos for a Friday or Saturday night stay. They’ll be in good hands with the latest in hotel Enjoy two week nights in a luxurious Tower Guest Room amenities and comforts of home. In the morning, treat at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno. Treat your them to a classic Palo Alto breakfast at Hobee’s, valued senses to a decadent chocolate massage or coconut oil at $25. Hotel offer expires January 26, 2011. Advance exfoliation at the spa, enjoy more traditional recreation reservations are required. Hobee’s certificate not valid at such as golf, skiing, or swimming, and don’t forget Cupertino location. the gaming! Come live it up at Atlantis! Valid Sunday- Thursday only, excluding holidays, conventions or special Value: $160 events. Reservations must be made in advance. Expires Donors: Courtyard by Marriott Palo Alto-Los Altos August 30, 2010. Hobee’s California Restaurants Value: $200 Donor: Atlantis Casino Resort Spa 250. One Night Stay at the Courtyard by Marriott Guests coming to town and you can’t find your guest room because it is also your cluttered office? Put them up at the Courtyard by Marriott in Los Altos for a Friday or Saturday night stay. In the morning, they can enjoy a full breakfast buffet in the Courtyard Café. Valid for Friday or Saturday night. Expires March 31, 2011. Advance reservations are required. Value: $135 Donor: Courtyard by Marriott Palo Alto-Los Altos 24 Covington 2010 A Night of Good Fortune Auction Catalog