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Stary and lucy story beginning by harry (1)


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Stary and lucy story beginning by harry (1)

  1. 1.     Once upon a time there were two monsters called Stary And Lucy . They lived In a city called London .Then they went on a Airplane to Disneyland Paris and they went into a building when they got there.
  2. 2.  When they got into the Building they saw Davis and a Police. Stary and Lucy said to the police what Happened the Police said Lots of Spiders.
  3. 3.  Starie and Lucy were scared of spiders then suddenly
  4. 4. came a spider ahead of Stary and Lucy. They were filled with fear and the police were called. The policeman with his baton he killed her.
  5. 5. Then went to the hotel room to pack.
  6. 6. Then went to the room for lunch. They ordered lunch and found another spider inside the plate. There had lunch and called the waiter to remove the dishes. This asked so sorry and offered them a lunch in another restaurant.
  7. 7. However, the hotel used insecticide to kill them. At night, when they returned to the hotel, no longer had spiders.
  8. 8. So they could make their vacation rested and enjoyed themselves immensely in Disneyland. THE END