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Rosina draghina is lost (7) (2)


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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Rosina draghina is lost (7) (2)

  1. 1. Collaborative story Itália
  2. 2. Rosina Draghina is lost… Rosina Draghina está perdida…
  3. 3. It was a beautiful day. Suddenly fell to the middle of the garden a strange being. Mr. Francisco, the gardener, startled. Was slowly approaching itself ...
  4. 4. When it arrived closer asked: - Who are you? And the answer I heard was: - Where am I? How did I get here?
  5. 5. Mr. Francisco asked again: - Who are you? - My name is Rosina Draghina, I'm an Italian monster, I'm looking for my friend's Cossie and do not know where I am! The Lord Francisco was very good person replied: - Well, well, well ... you're in Portugal, in Porto de Mos. And I have not seen nor know anyone by that name.
  6. 6. - Do you know is that I am very fast and Cossie far too slow for my taste. We were walking playing in the saw and we got lost in. Now do not know go home ... Mr. said Francisco unto him - Can you send a convoy to Italy and there you can already continue to seek your friend and continue the game ...
  7. 7.  Mr Francisco wants help Rosina and brings her at the station and he says: "You can go in Italy by train and look for Cossie in the school of our Italian friends" 03-02-14
  8. 8. Rosina takes the train and goes to Italy. When she arrives at school, she finds Juvenal, a monster friend; he says her that Cossie stayed there, but he has already leaved to England because he missed his home and his friends.  Juvenal and Rosina decide to leave together and find their friend Cossie.  03-02-14
  9. 9. Together they go to Milan Central Station, buy the ticket, take the train and go to Cossington, where they hope find Cossie!   03-02-14
  10. 10. (Primo finale) Arrivati in Inghilterra, a Cossington, trovano Cossie nel giardino della scuola che gioca e fa merenda con i suoi amici e le maestre. Cossie invita Juvenal e Rosina a giocare con loro. Juvenal e Rosina sono molto felici e decidono di rimanere un po’ di tempo là, con i nuovi amici. (First final) Arrived in England, in Cossington, they find Cossie in the school garden who is playing and having a break with his friends and teachers.  Cossie invites Juvenal and Rosina to play with them. They are very happy and decide to stay there with new friends.    03-02-14
  11. 11. (First final) 03-02-14
  12. 12. (Secondo finale) Quando Juvenal e Rosina arrivano in Inghilterra, vanno a Cossington ma a scuola non trovano Cossie: una delle maestre dice loro che Cossie è partito per la Svezia perché tutti i mostriciattoli hanno deciso di incontrarsi là per fare una bellissima festa. Allora decidono di andare anche loro in Svezia per festeggiare con tutti i loro amici mostri! (Second final) When Juvenal and Rosina arrive in England, they go to Cossington but they don't find Cossie in the school: a teacher says them that Cossie has already leaved to Sweden because all monsters decided to meet all together over there for a beautiful party. So they decide to go in Sweden for the party.  03-02-14
  13. 13. 03-02-14
  14. 14. Fine the end Ciao cari amici portoghesi . . . alla prossima avventura! Hello, dear friends of Portugal. . . See you at the next adventure! 03-02-14