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  1. 1. Special day …
  2. 2. One day we went to visit will "FontBear" with the boys from Primary.
  3. 3. Place full of history, the Village of Pia do Urso offers visitors a trulybreathtaking natural landscape, where you can also enjoy themagnificent restoration work of the dwellings typical of thismountainous region, where stone and wood are constituted as themain materials used.In this village recovered, is also installed the first Ecopark SENSORYintended to Blind People, Portugal. An innovative concept, whichaims to take up these citizens the possibility of the seizure of theenvironment around them using, for this purpose, the other senses,particularly touch and smell.Hope everyone - without exception - enjoy this magical place andancestor, named Pia do Urso.
  4. 4. Appears as seen at night and day …
  5. 5. Some animals … like the donkey
  6. 6. We play the cock game
  7. 7. Big Puzzles …
  8. 8. Played with the spiral …
  9. 9. We saw the place where the bears were drinking water …
  10. 10. We played musical instruments …
  11. 11. and returned to school.
  12. 12. Surprise
  13. 13. The Courier had brought a package
  14. 14. Welcome to PortugalMOLLY
  15. 15. Kindergarten CorredouraPortugalMaio de 2013