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Mobile Apps for Nonprofits Workshop

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Editor's Notes

  • Introduction (30 minutes)Quick intro
  • Exercise: Introduce each other, who you are, where you are from and what you wish to get out of it.
  • Talk about my historyDesign student. 1st class honours. Love digital and web.
  • First job. Best web company, worst job ever, bully culture. Prison!
  • Video games, User Interface team. Best place ever!
  • Got to work for Midway games and travel.
  • Started own web agency. Grew to 12 devs from all over the world.
  • Loved apps. Worked with co founder Phil and fell in love with apps.We’ve got around 12 staff in the business. 9 based in our Adelaide office. I’m in Sydney, 1 from NZ, 1 from Pakistan and 1 from Netherlands.
  • What are mobile apps and why you need them (30 minutes)Exercise: 3 reasons why we need mobile
  • Statistics
  • Stats keep rising!
  • Apple is amazing. Worth more than greece!
  • RelevanceSo what?! How is it relevant to you? And what has caused this change?
  • Windows.. Was expensive to get access to…
  • How we download it. No need to get packaging. All from a single click.
  • Used anywhere!
  • Kids dissapear in it.
  • It’s the closest thing we have.
  • Showcase and examples (15 minutes)No donation apps. Push thinking.
  • Autism SA example.
  • What are some other ideas?
  • Exercise: Think of an idea for an app and share. (15 minutes)
  • Process for app buildingAfter discussion… it’s hard to quantify things right? There must be a better way.At MK we use a framework and process to go through ideas.Business Model CanvasUnderstanding the customer
  • Business model canvas (15 minutes)Exercise: What is a business plan?Drawbacks of a business plan. Slow, boring, irrelevant.
  • This is BMC.A way to simply map out business plans
  • The starting point for any good discussion, meeting, or workshop should be a shared understanding of what a business model is. BMC is a concept that helps to describe and think through a business model.It becomes a shared language that allows you to easily describe and change business models.9 building blocks.We use BMC to think about apps.
  • Hand out BMC.
  • Workshop part 1: the revenue side (60 minutes)Let’s work through you idea/concept and fill in the BMC together. 
  • 1.Customer SegmentsWho is the key customer(s).Anyone else? Bosses/Shareholders?     
  •  2.Value PropositionsWhat value does your app give the customer? Which problem are we helping to solve? What does the app do to solve the issue? Newness? Performance? Customisation? Brand? Price? Cost reduction? Risk reduction? Convenience? Accessibility?
  • 3. ChannelsThrough which channels do we reach our customer segments? How do they want to be reached? How do we currently do it? Which one works best? Which ones are most cost-efficient? Are we in their routine?
  •  4. Customer relationshipsWhat type of relationships do our customers expect and want from us? Which do we have? Are they expensive?Personal assistance? Dedicated personal assistance? Self-service? Automated? Communities? Co-creation?
  •  5. Revenue StreamsWhat are customers willing to pay? How would they prefer to pay? Assets sale? Usage fee? Subscription fees? Licensing? Leasing? Brokerage fees? Advertising?
  • BREAK (10 minutes) Workshop part 2: the expense side (30 minutes) 
  • 6. Key resourcesWhat key resources do we need to deliver our value propositions? Physical? Intellectual? Human? Financial?
  • 7. Key ActivitiesWhat are the most important things to keep on doing to make sure the app works? Automated?Development? Human? Promotion?
  •  8. Key PartnershipsWho are the key partners in making the app work? Who are suppliers? Which can you provide and which can partners provide? Strategic alliance with non competitors. Cooperation: between competitors, Joint ventures for new business. Buyer/supplier relationships.
  • 9. Cost StructureWhat are all the costs incurred to operate the app? Fixed costs? Variable costs? SEO? Marketing?
  • How to approach a developer? (15 minutes)
  • The final 3 tips!
  • Q and A