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How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape The Future of VoIP & UC


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AI can help businesses, especially contact centers, improve their operations. Let's see how AI and its ongoing innovations are influencing the future of VoIP and UC.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape The Future of VoIP & UC

  1. 1. How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape The Future Of VoIP & UC
  2. 2. A I d e v e l o p m e n t i n c o m i n g y e a r s ! What research and studies have to say on AI & how it is accepted by technological industries?
  3. 3. AZZLING�AUTO According to Economist Intelligence Unit report 2017, s a y s i t w i l l i m p r o v e c u s t o m e r s e r v i c e 26% s a y s i t w i l l i m p r o v e o p e r a t i n g e f f i c i e n c y � 26% 17% s a y s A I w i l l b e i m p l e m e n t e d w i t h i n n e x t 3 y e a r s . 75% of 200 business executives s a y s A I w i l l i m p r o v e d e c i s i o n m a k i n g 27% says it will increase sales revenue
  5. 5. C o n t a c t C e n t e r s A 2017 Gartner report on CRM Sales says "By 2020, 30% of companies will adopt AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes." In future, AI will use predictive intelligence for routing calls to right reps and brings more sale leads.
  6. 6. AI can be helpful in recognizing speech patterns as well as agent's skill & personality and come up with a match in order to attend to any type of customer & give them a meaningful customer experience. AI can also help in instantly translating an inbound call from one language to another without any limitations.
  7. 7. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Integrating AI with IVR helps to keep a personalized communication with their customers without the help of an agent. Artificial intelligence can help in getting to know the customer history & impart a better customer service.
  8. 8. C h a t b o t s "AI with chatbot will drive 95% of all customer interactions by 2025, with customers unable to differentiate bot from humans." -Servion AI backed chatbots reduces the requirement for customer reps and make customer service efficient for business.
  9. 9. AI centric chatbots can be very helpful in scheduling & managing time, it can easily set up meetings & be helpful in automating routinized tasks.
  10. 10. About Us The Real PBX, powered by CloudSpace Technologies LLC, is a global provider of unified cloud communication services such as Hosted PBX, Cloud phone system, SIP services and toll-free numbers to consumers and businesses. For more information, visit: or call at +1-888-8929646
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