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Empower network 2

  2. 2. W H A T YO U W I L L G E T I N TH I S P R E S E N TA TI O N An in depth look into all 5 products with Empower Network Commission Breakdown Importance of your WHY and STORYTELLING With Empower Network (Overview) Links/Contact Information
  3. 3. P RO D U C TS W I TH E M P OW E R N E TWO R K Empower Network Blogging System Inner Circle Mastermind Membership Costa Rica Intensive 15k Formula Costa Rica Masters Retreat
  4. 4. P RO D U C TS W I TH E M P OW E R N E TWO R K Empower Network Blogging System - $25/monthly Inner Circle Mastermind Membership - $100/monthly Costa Rica Intensive - $500/onetime 15k Formula - $1000/onetime Costa Rica Masters Retreat - $3500/onetime$5125/onetime thereafter $125 + 19.99/monthly (affiliate account)
  5. 5. E M P OW E R N E TWO R K B L O G G I N G S Y S TE M What is it? It’s a fully customizable turn key bloggingsolution, pre-formatted and integrated with the social networks,to help you attract more traffic, capture more leads, and buildyour business faster, better, and with less resistance By using blogging techniques (eg. seo) to rank your blogs insearch engines (eg. google)
  6. 6. E M P OW E R N E TWO R K B L O G G I N G S Y S TE M When someone goes to your blogging page, empowernetwork.com/topsecret (yourusername is what appears after the / ) they will be able too view all your blogs. Alwayson the right hand side and top of the page there will be a link to learn about a 3 stepformula to help you become a top online earner. You will also be able to add links withinyour blog that they can click on to take them to a capture page, where they will have anoption to put in there email address which will be sent to you. There will be manydifferent capture pages given too you with special links with your user name. They willthen watch a video which will give them reasons why they should join EmpowerNetwork. Weather they join or not it is up to you to get in touch with them (call oremail) to provide them more information
  7. 7. E M P OW E R N E TWO R K B L O G G I N G S Y S TE M DEFINITIONS Capture Page- A web page designed to capture a personsinformation (eg. name, email address), also called a squeeze page Lead- A person who enters there information on a capture page Pay Per Lead- Online advertising payment model in whichpayment is based solely on qualifying leads
  8. 8. E M P OW E R N E TWO R K B L O G G I N G S Y S TE M You need to blog EVERYDAY! Not 5 or 6 days, but EVERYDAY Write about anything you want, it is recommended you find yourNICHE (what you are most interested in or know most about) andblog about that, but it is not limited to that (eg. current events) If you have any business or other ventures you are involved inyou can blog about that as well This will improve your writing skills and become much easier toblog
  9. 9. E M P OW E R N E TWO R K B L O G G I N G S Y S TE M You will also get the Fast Start Training which are 8 videosexplaining the 8 Core Commitments, which if followed will helpyou succeed We have given you a Platform, We reached out, You need toreach back and WE promise WE won’t turn our backs on you
  10. 10. E M P OW E R N E TWO R K B L O G G I N G S Y S TE M 1. Activate Your Payment Account---Activate your Affiliate Account and youcould get paid EVERYDAY 2. Blog Daily---Just do it EVERYDAY and don’t stop 3. Market Daily---EVERYDAY do some sort of marketing- Free or Paid 4. New Member Coaching---Doing this for EVERY New Member 5. Empower Hour---EVERY Monday @9pm eastern 6. Daily Audio---Minimum 30mins EVERYDAY 7. Read Daily---Minimum 10mins EVERYDAY 8. Attend The Events---EVERY Event
  11. 11. I N N E R C I RC L EM A S TE R M I N D M E M B E R S H I P What is it? Is an audio product and is the first step in the seriesof advanced marketing tools within the Empower Network The purpose of the Inner Circle series is to give the EmpowerNetwork Inner Circle Member an on-going, frequently updatedlibrary of the strategies and habits that these high earners use to“scale-up-and-automate” the various aspects of their business
  12. 12. I N N E R C I RC L EM A S TE R M I N D M E M B E R S H I P The Inner Circle has over 50 audios, which are updated weekly. You canlisten to the audios anytime once you log into your back office. Audios arefrom many different individuals who have done really well in some sort ofaffiliate marketing and are willing to teach there best practices. Everythingfrom hypotonic selling, advertising secrets, blogging tips, how to earn largesums of cash and the list goes on. This is an easy way to train yourself whileyou are on the computer doing anything to play an audio and maybe learn afew things that will help you succeed. It will have an affect on your thoughts,actions, and decisions
  13. 13. I N N E R C I RC L EM A S TE R M I N D M E M B E R S H I P Minimum 30 minutes of POSITIVE audio EVERYDAY!!! Will hear many different stories that will include lifechanging events that you maybe able to relate to Audio training library that covers a wide range of topics inthe internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and networkmarketing arenas. Ongoing, everlasting training
  14. 14. C O S TA R I C A I N TE N S I V E What is it? Video recording of training on various internetmarketing subjects The training includes important notes on branding,outsourcing, getting traffic, SEO and other topics relating tohow to build a business, both offline and online
  15. 15. C O S TA R I C A I N TE N S I V E Videos in the Costa Rica Intensive giving steps and insights of whatneeds to be done in the internet marketing game to reach your goals. Thesetraining’s took place in Costa Rica in the summer of 2011 with a small groupof people. This course reveals some of the most advanced internetmarketing training taught by some of the brightest minds in internetmarketing. People who make thousands and thousands of dollars eachmonth online literally walk you by the hand (whiteboard style) and showexactly what to do to create a successful business online. and offline
  16. 16. C O S TA R I C A I N TE N S I V E
  17. 17. C O S TA R I C A I N TE N S I V E SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- Search engineoptimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques andtactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website byobtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results pageof a search engine (SERP-Search Engine Results Page) --including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines
  18. 18. C O S TA R I C A I N TE N S I V E The Costa Rica Intensive is a series of videos that teach tipson how you can build a long-standing business. The tips,though strategic, are very practical – you can start applyingthem as soon as you watch them
  19. 19. 1 5K F O R M U L A What is it? Providing online marketers every tool necessaryto be successful online Video series, offering even more tactical strategies
  20. 20. 1 5K F O R M U L A The 15k formula are 20 videos of the best technical trainingto learn how to market online. The training breaks downtechnical hand on strategies to start growing your business andfinding targeted leads. The 15k formula will help you discovernew ways to grow your business and tap into new leads everyday
  21. 21. 15K FORMULA If you apply what is in this product you can grow yourincome to $15K per month Videos vary from SEO, Solo Ads, Money Making Secrets,Social Media, Paid Traffic, etc
  22. 22. C O S TA R I C A M A S TE R S R E TR E A T What is it? Compelling stories from real people withextraordinary results that will shift you into making $10K, $50kand $100K+ per month Common sense actions that you can take in the next 30 daysthat will catapult your business to levels most people cant evenimagine
  23. 23. C O S TA R I C A M A S TE R S R E TR E A T 41 videos that will continue to provide you with stories,experiences, tips, solutions. This series of videos will answermany if not all your questions to succeeding in EmpowerNetwork and helping in any other ventures you maybe apart of.Learn what is creating success right now and how to apply it tosurpass your goals
  24. 24. C O S TA R I C A M A S TE R S R E TR E A T
  25. 25. C O M M I S S I O N B R E A K D OW N
  26. 26. C O M M I S S I O N B R E A K D OW N Your first sale with any of the 5 products is yours. (eg. You pay$25 for Empower Network Blogging System you will get creditedwith $25 minus affiliate fees) Empower Network Blogging System $25 & Inner CircleMastermind Membership $100 is what you pay every month (this isyour residual income) Costa Rica Intensive $500, 15k Formula $1000 & Costa RicaMasters Retreat $3500 is what you pay one time
  27. 27. C O M M I S S I O N B R E A K D OW N
  28. 28. C O M M I S S I O N B R E A K D OW N How much you can earn with Empower Network varies fromeach individual, because it depends on how much action eachperson takes Every company has fee’s that need to be deducted. You will notsee where instead of getting $1000 that you are only getting $200-$300, any deductions are reasonable and always shown You will receive $3000 for every sign-up you get for Costa RicaMasters Retreat which is $3500 one time
  29. 29. C O M M I S S I O N B R E A K D OW N
  30. 30. I M P O RTA N C E O F YO U R W H Y A N D S TO RY TE L L I N G WHY? What is your WHY? WHY do you want to succeed inlife? WHY do you want to earn a lot of money? WHY do youwant to be happy? What is your WHY? Your WHY can bemany things, such as, your FAMILY, large PURCHSE,RETIRE early, PAY-OFF debt, etc. Your WHY needs to bestrong enough that no matter what happens it will keep pushingyou to reach the end result you want.
  31. 31. I M P O RTA N C E O F YO U R W H Y A N D S TO RY TE L L I N G STORYTELLING! What is your STORY? How did yourSTORIES affect you? How many STORIES do you have? Howdoes your STORYTELLING affect others? What is you STORY?STORYTELLING is your simple, it is you telling your STORY.Where you were, what you went through and now where you are.You will be surprised how many people can relate to your STORYand your STORYTELLING will help you reach the end result youwant.
  32. 32. I M P O RTA N C E O F YO U R W H Y A N D S TO RY TE L L I N G Your WHY & Your STORIES is what will help you succeed Remind yourself of your WHY everyday The more you tell your STORIES the better you will getwriting or telling them Your WHY will make get up and do something when you feellike sitting and doing nothing No on can tell your STORY the way you can
  33. 33. W I TH E M P OW E R N E TWO R K With Empower Network you will be given an online university filled withvideos, audios, webinars that will teach you step by step what needs to bedone for you to SUCCEED. You do not need to worry about getting stuckonce you reach a certain point, because as long as you follow the onlinetraining you can’t go wrong. If you do not know what your WHY is, you willnow. If you do not know what your STORY is, you will now. Along withearning large commission amounts you will build a POSITIVE mindset thatwill help you not only with Empower Network, but in life as well.
  34. 34.  empowernetwork.com/topsecret empowernetwork.com/onlinegoldmine empowernetwork.com/enonlinegoldmine coaching.empowernetwork.com enonlinegoldmine.com
  35. 35. E M P OW E R N E TWO R K L I N K S enonlinegoldmine@gmail.com Sajid Sheikh: 647-519-2049 1sajid.sheikh@gmail.com Zubair Sheikh: 647-882-4842 or 416-882-4842 1zubair.sheikh@gmail.com
  36. 36. TH A N K YO U F O R YO U R TI M E