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Sesning Nature 3


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The fundamental issues we raise through this event is the 'nature of learning, biologically embedded aesthetic sense in children, role of the 'teacher', do nothing method etc.
It looks like that we are already born with aesthetic sense. I think this is our connection to the world and the way we conduct our lives provided we leave that to the nature in all of us.
The work shop on sensing nature is for providing space to come together to listen, to see, to taste, to touch, feel, to make etc. There is no teaching.

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Sesning Nature 3

  1. 1. Touching nature.
  2. 2. Texture in nature Textures invites us to touch and feel
  3. 7. Re- creation of the village in terracotta
  4. 20. Theater workshop to enhance observation of people ,animals etc
  5. 28. Traditional games are meant for sensitising the senses and is a preparation for adulthood.
  6. 29. Doing things, making things.. This is what children enjoy most and this is where true learning takes place Play-work-learn are our divisions. For children there is no such division.
  7. 30. Sensing with closed eyes
  8. 31. Balance
  9. 39. Guessing games are plenty among children probably to withstand the regimentation of the modern education
  10. 40. Leave children alone Children are potential geniuses Doing and experiencing is the key to learning Memorizing is harmful Authentic and original capacity for experiencing is possible if parents respond sensitively to children's needs.
  11. 41. Jinan Rajani Sreeja Sreeja Shalini
  12. 42. Thank you