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Jim Toners Wealth Builders Insider secrets e-book


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Jim Toner Shares 20 Insider Secrets For Building Real Wealth In The New Economy

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Jim Toners Wealth Builders Insider secrets e-book

  1. 1. About the Author I really had no intention of writing a “special report”, or book for that matter, at this time; however, as the New Year approached, I thought I had something worth while to say. But before I proceed, allow me to first give you my background. Having been an entrepreneur for some 20 odd years now, to say I have learned a lot would be an understatement, to say the least. The old adage, “Nothing takes the place of experience” is certainly true, and I have had more than my fair share of both good and bad experiences. Upon graduating high school, my thinking that I could get a job (just over broke), work hard, be a good guy , and have things fall into place was a bit off-base. In reality, what I got was… REALITY CHECK!! I lived up to my part of the deal by working hard and being a good guy, but things on the flip-side of the coin were not working out as I had planned. I was falling further and further behind on my bills. My relationships were suffering. And above all, I was miserable. It got so bad that finally I reached the point where I was living in a one-room apartment in a bad section of Pittsburgh, © 2010 Jim Toner 2
  2. 2. Pennsylvania. My furnishings consisted of plastic lawn furniture, and as a nice accessory, a tattered, moth-eaten Oriental rug. Because I could not afford blinds, I was forced to duct-tape blankets over the windows in the wintertime. And it was around this time in my life that I found myself hiding from my landlord because I could not pay a lousy $200.00 in rent. In short, my life sucked! Numerous attempts were made on my part to blame everyone and everything for my problems, but eventually I was forced to come to terms that I alone was the problem. Not the economy, not my friends or co-workers, not where I lived…..M E! It was only after I finally admitted this most humbling truth that things began to change. I will spare you the details, but with my new habits in place, I was able to go from broke to a successful real estate investor, mentor, and success coach in only a few short years. I had gone from being recognized at lowly venues like the local bar, to being acclaimed on prestigious media outlets such as FOX NEWS, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS. And it wasn’t long before I traded in that dingy one room apartment in a bad neighborhood for a million dollar home of my dreams. © 2010 Jim Toner 3
  3. 3. This is my new reality, and it can be yours also if you so choose. You see, the big turn for me came when I DECIDED that I was no longer willing to live the way I was living. This is America— the land where opportunity is endless and there is absolutely NO reason for someone to be broke….unless, of course, they choose to be. Take a moment to ask yourself, “What kind of choices am I making?” “Are they moving me forward, or backward?” “Are they putting money in my pocket, or taking money out?” It is only by honest self-evaluation that one can make an informed decision. And, my friends, it’s all about the decision…plain and simple Okay, back to the reason for this report. Over the last few years we have seen quite a correction in the national and world economy. Aggregately, we were living “high on the hog”, as they say, for quite some time. But, as is typical, before long it came time to pay the piper. As a result, the GET RICH QUICK and EASY M ONEY programs flooded the marketplace. “GURUS” of all shapes and sizes crawled out of the woodwork with promises of riches if you would just buy their program. © 2010 Jim Toner 4
  4. 4. Even Wall Street got in on the act. As a matter of fact, they were the biggest perpetrators of all. In my personal opinion, they intentionally created programs that would allow them to STEAL from the American public. And steal they did—to the tune of billions and billions of dollars! These last few years have been devastating on many. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people lost everything they had in their retirement accounts, real estate, or in other accrued assets. Job losses soared, and we were VERY close to experiencing the next chapter of the GREAT DEPRESSION. It SEEM S that we have dodged a bullet. The economy is beginning to turn around, and public sentiment is becoming increasingly positive. This will bring people off the sidelines and back into the marketplace—which is good. But will people walk into the same trap again? It is important to remember that just a few short years ago the media was telling everyone to “GET RICH IN REAL ESTATE”. These days, however, real estate is viewed akin to the anti-Christ. The TRUTH of the matter is that it wasn’t the real estate that was bad; it was the decisions that people made that were bad. © 2010 Jim Toner 5
  5. 5. I said it earlier, but I’ll say it again—success is all about the decisions one makes. Undoubtedly, as the economy begins to turn, you will be bombarded with more and more “opportunities” to “GET RICH”. I say, BUYER BEWARE! My take is this: We are entering a time of potentially staggering wealth accumulation. In the next five years, opportunities will abound and you will have the opportunity to capitalize—IF you are prepared! Therein lays the purpose of this writing. This little book is to help you get prepared. As they say, “Success is an inside job.” It is not a “thing” that is going to make you money—it’s YOU. I have included the things that I feel are most important to equip you for the opportunities on the financial horizon. These are the things that I did, and still do to this day. The strategies I will outline are timeless, and they are proven to work. It is my utmost desire that you will take them to heart. My wish is for you to experience wealth in all areas of your life—financially, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. For that, my friends, is the meaning of true wealth. You are not alone in your journey, and I am here if you need me. So….ARE YOU READY? © 2010 Jim Toner 6
  6. 6. 20 INSIDER SECRETS FOR BUILDING REAL WEALTH IN THE NEW ECONOM Y SECRET #1 ATTITUDE The most important weapon in your arsenal is….Ready for this?....ATTITUDE! Yes, I said attitude. You may be wondering how this can be an insider secret, but I’m telling you, it is. Here is why: The last few years found our economy in the tank with millions out of work and savings and retirement accounts depleted or wiped out. However, amidst the widespread devastation there were millions of people on the other side of the equation, and these were the people who M ADE big money. Yes, lots of people made money. I know this to be the case because I was one of them. Now, you need to understand that despite the fact that we were all in the SAM E economy, some prospered, and some did not. I firmly believe that whatever side of the coin you were on was dependant upon how you SAW the economy. Did you see opportunity, or did you see obstacle? Did you see potential reward, or did you see potential risk? You see, those that saw the seed of opportunity through the veil of a seemingly bleak situation © 2010 Jim Toner 7
  7. 7. capitalized. As Napoleon Hill said in the classic discourse Think and Grow Rich, “Every adversity has within it the seed of equal or greater benefit.” Ignore this statement at your own risk. All the skill, knowledge, or connections in the world cannot save you if your attitude is in the tank. You M UST begin to look at things from a prospective other than gloom and doom. Stop watching the news, and get away from the negative influences that plague our society. Here is a million dollar tip: Go out and buy The Art of Exceptional Living by the late great Jim Rohn. Do it today, and do it now. Listen to it everyday for 30 days, and watch what happens. Nothing ever works to your advantage all the time. There will be times when you hit the deck, and the only thing that will pick you back up is your ATTITUDE. Remember, you may not be able to control what happens to you, but you CAN control how you react to it. That, my friends, will influence your bank account more than you will ever realize. SECRET # 2 REAL ESTATE Financial opportunities in the coming year are limitless. Among others, you may discover opportunities in home-based business, internet marketing, real estate, franchising, and so on. The opportunities are ALWAYS out there; the key is to find out what © 2010 Jim Toner 8
  8. 8. fits you best. My personal suggestion for rapid wealth building is investing in real estate. Yes, real estate—the same market venue that caused this very economic crash. Read that last line again. Did anything strike you as strange? If you didn’t catch it, here it is spelled out: Real estate did not cause anything—people did! Greed and corruption took the greatest wealth builder in history and turned it into the poster child for all that is wrong with the world today. Bull! Andrew Carnegie accurately said, “M ore millionaires have created their wealth through real estate than any other endeavor”. You see, what happened was the boys down on Wall Street figured out there was a lot of money to be made on creative loan programs. They were right. Surely there was no shortage in the number of overly zealous and mis guided investors ready to borrow money under foolish circumstances. To compound the problem, much of the lending was done fraudulently. The desire to “Get Rich Quick” swept over the American public like a tidal wave with real estate leading the way. For a while it worked, and lots of people made money. Then the other shoe dropped, and before you could say, “Holy crap, did I just get taken?” it was all over. M ILLIONS were wiped out, and real estate became an economic cancer, of sorts. But here is what you may be missing: THERE WILL NEVER IN YOUR LIFETIM E BE A BETTER TIM E TO BUY © 2010 Jim Toner 9
  9. 9. INVESTM ENT REAL ESTATE!! That is in bold for a reason! I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and our market escaped the hit on values that much of the country experienced. We had, and still do have, one of the top markets in the country. As a matter of fact, it is so safe and profitable that we created a “Do It For You” program for those who wanted to get in the game, but did not live nearby. Even the parts of the country that took the big hit are beginning to recover and investors are now capitalizing on once- in-a-lifetime, rock bottom prices. I could write 20 pages on why you should get involved in real estate, but I do not have the time; nor is that my desired purpose. However, be on the lookout for a special tele-seminar that I will be conducting in the near future on why you should get in the game, and more importantly, HOW to get in the game. You can take this to the bank—anyone who is willing to get into the real estate investment game within the next 6 months, given proper training, will have the opportunity to add millions to their bottom line. As Warren Buffet said, “When everyone is greedy, be very fearful. When everyone is fearful, be very greedy. Now is the time to be greedy.” SECRET # 3 THE MASTERMIND (The greatest success secret of all time) © 2010 Jim Toner 10
  10. 10. In the classic, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill spoke of the most powerful success tool ever created. This tool was used by the likes of Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and pretty much all highly successful people throughout history. This tool is called THE M ASTERM IND ALLIANCE. The mastermind alliance means surrounding yourself with talented people who are working in your behalf. The bottom line here is that if you want to get rich in America today, you need to stop working for a living and instead get everybody working for you. You NEED a TEAM . Here is how it is described by Napoleon Hill:  A mastermind consists of two or more minds working actively together in perfect harmony towards a common definite objective.  Through a mastermind alliance you can appropriate and utilize the full strength of the experience, training, and knowledge of others—just as if you alone possessed all of these qualities.  No individual has ever achieved success without the help and cooperation of others.  The value of “gathering together those of a like mind” is self-evident © 2010 Jim Toner 11
  11. 11.  A group of brains coordinated in a spirit of harmony will provide more thought energy than a single brain; just as a group of electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery. To put it simply, you cannot operate on your own. M ake a p oint to surround yourself with like-minded people who are moving forward in a positive direction. If you have not read Think and Grow Rich, do so immediately. In future reports I will be talking about how to form and use your mastermind to its fullest potential. Once you have a strong mastermind in place, your income will soar. SECRET #4 GET HEALTHY Yes, you read that right, Get Healthy. You cannot operate at an optimum level without being in good physical condition. I have seen many try to succeed amidst poor health throughout the years, myself included, and all have failed. Trying to make millions while hung-over is not only a difficult task, it is also a fool’s game. The nightlife WILL catch up with you and your wealth building will falter, if not cease completely. © 2010 Jim Toner 12
  12. 12. You need to treat your health as if it is a part of your business plan because, in reality, it is. Be sure to schedule time each day to exercise. I recommend 3 days of weight training and 3 days of cardio training each week. If it sounds like work, you’re right—it is. But it is NECESSARY work. It must be a part of your day and your lifestyle. It is also important to follow a sensible diet. You don’t have to go overboard, but rather simply make better choices. Here is what I follow: If it doesn’t walk, swim, fly, or grow out of the ground, I don’t eat it. Simple. I understand that many of you who will read this could care less about proper eating habits, but I GUARANTEE you that if you ignore your health, you will pay the price both physically and financially. On the flip side of that statement, if you do take care of yourself through diet and exercise, you will find yourself thinking clearer, making better decisions, having a better attitude, and last but not least…looking good. M oney is attracted to attractive people. A great book on this subject is Body for Life by Bill Phillips. Coincidentally, M r. Phillips happens to be a world-class entrepreneur. Try the 90 day program. You will be challenged, but if you stick to it, the results are more than worth it! SECRET #5 READ © 2010 Jim Toner 13
  13. 13. “You will be the same person five years from now as you are today except for the books you read, and the people you meet,” said Charlie TREM ENDOUS Jones. I was fortunate to have known Charlie, and he was truly one in a million. The above phrase he coined is not only true, but it WILL also change your life. It changed mine. Twenty three years ago, I was sitting on plastic lawn furniture in a one room apartment in a bad section of Pittsburgh. I would sit there depressed, contemplating why I could not pay my bills. Basically, I was a loser. Fortunately, I had been given a copy of Charlie’s book, Life is Tremendous, and I decided to open it up. Talk about being hit in the face! I saw the aforementioned quote and my eyes were opened. Not only was I not reading books, I was also hanging with the wrong people. No wonder I couldn’t pay my bills—I was hanging with people who were in the same boat as me! Right then and there, I decided to change. I immediately went and joined the local library and began to read about RICH people. Wow, what a concept! If you want to get rich, follow in the footsteps of rich people. I also began to change my associations. For some people this can be difficult, but it is absolutely imperative. You need to place yourself amongst others who can help you reach your goals. Slowly, but surely, changes © 2010 Jim Toner 14
  14. 14. began to occur in my life, and as they did my bank account grew. This is especially true for anyone who feels they do not have any positive influences to call on. You can take your advice from Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, or even Walt Disney. Any successful person will do. With books, your teachers are unlimited. The ability to learn from legendary figures is invaluable. How much would it be worth to you to learn leadership from Lincoln? Or to learn money-making from Warren Buffet? Imagine learning how to overcome adversity and dream-stealers from someone like Walt Disney. With an element of effort, it’s all possible through books and literature. M ost important to remember is that all these people left a ROAD M AP behind for us to follow in order to reach our goals. They will tell you what worked and what didn’t work, and the blueprint can be yours. Just open the books! As for the “people-you-meet” part of the equation, I think it is pretty self explanatory. If you hang out with losers, you will inevitably become a loser. If you hang with winners, you will become a winner. If you want a bigger bank guessed it—get around people who can help you make money! I recommend you write this chapter’s opening quote on a piece of paper and place it where you can see it at least a few times a day. © 2010 Jim Toner 15
  15. 15. Burn it into your head. Click Here for my recommended reading page. SECRET # 6 QUIT YOUR JOB Okay, calm down. I don’t mean right this minute, but at some point, yes, quit your job. Why? Because when you work for somebody else, you will never have security. As a matter of fact, the most dangerous thing you could do, financially speaking, is to work for someone else. You have ZERO control over your future when you are under someone’s thumb. Consider this, according to Tom Peters, world renowned management guru and author of the classic, In Search of Excellence: -Lifetime employment is over. -Stable employment at large corporations is gone. -At least 80% of white collar jobs, as we know them today, will either disappear entirely or be reconfigured beyond recognition in the next 10 years. © 2010 Jim Toner 16
  16. 16. This is not theory; this is FACT! Get used to it! Now, that’s a fairly strong statement, but it’s also an accurate statement. Just look at what is happening in the job market. With downsizing and out-sourcing becoming common, you, my friend, are in the danger zone. If you have your head in the sand saying to yourself, “That won’t happen to me. I work for a GOOD company”, good luck, you’re on your own. The great Jim Rohn put it like this, “Profits are better than wages. Wages will earn you a living, profits can give you a fortune.” Convinced? Good. Now what? Well, though you may want to quit your job right now, it may not be a good idea….YET! First, you need to replace your income. This is easily done, and we will discuss how to do it during some upcoming calls I will let you know about. For right now, however, simply focus on the fact that if you REALLY want personal and financial freedom, YOU need to be the one calling the shots. The days of working for a company your entire life and leaving with a good pension are long gone. This is a NEW economy and the rules have changed. Becoming an entrepreneur will be one of the most rewarding © 2010 Jim Toner 17
  17. 17. paths you will ever take. It is a path that can not only lead to riches, but freedom as well. SECRET # 7 WORK HARDER ON YOURSELF THAN YOU DO AT YOUR JOB “Work harder on yourself than you do at your job.” All credit belongs to Jim Rohn for that statement. Have you ordered the Art of Exceptional Living yet? Jim Rohn was known as “America’s business philosopher” with good reason. Jim’s wisdom has helped change thousands, if not millions, of lives. The above quote is one of his more famous ones, and has a profound impact upon my life. I am the son of a steel worker, and I was raised believing that in order for one to become successful, he must work very hard at his job. I believed this to be true as I watched my dad work hard his entire life. So, that is what I did. I worked hard—real hard. At each job I had, I worked very hard. Unfortunately, my bank account balance did not increase in accordance with the work I was putting in. As a matter of fact, I was falling further and further behind, no matter how hard I worked. This was caus ing © 2010 Jim Toner 18
  18. 18. me a great deal of stress as I could not figure out what the problem was. I was doing what I was taught to do, but it was simply not working. And then came across the teachings of Jim Rohn, and then, I finally got it. I didn’t necessarily need to work harder; rather, I needed to “become more valuable to the market place.” You see, when you become more valuable, you make more money. Yes, I was working hard, but I wasn’t really valuable. As a matter of fact, I was very expendable. So, I set out to work on M E trusting that if I did just that, all else would follow. It worked! I worked on myself mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, and any other way possible. I got better and rapidly became more valuable. As a matter of fact, as I write this report, my value has increased to the point that I make more money in a month than many Americans make in an entire year. I say this not to brag, but to simply point out that when you become more valuable, you will always see a dramatic increase in income. Now, this secret requires you to change your way of thinking—to open yourself to a new and better way. M ost of us have been programmed with old, outdated information. You do not have to keep it that way. Begin today to work hard on YOU. The change © 2010 Jim Toner 19
  19. 19. will not be overnight, and it may not even be this month. But change will, in fact, ultimately occur in due time. Keep in mind that I am a man who barely graduated high school, but nonetheless, have gone on to become a nationally-known figure. That alone will tell you there must be something to this stuff. So, what do you say? Let’s start by working on you being the BEST you. And, as always, the cash will follow. SECRET # 8 GIVE YOUR MONEY AWAY No, that is not a misprint. Here me out here... I know you ordered this free report because you wanted to learn success secrets and how to MAKE money. And now, here I am telling you to GIVE your money away. Yes, give it away. THIS, is the greatest, yet most ignored, success secret of all time. The universe is governed by laws; hence, the phrase “Universal Law”. In this cosmos we have the law of gravity, the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, and so on. Take, for example, the law of gravity—it’s a fairly easy one to understand. IF you jump off of a rooftop, you WILL hit the ground. There is no way around it, and the outcome cannot be altered. The law of giving away your money in order to earn more back is exactly the © 2010 Jim Toner 20
  20. 20. same. Though a bit more complex and difficult to grasp, it is a LAW nonetheless. Whether you believe me or not, the fact is, GIVING AWAY MONEY will fast track you to wealth accumulation. When you begin to give, you plant the seed of abundance into your subconscious mind. Inevitably, you will begin to attract a peculiar sense of “luck.” Don’t ask me why or how it works. All I can tell you is that it just does—every time. I recommend you set up a separate account and take 10% of all the income you receive and put it into that account. This account is for one purpose only: to set aside funds to disperse to the charities and causes of your choice. Personally, I recommend The Caring House Project Foundation which you can read about at In full disclosure, I will tell you that I am a board member of this foundation. But regardless, you will be hard pressed to find a charity that stretches a buck further than we do. It is imperative to begin this process with no expectation of receiving anything in return. To expect return is not true giving, it’s bargaining. To successfully do this, you must just give and forget. The universe will take care of the rest. I know taking a © 2010 Jim Toner 21
  21. 21. leap of faith such as this can be challenging, but just try it and see what happens. Now, you may be saying that you can’t afford to give right now. In response to that, I would say that you can’t afford not to give. As NIKE says, Just Do It! And stick with it. You will be amazed at the “good luck” that is suddenly coming your way. I have proven this myself time and time again. Believe me when I tell you that I have given when I didn’t have it to give, and I’m glad I did. Go ahead…show a little faith! SECRET #9 EXERCISE YOUR RISK MUSCLE Another nod to my mentors is in order for this secret. This one is from my good friend Frank M ckinney. When it comes to risk, Frank is the guy who is an expert on the subject. Frank is the world’s #1 developer of ultra-luxury spec homes. A spec home is a home someone builds with the hopes of finding a buyer. But, in Frank’s realm, these aren't just any homes. These are homes that only about 30,000 people in the entire world can afford. Price tag figures routinely run to the tune of 30, 40, and even 100 million dollars. Frank says “You must take risks. You must be willing to constantly raise your risk threshold in order to go from the small deals to the blockbusters” © 2010 Jim Toner 22
  22. 22. Frank also says, “Exercise your risk like a muscle. At first the muscle is weak, but with work it gets bigger and stronger. The same approach needs to be taken with risk.” I couldn't have said it better myself—thanks, Frank. I remember when I did my first real estate investment deal, investing a whopping $5,000. Though a relatively small amount was on the table, I was SCARED TO DEATH! I had all these horrible thoughts in my head of what was going to happen if I messed up. I'd be ruined for life; people would laugh at me; I’d be living on the street. Well, needless to say, none of that happened. And now, I can do million dollar deals without batting an eye. I don't know what your risk tolerance is, but in order to reach any real level of financial success, it needs to be fairly high. This fact frightens many people, but allow me to put things into perspective. It is my opinion that the biggest financial risk you could ever take is working a JOB! When you work for someone else you have absolutely zero control over what happens to you. You can be a 20-year, solid-gold employee and then one day BAM , you’re gone. And in case you didn't notice, it is happening every day to a scary amount of people. When is your number up? © 2010 Jim Toner 23
  23. 23. Is starting your own business or investing in real estate a risk? Sure it is, but it is a CALCULATED risk. There is a big difference between a calculated risk and a gamble, and working for someone else is a gamble. Let’s also not forget that the greatest success stories in history have all been the product of a high propensity for risk. Take Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and Walt Disney for example—all three took huge risks. If you ever hope to join the ranks of these great men, you need to build the risk muscle. Start slow and step out of your comfort zone just a bit. Once you get used to it you can then move out further. Trust me, it is not as scary as the images you are creating in your head, and the payoff is more than worth it. SECRET # 10 DEVELOP BRUTAL HONESTY WITH YOURSELF This may be one of the most important secrets you will ever learn, yet is, more often than not, ignored. For some reason people have a hard time taking a good hard look in the mirror and being honest with themselves. This is a big mistake. The old saying, “you’re only fooling yourself” is very true. Everyone around you can see the truth, my friend, so there is no point in lying to yourself. © 2010 Jim Toner 24
  24. 24. A good dose of reality will do you good. If you are suffering financial troubles, admit it to yourself. Tell yourself ‘I'M BROKE!’ Don't deceive yourself by thinking everything is okay when it is not. It’s one thing to walk around with a good bit of confidence, and it is completely another thing to walk around in a fantasy world. Integrity is one of the keys to success. Without it, there will never be long-term success. This means being true to yourself as well. All change begins with personal honesty. If you’re overweight, admit it, and get on with fixing the problem. If you’re broke, admit it. If you’re lazy, admit it. If you’re a bad husband or wife, admit it. Positive solutions are surprisingly easy to come by once you have a clear starting point. You M UST BE CLEAR ABOUT WHO AND WHERE YOU ARE. As they say, “The Truth Shall Set You Free.” The advantage of being honest with yourself is being able to be clear on where and what you are. This is the first step to moving forward without any baggage. SECRET #11 NEVER QUIT “Never give in! Never give in! Never, never, never, never, - in nothing great or small, large or petty. Never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.” -Winston Churchill © 2010 Jim Toner 25
  25. 25. There are certain realities that come with being an entrepreneur, and one of them, as M ulti-M illionaire publisher Felix Dennis says, is “Doing Handstands on the Rim of Hell.” A nice way to put it, really. Be forewarned, there will be times when nothing is going to go right and everyone and everything seems to be against you. Waking up at 3 am, wondering how on earth you’re going to get out of the mess you’ve gotten yourself into will become commonplace. You do however have options—two of them, to be exact. You can quit and become a wage slave with no hope for personal or financial freedom, can FIGHT! In my career as an entrepreneur, I have had incredible highs and terrible lows. There were times where I was sure that I would not get out of the jam I was in. During such low times, I always asked myself a variation of the following questions: “What is the alternative to this?” “If I give up, then what will happen to me?” “Will I File bankruptcy, and then get a minimum wage job?” “What kind of life would that be?” “Do I really want to fail not only myself, but my family as well?” Now, to me THAT was a more frightening option. My decision was not to quit. My decision was to fight, and fight hard, to keep what I had earned. I hunkered down and looked for © 2010 Jim Toner 26
  26. 26. answers. I hit the books to find examples of those who had come before me and prevailed over similar harrowing circumstances. Take a moment to reflect upon where we would be if Jonas Salk had quit in his search for a polio vaccine. What if Edison had quit after thousands of failures? The stories go on and on, but the bottom line is this: if they had quit, the world would not be where it is today. You may not be alive today. Troubles will come and go, but you must continue to move forward. In my business of investment real estate, it would be an understatement to say that these last few years have been interesting. M any of the so-called “GURUS” have fallen by the wayside. Actually, many legitimate companies have gone under as well. M y company, however, chose to move forward. We chose to expand when everyone else was contracting. Was it easy? NO. Was it the right thing to do? YES! I actually look at these last few years as a blessing. Prior to these recent hard times, our success as a company had lulled us into a comfort zone. Being comfortable can be very dangerous. With this recession came an opportunity to capitalize on others holding back—and capitalize we did! Now, because we were able to face the fear and adversity, our company is bigger and more profitable than ever. Risk =...Reward. © 2010 Jim Toner 27
  27. 27. No, being an entrepreneur is not easy. And no, it is not a get rich quick tactic. Beware of the gurus that will be telling you such lies after they crawl back out of the woodwork from their recent shellacking. No, it's not easy, but is anything of any value ever easy to attain? Find your path and run with it! When M r. Adversity smacks you in the face and pins you against the wall...spit in his face, and tell him I said hello. There is money out there with your name on it. GO GET IT! Secret # 12 LAUGH This may not seem like too much of a success secret, but I assure you that it is. Laughter is absolutely vital to good physical well– being, and without good, strong physical health there can be no true success. Physiologically speaking, laughter activates beneficial chemicals in the body that place you in a happy state and returns your body to a state of balance. Laughter therapy is actually used to treat people with various ailments. In his book Anatomy of an Illness, Dr Norman Cousins details how he used laughter to recover from what he was told by doctors to be a life-threatening illness. He would watch M arx Brothers movies that would give him a good ten-minute belly © 2010 Jim Toner 28
  28. 28. laugh. He found that this ten-minute laugh would result in two hours of pain free sleep. Although being an entrepreneur affords the greatest lifestyle you can imagine, it does bring stress. Stress can, and will, wreck you physically and financially if it goes unchecked. You don't need prescription drugs to calm you, you need a good laugh. Check this out: M ENTAL AND PHYSCIAL STRESS REDUCED -Laughter lowers blood pressure. -Laughter stimulates the digestive system and internal organs. -Laughter lowers the negative stress hormone “cortisol.” -Laughter increases oxygen to the brain, which enhances your mental capabilities. -Laughter boosts the immune system. -Laughter promotes good sleep. -Laughter increases stamina. -Laughter counteracts anxiety. -Laughter fosters a sense of well-being. -Laughter stimulates a more positive outlook. -Laughter reduces tension and irritability © 2010 Jim Toner 29
  29. 29. .....And on and on the list goes. I think you get my point. The world can be a rough place; especially in the entrepreneurial arena. It is absolutely essential to keep in top form. What better way to accomplish this than to laugh you’re “you-know-what” off? Corporations are so convinced of this that they bring in laugh coaches, have laugh breaks, and even incorporate “laughter yoga.” Why? Because happiness is proven to increase the bottom line. That means not only having a better frame of mind, but also having more cash in your pocket. So, a horse walks into a bar.... SECRET # 13 LEARN SALES Whether you know it or not, you are already in sales. Life is sales. Whenever you are in communication with someone, you are selling. You may not be selling a product, but you are selling your idea or yourself. If you have no interest is sales, my friend, there is a VERY good possibility you will go through life BROKE. If you are interested but intimidated, don't worry. Anyone can learn the techniques of positive communication. If you already know how to sell – great! In that case you realize the © 2010 Jim Toner 30
  30. 30. value, which is the first step, but you still have to work at getting better. The better you are at the art of persuasion, the bigger your bank account will become. An individual can learn the fundamental skills of selling in a matter of days. Once you have the basics and begin to perfect those skills, you will find your income beginning to rise dramatically. This is very important to remember because no one was BORN a salesperson—they became one. Selling is merely a developed skill. I think one of the easiest ways to develop sales skills is to observe. For instance, A CAT. A cat is a GREAT example of a skilled sales person. Think about it. Cats stay on you until they make the sale. Whether it be food, attention, or whatever else it is that cats want. The bottom line is they don't quit. Most sales people quit after the first no, but do cats? Of course they don’t. Be a cat. Another great example is the preacher Joel Osteen. Like him or not, the guy is good, and you better believe he IS selling. How do you think he pays for that sports arena of a church he has? What he is selling is very powerful. He is selling HOPE. Everyone © 2010 Jim Toner 31
  31. 31. wants HOPE. That’s why he makes the sale. He has a product that everyone wants, and he is very good at getting the message across. THAT IS WHY HE IS RICH. If sales still intimidate you, this should help: You only need 3 things to become successful at sales. You need people to like you. You need them to respect you. And you need them to have some reason to want to buy. For the final element—the desire to buy—you are at an inherent advantage. By nature, people like to buy…period. The greatest salesman I ever met was my good friend, Charlie TREM ENDOUS Jones. Charlie was a sales legend. Why? It was not because of some fancy sales techniques or new fangled close techniques. He was the best because PEOPLE LIKED HIM ! I take that back…people LOVED him! They loved him because he made everyone he came in contact with feel special. Whenever I went to visit him at his home in M echanicsburg, Pa., I would always come home with hundreds of dollars worth of new books. I bought whatever Charlie was selling because I loved him and believed in him. Friendly and likable, that’s the objective. © 2010 Jim Toner 32
  32. 32. Speaking of books, there are a few sales books that I do suggest to augment your becoming “friendly and likable.” The first is Winning through Intimidation, by Robert Ringer. Don't let the title fool you. This may be the best sales book ever written. The next is No B.S. Sales success, by Dan Kennedy. Dan is a master at the art of persuasion, and he wants to teach you all about it in his book. You can find both here. Sales Skills = money in your pocket. SECRET # 14 TAKE ACTION Nothing happens until something moves. M any people choose not to move, which is why nothing positive ever seems to happen in their lives. M any people are "waiting." They’re waiting for the “RIGHT TIM E”, they say. Here is a clue—IT WILL NEVER BE THE RIGHT TIM E! If you’re one of those people who say, “I'll do it later, or maybe next month”, I’ve got news for you. Thirty days from now you will have a brand-new set of problems that will keep you waiting. The time for you to take action is NOW! Einstein said, “An object in motion tends to stay in motion.” You need to get into motion. The hard part is the start, but if you can get past that, you’re well on your way. © 2010 Jim Toner 33
  33. 33. All successful people make it a habit to think carefully, but make decisions quickly. They take massive action. Doing this, as Tony Robbins says, is the key to “massive change.” Successful people are willing to “try” something despite the presence of a fair amount of risk because they understand that the more you try, the more the odds fall into your favor. Unsuccessful people suffer from what is called, “the paralysis of analysis.” They want to “think about it.” They want the opportunity to talk themselves out of making a decision. This type of behavior will cause you to drift aimlessly. And as a result, like a ship without a rudder, you will never arrive at your desired destination. I have taught thousands of people wealth building skills throughout the years, and in working with these people, I have found many of them were being held back by the inability to make a decision. Once I gave them a solid plan, they were able to break through that barrier. Becoming a quick decision maker will increase your bank account without a doubt. If this is a big issue for you, try this to start. The billionaire W. Clement Stone was known for his action phrase “Do It Now.” Whenever you feel the urge to put something off, say to yourself, “Do It Now, Do It Now!” How do I know this will work if you © 2010 Jim Toner 34
  34. 34. follow it? I did it! Yes, I admit, I used to be a terrible procrastinator. Once I got into the habit of “Doing it Now”; however, I began to notice some rapid changes. There is also a law of the universe that says “Start before you’re ready.” Remember, the time will never be just right, but when you take the leap of faith and begin even when things aren't quite right, you will be amazed at the things the universe will present to you to help you out. This may sound a little funky, but I'm telling you—it works. All the successful people I know use this technique without fail. So, are you ready? SECRET # 15 SHOW UP Though similar, this secret is not to be confused with TAKING ACTION. M any people decide to take action, but only do so half- heartedly. This is a BIG mistake. As Jim Rohn said, “Wherever you are, be there!” You must be willing to commit 100% to whatever it is that you choose to go after. You have got to be willing to do more than what is expected. © 2010 Jim Toner 35
  35. 35. When I think of “showing up,” I think of 9/11. Those firefighters didn’t just make an appearance, they SHOWED UP! Are you following me here? They ceased an opportunity with vigor and exceeded all expectations. They accomplished this by puttin it all on the line, never looking back. Surely 9/11 was a profane tragedy, but how many more innocent lives would have been lost if those brave men and women had just made an appearance? Being “there” matters! This applies on every level. How many businesses fall apart each year because someone felt it was just okay to make an appearance? How about relationships? How many of these could have been saved if the parties committed to REALLY being there? A physical presence is not enough, my friends. You must put your heart and soul into whatever it is that you are doing if you are looking for success in any area of life. This especially applies to your finances. Granted, this is not an easy commitment to satisfy, but doing so is what separates the winners from the losers. I enjoy working out, and when I go to the gym I often see many people who come day after day, yet they make no progress in their level of fitness. They are there, but they don't “show up” © 2010 Jim Toner 36
  36. 36. like the people who come in and hit it hard. Oftentimes, those who “show up” for what they are currently engaged in may not even want to be “there”. However, they realize they are trading their time, something they can never get back, and therefore decide to make that trade worth it. This is the kind of person who gets results. Remember, being there matters, but BEING THERE, it is what REALLY matters. SECRET # 16 STOP DOING WHAT POOR PEOPLE DO Awhile back on one of my radio shows a caller asked: “Jim, if you had to give one piece of advice for someone who wanted to become financially secure, what would it be.” I said, “STOP DOING WHAT THE POOR PEOPLE DO!!” Now, this is not a slight on those who may be less fortunate. We strongly believe in helping those in need, and even operate our own charitable foundation. However, strictly from a business standpoint, that is the best advice I can give. There is a reason poor people are poor and a reason rich people are rich. Poor people do not know basic finance. They hang out at bars, they don't read anything of value, they whine and complain, and the list goes on and on. Rich people do just the © 2010 Jim Toner 37
  37. 37. opposite. They surely don’t sit in front of a TV all night or hang out at bars. Instead, they read, or they network with people that can move them forward. They don't play the blame game when things don’t go well. They take personal responsibility. They STUDY the art of Wealth Accumulation which is why they are rich. These 20 “secrets” are a start, but you must continue the education. Once you have the basics, you need to grow. Remember that if you are not growing, you are falling behind. I could continue writing a whole list of what you should or should not do, but I don't think I have to. I think you already know. In case you don't, here is a little trick: Find someone who has a lifestyle that you aspire to have, and find out what they are doing. The same goes for the opposite. If you are not where you want to be personally or financially, GET AWAY from those in a similar situation. Yes, get away from them! They have nothing to offer you, financially speaking, other than being an example of what NOT to do. Still not sure what to do? Don't worry. I will give you a list of books to read that will give you plenty of answers. They worked for me, and they will work for you. © 2010 Jim Toner 38
  38. 38. SECRET # 17 TIME MANAGEMENT Oh, I can hear it now: “Great, this sounds real exciting!” I understand; I used to feel the same way. That is, until I realized that by me not managing my time I was flushing money down the drain. When people think of the things that are most valuable to them, more often than not, TIM E is not on the list. Not only does time need to be on the list, it needs to be of supreme importance. TIM E is your most VALUABLE commodity. It is the one thing you can never get back, yet so many people just throw it away. Being an entrepreneur requires you to sometimes operate at a break-neck pace. It also requires you to wear many hats. Wearing these hats will cause you to be pulled in many different directions, and will often take you away from your most important task which is, M AKING MONEY. You will wage fierce battles against what Dan Kennedy calls, “Time Vampires.” These horrible creatures will suck the life out of your profits, and your sanity. Why? Because you let them! Just as you must master your physical state, financial state, etc., you must also learn to be a master of your time. Hey, I didn't say this would be easy. © 2010 Jim Toner 39
  39. 39. Time = M oney…it’s as simple as that. So, wasting it, or worse yet, letting someone “steal” your time is counterproductive to your financial success. Okay, let’s start with YOU. What do you do with your allotted time? Remember we all have but 24 hrs in a day. So, you have ALL the time there is—NO more, no less. Do you get up in the morning and waste an hour or so before getting your day going? Do you spend hours a day on the Internet looking at garbage? Are you in front of the TV for hours a day? Please, be honest with yourself here. Are you REALLY getting the most from your day? Jim Rohn says, “M ost people are trying to get through the day. The trick is to get FROM the day .” Is what you are getting FROM your day moving you forward or backwards? Let me give you a simple example of what I do. First of all, I plan my day the night before. Another “Rohnism” is, “Don't start the day before it is finished.” That means PLAN AHEAD. I wake up around 6:00 a.m. and the first thing I do is read some positive material. Ten to fifteen minutes is all you need. To help guide your day, you need to plant positive seeds into your subconscious first thing in the morning. Next, I hit the gym for a 45 minute workout. You M UST take care of the body. While I am working out I listen to my favorite personal development material on my © 2010 Jim Toner 40
  40. 40. iPod. I kill two birds with one stone. I head home, take my kids to school--which I do every morning--and then it is off to THE SUCCESS CENTER (my office building) to begin the day. If you were paying attention you noticed that in the few short hours I had before heading to the office I already made huge strides by working on myself mentally and physically. At The Success Center, we take no unscheduled calls or appointments. How many times in the day are you interrupted? How do you start your day? These are legitimate questions to consider. If you are not aware of what you do with your time, I suggest you keep a journal of where your time is going for one week. You may be surprised, or in some cases, horrified. This will help give you a clearer understanding on how to proceed and what you need to eliminate. The elements you eliminate may be things, habits, and even people. The best time management book ever written, in my opinion, is Dan Kennedys No B.S. Guide to Productivity and Sanity. I CAUTION YOU TO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY. © 2010 Jim Toner 41
  41. 41. SECRET # 18 INTEGRETY Jim Rohn said, “Hope of dishonest gain is the beginning of loss.” I think this quote is speaking about more than money. It is talking about loss of yourself, your soul, and your dignity. You may master all of the other secrets, but without this key truth your mastery will be worthless. Integrity is about being true to yourself and others even when it hurts, or is not convenient. M any people think that they will be able to get away with something because no one sees them doing it. Ah, but someone does see… YOU see. You can try to kid yourself, but when you look into the mirror-- you know. You can gain all the money and success in the world, but without self-respect you have nothing. On the other hand, success that has been attained through honesty is invaluable. It is tempting sometimes to want to take a shortcut and be dishonest. We sometimes try to justify dishonesty by telling ourselves that, “no one will be hurt”. But, my friends, this is a very dangerous precedent to set. Soon little mistruths become bigger and bigger, and you begin to justify each and every one. Soon people are being hurt and we justify it by saying, “it was their decision.” © 2010 Jim Toner 42
  42. 42. Collectively, we witnessed this happening to an extreme on Wall Street these past few years. Have you ever noticed when you have wronged someone that your internal alarm system goes off as soon as you realize the damage you’ve caused? You know what I mean—the little voice inside of you that says, “I know what you did!” That inner system always knows. So, how would you feel if suddenly your friends knew, or your parents…how about your spouse? What if someone you really looked up to found out how you had let them down? Some think they can hide it. They can't. It doesn't go away. Even if no one ever finds out it will come back to haunt you in more ways than one. Universal Law tells us that what we put out comes back. Lacking integrity and not doing the right thing will come back on you. Some call this karma; the Aborigines in Australia call it, “the Boomerang.” Always strive to make decisions that you are proud of regardless of what others say or do. It is sometimes easy to go along with the crowd, saying, “But everyone is doing it.” M aybe they are, but that doesn't make it right. Be true to yourself, and do what you know deep down to be right. © 2010 Jim Toner 43
  43. 43. Here is an example in my life that I will share with you: A few years back, and even still today, the big thing was downloading music illegally. It seemed as if everyone was doing it, including many people that I knew and respected. This really bothered me considering the fact that I made my living singing in a band years back. I knew and understood how incredibly difficult is was to try and write a good song. Because this clashed with my ethical compass, I refused to ever take a song for free. When friends or business colleagues would tell me that they just “downloaded” the latest songs, I would reply, “No, you mean you “STOLE” them.” That is what it is—stealing. I knew everyone was doing it, but I also knew it wasn't right. Decision made—I refused. You will be met with many similar circumstances in your life. DO THE RIGHT THING! Sometimes it’s hard—very hard. Do it anyway. SECRET # 19 GOALS...BIG GOALS At my real estate investment workshops I always make it a point to stress to the audience, “If you don't know where you want to go, you will never get there.” Now, that sounds simple enough, © 2010 Jim Toner 44
  44. 44. but you would be shocked at how few people have clearly defined written goals. I ask you now, Do you? The harsh reality is that if you do not have well-defined goals you will never reach any level of true success. YOU M UST HAVE SOM ETHING TO SHOOT FOR!! With so many books written on goal setting, it doesn't make much sense for me to rehash things, but I do recommend--once again--Jim Rohn’s, The Art of Exceptional Living. Are you getting the hint yet! Jim has a fantastic goal setting program in this audio set that will give you clear guidelines to follow as well as dreams to shoot for. Goal setting requires you to do a little bit of thinking. Are you where you want to be? I sure hope not, for you should never be satisfied. Are you close, or far away? Do you even have any idea where you want to be in one year, five years, or ten years? How do you want to look? How much money do you want to have? Don't be intimidated; this stuff is fun! It is your chance to put your dreams on paper. I want to emphasize...on paper. Goals must be written! It is not enough to have them floating around in your head. M agic happens when you put pen to paper. © 2010 Jim Toner 45
  45. 45. I am also a believer of setting BIG goals. This goes against most goal setting guidelines, but I was swayed by a book called Mentored by a Millionaire, by Steven Scott. In this book, Scott presents a great case for setting goals that are so outrageous your friends and family will think you’re nuts. Well, I tried it, and it worked. In a short period of time, I went from hiding from my landlord because I couldn't pay a two hundred dollar rent fee to becoming a nationally-known real estate investment coach. I’ve appeared on Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC and various national media. Believe me when I tell you: that was a BIG goal! The point is this: With a PLAN, all that you hope to achieve is possible. But, my friends, your plan must be clearly defined and written. If you have never written goals before, you can begin with something small such as, “I will purchase and read a minimum of two books that will move me forward in my business life within the next three weeks.” Important to note here is how the goal was written AS IF it has already happened. Remember what I said earlier about the subconscious mind not knowing the difference between fantasy and reality. ACT AS IF. If you are a goal setter by nature, have you reviewed your goals? You must review them each and every week to be sure they stay © 2010 Jim Toner 46
  46. 46. in the forefront of your mind. Also, are they big enough? Try setting some goals that will REALLY stretch you. There is an old saying that goes, “There are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic deadlines.” Be clear about what you want. Write it down, and watch the magic. SECRET # 20 BELIEVE Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. What I mean by saying this is that there is M AGIC in belief. One of my prized possessions in my home are seven little blocks that started out as Christmas decorations, but now stay out year-round. They spell BELIEVE. In my opinion, believe is one of the most powerful words in the English language. You can learn all the success techniques, go to all the seminars, take the coaching program, and participate in everything else that’s available, but if you do not BELIEVE success is possible you will fail. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you’re right.” So, let me ask you, do you believe? Do you think it is possible to so radically change your life that you can look back a year from now and not even recognize that person? © 2010 Jim Toner 47
  47. 47. I will tell you without ANY doubt that it IS possible. I know because I have done it, and so have tens of thousands of others. The libraries are full of books about those who have done it as well. Forget about whether anyone else believes—they don't matter. YOU are the one who needs to know it is possible. Do you think anyone believed in what the Wright Brothers had set out to do? How about Disney? How about putting a man on the moon? Here is a little hint that will help your belief system jump into high gear. EVIDENCE! As they say, “The proof is in the pudding.” You cannot deny something that has been done any more than you can deny that the sun rises and sets. This is why I so strongly recommend you read. When you read, you find PROOF. Once you have a strong belief you will be unstoppable. There is another old saying that goes, “I'll believe it when I see it.” What this adage should really say is, “I'LL SEE IT, WHEN I BELIEVE IT.” Your dreams will manifest themselves in reality once you truly believe. I guarantee that you can reach your goals. How do I know? Because you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't have it in you. The simple fact that you are reading this report puts you in the top © 2010 Jim Toner 48
  48. 48. 5%. You are a winner already. Your job is to set worthy goals, find the right plan, go for it, and follow through. It's going to be a great year. Are you READY? BONUS SECRET # 21 THERE ARE NO SECRETS Well, what do you know? There are NO secrets. That’s right, there are NO secrets. The word ‘secret’ is just a little buzz word to grab your attention. As much as you may think they are given they are so readily ignored, the previous 20 “secrets” I have listed are not secrets at all. Rather, they are FUNDAM ENTALS. Fundamentals that are understood and followed are what is needed for success This has been, and always will be, the only track to success. The economy has been torn down during the last few years due to a brushing aside of the fundamentals. The things that worked, the things that were right, and the things that were real were traded in for other alternate ways. Self-proclaimed gurus came out of the woodwork attempting to sell everything and anything in order to take your money. This, unfortunately included Wall Street! People dove in head-first for all the get-rich-quick programs and found themselves not rich, but rather, disappointed and broke. © 2010 Jim Toner 49
  49. 49. Please accept this final word of advice. The next time you see some “guru” present the “next big thing”, or some “new” discovery....RUN! There is nothing new! It's all about the basics, my friends. I know that may not sound sexy, but who cares if it puts money in your pocket! CREATING WEALTH 101 is going back to the basics. I have helped thousands by giving solid, sound, practical advice on Wealth Building and investment real estate. This coming year brings with it the biggest opportunity any of us will ever see in our lifetimes. If you’re interested in coming along for the ride I'd love to have you. It will be worth it. See ya soon. My Recommended Reading List. The number one question I get from folks is this: "Jim, how did you do it?" Well, here is how I did it. When Charlie "TREM ENDOUS" Jones said, "You will be the same person five years from now as you are today except for the books you read and the people you meet" I took that to heart. Listed below are a few of the books that have helped me to arrive at where I am today. I recommend you read ALL OF THEM ! If you read just © 2010 Jim Toner 50
  50. 50. one book a week for an entire year, I promise you, your life will NEVER be the same! What are you waiting for? Think and G row Ric h!: Three Feet from Gold: It's Not About the Money The O riginal Version,... Turn Your O bs tacles i... by Bob P roctor by Napoleon H ill by Sharon L . Lec hter CPA $10.17 $13.57 $15.61 Billionaire Secrets to Burst This!: Frank The Tap Success McKinney's Bubble P roof by Frank McKinney by Bill Bartmann ... $8.74 $16.32 by Frank McKinney $16.06 © 2010 Jim Toner 51
  51. 51. Dead Fred, Flying No B.S. Marketing to the No B.S. Ruthless L unc hboxes and the Good Affluent: T he No H ... Management of People L ... by Dan Kennedy and P ... by Frank McKinney $12.21 by Dan Kennedy $14.78 $10.17 No B.S. D irect Marketing: No B.S. Wealth Attrac tion No B.S. Sales Success : The Ultimate, N o ... for E ntrepreneurs ... The Ultimate No H old... by Dan Kennedy by Dan Kennedy by Dan Kennedy $10.36 $10.36 $9 .95 © 2010 Jim Toner 52
  52. 52. Life Is Tremendous The True Believer: The Sales Bible: T he by Charlie Jones Thoughts on the Nature Ultimate Sales Resourc ... $5 .99 o... by J effrey Gitomer by E ric Hoffer $19.77 $9 .35 Paul J . M eyer and The Art Dare to Win Start with NO ...T he of Giving by J ack Canfield Negotiating Tools that ... by J ohn E Haggai $11.20 by J im Camp $15.61 © 2010 Jim Toner 53
  53. 53. The Seasons of L ife Anyway: T he Paradoxical O g Mandino - His by J im Rohn Commandments : Findi... Bestselling Inspirational by Kent M . Keith ... $9 .36 by O g Mandino The Trick to Money Is Tuesdays with Morrie: An The Five People You Meet Having Some O ld Man, a Young M ... in Heaven by Stuart Wilde by Mitch Albom by Mitch Albom $11.16 $10.07 $15.96 © 2010 Jim Toner 54
  54. 54. Secrets of the Millionaire The Ultimate G ift (T he The Essential Wooden: A Mind: M astering ... Ultimate Series #1 ) Lifetime of Lessons ... by T . Harv E ker by J im Stovall by J ohn Wooden $14.95 $10.07 $13.57 Profiles of Power and The Superman Its Not O ver Until You Success: Fourteen G en... Syndrome--T he Magic of Win: H ow to Become t... by Gene N . Landrum Myth in... by Les Brown $20.45 by Gene Landrum $11.70 $19.95 © 2010 Jim Toner 55
  55. 55. G rinding I t O ut: T he A Simple Path Success With People Making O f McDonald's by Mother Teresa by Cavett Robert by Ray Kroc $16.32 $7 .99 Living a L ife that Matters Good to G reat: Why Ten Things I Learned by Harold S. Kus hner Some Companies Make from Bill Porter: The ... $9 .32 the ... by Shelly Brady by J im Collins $9 .32 $19.79 © 2010 Jim Toner 56
  56. 56. How to Get Rich: O ne of The Ric hest M an in Re-Imagine!: Bus iness the World's G reates ... Babylon Excellence in a D isru... by Felix Dennis by George S. Clason by Tom Peters $6 .40 $11.90 $8 .00 The Sec ret (Extended Napoleon H ill's Positive Body for L ife: 12 Weeks Edition) Action Plan: 365 M ... to Mental and Physi... $17.49 by Napoleon H ill by Bill Phillips $11.20 $21.59 © 2010 Jim Toner 57
  57. 57. In Searc h of E xcellence: Anatomy of an I llness as No B.S. Time Lessons from Ameri... Perceived by the P ... Management for by Thomas J . Peters by Norman Cousins Entrepreneurs: ... $13.22 $13.60 by Dan S. Kennedy . © 2010 Jim Toner 58