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Myth for-carrion

  1. 1. 1‘MYTH, FOR CARRION’ copyright Keith T. James1997CharactersBrotherHanna - sisterVroom - matriarchBenzEuropean FemaleMichael HeseltineCamera Crew (2)Rainbow Warriors / U.N. Soldiers (2)MOD Plods (Ministry of Defence policemen)Jesuit ArmyBit-PartA desolate Peace Camp. Lorries that won’t start, chaos, and the haven of thecamp fire; tea and sympathy on the move. Surreal interminglings take placeas the hell hole impacts, and the growing consciousness of thedwellers/travellers permeates the (tense) atmosphere. Two reconnaisanceplanes should become a feature, flying over, low; as should the cavortingMOD Plods whose actions get more bizarre (preparing for some inspection bylaying everything out).
  2. 2. 2Scene 1. [The desolation of a deserted peace camp. One of the caravans has been turned inside out: possessions, files, clothing, personal effects, cooking implements. Every thing rough covered with a tarpaulin. In the background the razor wire fence and the will-nill-ill security hut. The MOD Plods cavort in blissful ignorance. A woman in a denim jacket daubed with red paint enters, looking for her brother, the previous occupant of the van. A bedraggled ragamuffin of a naive, infant matriarch somehow struggles out of another van. A surprise.]Scene 2. [A drumming circle forms. “We are the rainbow warriors”.] [Overplay, the conversation between Hanna and Vroom.]Hanna: A donde es il burro de mi hermoso?Vroom: Two boys in the night. Overpowered. You seen the water containers? Fences!Hanna: No sign then. Thanks for the paint. [Her brother ceases drumming, stands up.]Brother: My home is in a plastic wrapper.Hanna & Vroom: Nitrogen emitting? Bit cold for tea. Sun warmed.Brother: Don’t you know. Sorry about the feverfew. Never knew. The dog enjoyed the blood though. The rabbit disappeared. [The rainbow warriors begin to break off and disappear.]Scene 3. [A sound effect of a truck-diesel attempting, and attempting, to start. Brother is seen repeatedly trying to hang washed plastic bags on a line in the breeze. No pegs.] [When he has completed, the truck starts, the internationale plays, and the ‘statement of belief’.]
  3. 3. 3Brother: Greenpeace: Green future ... green planet ..: Hydro-electric power-ducks in the sea; and an end, to this fraudulent system of living in peace with man; ... Let’s live in peace with animals, and the planet. A donde, a donde? Where o! Where? ... The farmer’s pony is a unicorn, sis, and the fences reek of beurmbs an’ ammunition.Hanna: Whoops! Apocalypse; See ya bruv ....Brother: [Grumbling as he leaves] ... Well I’m not doing any circle dances with you, then!Scene 4 Enter Benz from opposite, large and strong, quick-witted traveller.Benz: Elliptic, traverse of the moraine, in slush puppy sealed, as dayglo. Something not recognised, only pointed out, expressed, as understanding. No ‘a priori’, no foreknowledge, that could be contained, as knowledge, relied on. And like a scratched groove or a childhood refrain, it returns, a doubt, an uncertain reckoning, that aids to confirm, all the other uncertainties. of foreclosure. of freedom. We’re banned from the pubs around here. Anyone with the look. But Brother got us in, and like hymn, I had a Guinless and veg fried rice. Then I strapped over the fence ... crisis? What crisis? ... Where did that deckchair go? ... [ambles off.]
  4. 4. 4Scene 5 [Enter ‘Michael Heseltine’ type with puppet mask and ‘flak- jacket’; he poses as a news reporter from CNN, mike to camera, whilst Benz reverses through last movements (edit rewind) with concurrent commentary:]Mike: The way to squander Benz: Seven shades of bliss happiness is to pick up bills, in a tomorrow .. and to pay for services, abstract, of what could survival geared, providing be. natures resources. potent The more conglomerate the memory loss, populace, the more of nature remaining in vision obtained; the less remains purple, available. The largely shifting population in blood thumping concerned in travelling lifestyles, waiver of linked through commitments and consciousness. Wipe ties to some minority representation the slate, washing tin in social policy, spend time travelling plate; elemental magic and camped up, maintaining of time no. Vestigeal contact with that borderline Incandescent .. of society; needing fuel impermanences. to transcribe Charter of sunbeams. A trickle, warping leaves that bear toothmarks of fertile brack. Too smooth to pierce the fragile hold on tender EXPLODE THAT GUITAR .... ! that we are.Scene 6 [The ‘Heseltine’ actant discards mask to reveal barrister’s wig. Adopts imperious pose. In hustles Brother, in mufti, sets up portable desk and typewriter, types digitally, speaking:]Brother: Dear Editor, In the light of your recent articles on the ‘Bomber Peace’ people, and the judge who says “argue throught the ballot box”, and in the light of the film “Battle of Britain”, which I have just watched on the box, I feel moved to offer the following poem for publication, for all its faults, in support of the ‘Swords into Ploughshares’ activists:
  5. 5. 5 ‘...It’s ‘battle of britain’ day, today it strikes fear into my heart, for what I wonder ‘bove all, today, is whether I’d play a part. It’s heroes, and gung-ho, defeating the ‘bosch’, but it’s loved-ones, and bombs that go off; yet half of our pilots were ‘pissed’, they say, and that is what’s putting me off. ‘To defend the people’ is what it’s about, in spite of the cowardice we feel. But fifty years later, I still have a problem, Pretending the danger’s not real. ‘They’’ll never invade us, now we have the bomb, But what of the case if they do? And what of the millions we’d kill in ‘defence’ ‘What of that?’, I’m asking of you? I’ve courage to fight, and I’m glad that we won, Though I’d rather a medical job, And of those that will die, then I’m asking a lot, But politics started it off. There’s no cause worth dying for, but freedom I like, Though it’s relative freedom I know; For on each anniversary it takes me the same: For the glory, would each of us go? Drop your bombs Mr. Hussein, you won’t defeat us,... But he’s won by creating them, know. So thanks to the ‘Ploughshares’, who’ve started it off: Disarmament’s the way to go.’Mike (now the barrister): [Intones]: Then this court finds that you have two days to vacate the premises, at which time the property falls to the owner, and the builders will take possession. If you return to the property and attempt to establish further ‘squatter’s rights’, the police shall be called.Brother: Looke, Clive, itte was onle an hooge. [Benz wanders on in his leather jacket ...]Benz: Don’t worry mate; tell ‘em it’s interstate ...
  6. 6. 6Scene 7 [Hanna, sharing hot cuppa with Vroom, who is co-supporting, encouraging the speech.]Hanna: ... the purpose behind life, a driving impetus that largely goes unchallenged in even random state. ... in individual application, this would mean that we mostly function as ourselves without the correlative of impartiality - which functions as an objective or super-objective. Above reason, there is habitude. ..Much as an alzheimer sufferer will give all appearance of character and personality, the shrinking brain capacity is compensated by the human organism’s knowledge of itself and how to function ... at least in a passive state. .. then, however bowed by overview of social mores on mannerisms, responsibility, or codes of conduct;... - like a slow death there is an element in us all that is content just to be, to function as a biologic unit, however perverse we may be about defining the parameters of that functioning.... : this is the purpose, and all other conceits or application, occupation, may be the link that - like a shrinking iris, faced with light - tears us from contemplation of our whole ruminatory substance, fundament. The inability to do wrong is the costume of an open target. What better defence can there be ..?Vroom: I see the pit prop... Got any rope...?Scene 8 [European female in sylph-like elf wardancer configuration.]E.F.: I waive any use of canna-bis that is offered in manipulative coercive dependance on my sexuality ... These fire-sticks are conjectural tampons that insult the sacred weed and emasculate by biologic safety ... lockout.Vroom: Vrroooom!E.F.: Remember your sunlight, sister. The chicken sticks are on every lamppost! Zastavia Zundapp!.. and you have a partner..?! How many cuts do you wish on the other side of paradise?.. She used to give him roses in the cheeks he gave her!!
  7. 7. 7Vroom: mmmmMMMM!E.F.: How many dealers claim it back? Even medics play do-you! Come hither!?Vroom: ZASTAVIA ZUNDAPP! : me oily machine’s broke ...Hanna: Bleddy Bleddy; what do you think you’re on woman? Get up to hoster-rail and give my Brother an hug. And I note you’re going when you’re in on a deal ...E.F.: If I might sing, gently: Ay,. Ay,. Ire ...!Scene 9 [Enter Benz and Mick, with mask back in place. Camera crew set up and leave equipment to function.]Benz: Socrates himself was permanently ipsed.E.F.: In vino veritas.Hanna: On which subject, has anyone seen my brother?Vroom: [to off] Seen the vicar, mick? No sign. I hear he owns the chapel though.Mick: The Status of Women.Benz: Woman.E.F., Hanna, Vroom: womb-men ... hysterectomy apart.Brother: Seen my rabbit’s dog? That’s a not a life.Hanna: BROTHER?! .. [breaks off into fit of laughter.]Mike: [producing script] Ahum!Vroom: mm?E.F., Hanna, Vroom: Hummm!Mike: The status of womb-men ...
  8. 8. 8 [turns to camera crew, now gathered round camp-fire, being served Barleycup by Brother, bemused and hurt, withdrawn from Hanna’s laughter] ... Hysterectomies apart .. ... Socrates is interrupted and asked to explain in greater detail his references to the ‘community of wives and children. In reading his explanation it is important to distinguish principle and detail. No one to-day will be very shocked by the suggeston that women should take part in athletics; but in most Greek states, other than sparta, it would have seemed preposterous, and so Plato introduces it with a good deal of explanation and apology. But all this is detail. The principles are more important. First, the interest of the state or society counts for everything, that of the individual for nothing ... Hrrumph ... Second, the only difference between men and women is one ... Hrrumph! .. of physical function ... ... glass of water, please!Crew: Only got nettle tea mike, cold in the pot.Mike: Yes! Yes!Brother: Neigh. Neigh. There you are, sir?Mike: [Drinks, grimaces, hands back cup, inspects script, sees encouragement in brief glance and continues (begins), highfalutin:] .. one begets, the other bears children. Apart from... [turns page].. ..that, they both can and should perform the same functions (though men will, on the whole, perform them [looks up, smiles][in unison]Mike: better ) (!), Vroom, E.F., Hanna: Edit!Mike: and should receive the same education to enable them to do so; for in this way society will get the best value from both. [Beams]. Though Plato’s ideas would have seemed irevolutionary to the ordinary Greek, the status of women had been a topic of discussion before he wrote, and ideas similar to those he had put forward were in the air.
  9. 9. 9 [Mick freezes, beaming, but the camera crew pack up, ignoring him, and leave Hanna, Vroom, Benz, E.F. and then Brother follow, so that Mick is surprised to find himself alone and hurries off.]Scene 10 [Brother returns, tidies cups and tends fire and pot where others have departed. Gently intones: ‘Eirene’ poem:-] “the stump of a cross, and the toilet door falls off. The axe wield water leakage, of rape’s own desolation. Total planet, power compressed; in vid-eo footage. Living with the bomb. Not in the flight of fancy, but in the deed, there is freedom. Yet goodnight mister rutherford, living for the boom. Sonic youth? [Sings] bread not bombs! Vision on. Take heart, and arthurs league; for Christ, not fight, but onward christians’ C.N.D. !Scene 11 [Enter ‘Bit-Part’ from sound of motorcycle arriving. A friendly visitor, singing ‘Thin Lizzy’s Fools Gold. ‘Camped’ (faked) imperiousness.]Bit Part: Hello there; how the divell are you?
  10. 10. 10Brother: Alright, half left. WHO you? Tea:Bit Part: Thankyou no. Aren’t you cold?Brother: Yes. You get used to it.Bit Part: Just a visitor. C.N.D. Saw something on telly.Brother: [hopes] Christian?Bit Part: No. Well yes. But the regular section. I saw an amazing programmed on indigenous tribespeople ...?!Brother: Ah, yes. Survival International. Have you seen my dog?...Bit Part: No, no Tea. No .... ‘Human’-flesh..! Sacred stones,.. all that ....?Brother: Well, I don’t know. He eats mice which Vroom’s cat catches... There was once .. on the menu .. a bit of plaster-of-paris ....Bit Part: Ah! : Indigenous! [Both stop and look up whilst two American reconaissance ‘planes go over.]Brother: Dad’s not been posted to Benbecula yet then?Bit Part: On the menu?Brother: Nah; the toilet door fell off!Bit Part: Benbarra then. I don’t know the greek. Sorry.Brother: For steppin on their toes? My kidneys hurt from before. In h’ealth care .... see ya! [Jumps on bike and disappears]Bit Part: Better stay ‘ear then. Sic! [Shouts after] I’ll take over. .... our struggle is against this kind of opression, the kind that dreamed the nuclear nightmare into being and maintains its hold over us with the threat of nuclear holocaust. [Picks up a paper from under the tarp.; Brother’s; and reads. Honest, unlike Mick]:
  11. 11. 11 Stalac-teptic Fire-blaze the metal , of weapon-tool, but ‘ware it cuts the cutter; As pranking fools cavort, the carbon splutter, melding sheen, in imp-ternal conflict, of durst eat butter. The pranking stool. The armageddon getter. Lay in, lay up, in fertile store, of re-take process; Get-beget:- the getter. Franking-pool, incensuous, the fume-shred mutter; reservoir, air-bubble putter ... [Exits]Bit-Part: [patting Mohanes, the petrol Sunblest van] Ha! They’d have trouble moving this on with red diesel!! [Then, troubled and affected, touches his head as a dream unfolds before him... The dream, a situation of UN peacekeeping soldiers in Beirut; on pill-box duty:] [Two of the Rainbow Warriors can borrow Mike’s forage cap and flak jacket].Scene 12 [Nick - Londoner. Friendly, normally outward going and cheerful. Though not recognised as intelligent, is of serious purpose in sport, love, life, etc. New to the job; slightly strained.
  12. 12. 12 Bob - American of slightly sardonic but unbowed personality. Determined to make a go of it, whatever the it. Has quickly become experienced.] [Both in combat dress; watch-duty, but at risk. Nick is doing the watching; Bob is seated.]Bob: You afraid?Nick: [deny laugh] Nah .... You?Bob: Ha, me? Big American boy, ... afraid?Nick: Ha, yeh, I got you! Nothin’ to it, eh? ... I’m shitting my load.Bob: Pile ‘em up, brother! ... If they get enough bricks, they’re going to leave a huge-big monument when we leave this place, saying: We shit on them, the bastards!Nick: Huh. Yeh. [Pause]. But that’s not what we’re here for ... Is it?Bob: No. You’re right. Keep the peace and move ‘em on. Just like your old time, friendly cop-on-the-street. But the robbers just break the law; they don’t shoot the cops to prove they think the law’s shit! ... Ballbreakin!.... Jesus! [silence]Nick: Would you kill a man. They always ask that.Bob: Uha. ...Nick: And we always say the same things ... If they were an enemy ... if they were armed ... when there’s a war on ...but it’s still yes.Bob: You want to watch who you’re talking toNick: I’d do it. I’m not saying I won’t. I don’t know why we do it.Bob: Who gives a fuck anyway?Nick: You haven’t killed a man. None of us have. We’ve all heard about it, seen it on the t.v. ... but ‘death’! For Christ sake ... !!?Bob: That could be you on C.N.N. - a brave warrior, dying for the cause ...Nick: Thanks a lot, soldier. It’s the heroes out there we want to watch out for, driving up with their bloody car bombs!
  13. 13. 13Bob: Easy, brother ... not long and we’ll be tucked up in the canteen, with cable select and some of, that bromide your boys serve up. Take it easy.Nick: Yeh.Scene 13Brother: [as scene packs aways and leaves. Settles in for a night by the fire.]Bit-Part: Oh, you’re back! Oh well then: Awake! For Morning in the Bowl of Night Has flung the stone that puts the stars to Flight: And Lo! The Hunter of the East has caught The Sultan’s Turret in a Noose of Light.Brother: Dreaming when Dawn’s Left Hand was in the Sky I heard a voice within the Tavern cry, Awake my little ones, and fill the cup Before Life’s Liquor in its Cup be dry.Bit-Part: Can of LynxBrother: Thanks. This matters.Bit-Part: I kept your van warm. There’s a convoy due; they might be bringing in Cruise. Gotta go. Keep a lid on it. [ Leaves; sound of motorcycle fading.]Brother: [ Moving after the manner of the MOD Plods, rucsac and contents to caravan.] The lynx-matter, in the hew-blown trunk; usurpation of scale; frail infra-agility. If a hand clasps, in a virgin forest, nothing living; no one there: We each invisible; lost, from each other; disappeared,... in mass-ive ... Subject to sole; for solution dissipaton,.. of confusion?
  14. 14. 14 Bobcat: stands; a strand, collision-equation, with the fertile fund; the force. And incident-intrusion; transient immanescence. Brushing brush.. Backing reason; backing-off, from bristle ...! Stomach churning ‘butt, of butchers’ pendant blood and gristle ... bone crunching, landing blow, the sicken pit of guilt-complicit, moral overload of infant panic-realisation ... Chilled; .. to the bone. Like some lab-shaved medical hostage, Curled, tight and tense, in plastic, heat-reflective sheet: Artic’ antarctica: thunder past; police-car check-up style. ... ... Sublimates incisions, of ethic feint; of nail-curl, self- effacement, lion-purge; .. of shaman vision ... .. follow the curve.. to stick-burn, fire-stick, consumptive apologia, ... as woods breed apologia .. and space between the creatures overloads .. between a thinking step, a stole. Divisions diminish,. .. the further begins to run, and reason, itself confutes, to set off in the furrow, dying with each step it takes from vital source .. There is none. Only: cell. .. and come-back reason. “Wild” Resource. Subject to limit, of need to feel it, traction of pull, on mortal fibres. .. Instead, with grey-grinding, moon-cut blindness: .. : a pole-tied caterwauling, of us all.Scene 14 [As brother finishes by entering caravan with sleeping bag, cars and motorbike are heard and Vroom, Hanna, E.F. and Benz, accompanied by Bit-Part, congregate in an excited state and lie on the ‘road’ while half-naked MOD plods cavort to arrest and remove them. Brother does not emerge but ambient music suggests his sleep.]
  15. 15. 15Scene 15Two MOD plods separate, and enter to remove ‘Brother’ from caravan. Theytie him up by the campfire, then dress in ‘mufti’ from Brother’s possessions.They have gone ‘rogue’ and proceed to get rapidly drunk.Brother: And there sit down and stay the frown For those who stay the hour.MOD PC1: Put a sock in itMOD PC2: [Does so] Fuckin ‘ippy. Stink!MOD PC1: I Dunno. What brings ‘em out here? Not like they know what to do with themselves.MOD PC2: This one serves tea and tries to win the sympathy vote. Look at it: Piss!MOD PC1: Fuckin ‘ippy. Stinkin’ around our airbase like you know what you’re doin’! Years of peace, scumbag, that’s what we count for!MOD PC2: Peace like trouncin’ the Argies. That’s what we want ... ‘Ere ‘ippy, want your nuts roastin? Tell us when you last took a bath?MOD PC1: [Laughs.] Ah, what’s the point. [Releases Brother] Go on, piss off! Don’t want here no dago gypsy ijuts. Don’t think I pray for peacetime so’s you can stink up some strategically vital piece of military hardwear. Aven’t you got a ‘ome to go to? .. Bleedin’ middle classes ..Brother: [Comes forward] And so another day dawns on planet hope; the dream to win our victory over the militarists; to declare a hug for peace over the entire world. [Hugs MOD policemen] What do you think to that, comrades?MOD PC2: Poofta. [Enter European Female]
  16. 16. 16Scene 16E.F.: [Dances sylph-like amidst the chaos.] The sea had jeeringly kept his finite body up, but drowned the infinite soul. Not drowned entirely, though. Rather carried down alive to wondrous depths, where strange shapes of the unwarped primal world glided to and fro before his passive eyes; and the miser-merman, Wisdom revealed his hoarded heaps, and among the joyous, heartless, ever-juvenile eternities, Pip saw the multitudinous, God-omnipresent, coral insects, that out of the firmament of waters heaved the colossal orbs. He saw God’s foot upon the treadle of the loom, and spoke it; and therefore his shipmates called him mad. So man’s insanity is heaven’s sense; and wandering from all mortal reason, man comes at last to the celestial thought, which, to reason, is absurd and frantic; and weal and woe, feels then uncompromised, indifferent as his God.Brother: And I’m Pip, the star-chaser who got lost in the firmament. The glaze in the eyes of ordinary people. Too far on the trail of identity; too gone on the power of these fences ... Only the women can handle it, full time, withall the knowledge of that first bite of the fruit. Power to the Vroom, Earth Mother!E.F.: Way to go bruv. [Shouldering a bag, she blithely departs the scene.]Scene 17 [Brother transfigures himself, cruciform, against the fence, then hangs his head. Spotlights come on the gate, the rest in darkness. In shuffles Mick, in mask, but got up in priest’s clothes. With him is Vroom, holding a loaf and a winebox. They proceed (with Brother) to celebrate a mass. Mick produces a chalice from his pocket.]Mick: The Lord be with you.
  17. 17. 17Vroom + Brother: And also with you.Mick: Into your hands we commend ourselves, O Lord, And confess our sins ... Work of Human Hands And fruit of the soil ...Vroom + Brother: Becomes for us the body and blood.All: Amen. [The ‘consecrated’ chalice being drunk, and the morsel of bread shared, Vroom fills the chalice and takes a hearty swig, then passes it to Brother. Mick drops to his knees and starts sobbing and wailing:]Vroom: The good thing about the Method is the piss-up after.Brother: Do you feel the magnitude of God?Vroom: Nah, I feel the first glow of a chilblain. Come on Mick, there’s Baa-leycup in Dove. [Leads him away, still sobbing, leaving Brother to try the transfiguration at fence, chalice still untouched in his hands. He tries the fence a number of times. In wanders, unnoticed by Brother, a Jesus Army disciple in combat gear but emblazoned with Jesus badges. One of the Rainbow Warriors will serve.]Jesuit: Pagan tonic.Brother: Pardon?Jesuit: Pagan tonic!Brother: Wine.Jesuit: We don’t celebrate the eucharist. Or Christmas.Brother: Better ‘ave some, then! [Hands wine]Jesuit: Cheers! [Quaffs] So, you desperate? On the road? Want to join us?Brother: I suppose I’m a sinner. But I’m vegan ...Jesuit: Join the Jesus Army, brother. Come with us and save yourself.
  18. 18. 18Brother: Maybe later. [There is the sound of an explosion, glass breaking, debris falling.]Brother: [Looking round in mild surprise. As the next scene unfolds, he turns to the Jesuit .... ] ‘Ere, cop this ... !Scene 18 [Bob and Nick, in combat outfit, starting to sweep the stage after a bomb attack. The strain of their position as peace-keepers, targets in somebody else’s war is building up.]Nick: What a bloody mess.Bob: This?Nick: All of it. The whole thing .. Bang! A big bloody mess.Bob: Count yourself lucky soldier; you could have been on burial detail. [A sobering thought. They stop and look at each other.]Nick: Did you see them? They’re ripped to pieces for fucksake! [Both feel the weight of the horror.]Bob: [Shakes it off] Come on, come on. Let’s do it. [Starts sweeping] Let’s get the fucking glass cleaned up so the generals and colonels can come and fucking inspect us. [Mick hasn’t moved]Bob: Come on, get on with it, for Christ’s sake! [Wait for Mick to start, then back to the sweeping.] [Bob sweeps, then sweeps frantically, then chuck the broom away and sits for a smoke]Bob: Ah, what’s the point. [Mick considers joining him, but chooses to carry on sweeping]Nick: Still afraid?
  19. 19. 19Bob: You can be sure I don’t want to end up like those out there! I could’ve been spread around, be waiting for some guy to pick me up in bits to drop in plastic bags!Nick: I didn’t think of it like that ... they were dead blokes. People. But they didn’t have anything to do with me. Just people. Dead. Blown to pieces, probably by one of our bombs. Why?Bob: I gave up that question long ago ... it happens ... who in the hell knows why?Nick: It could happen to me. Then I wouldn’t be sweeping up afterwards. [Silence. Each with his own thoughts.]Nick: But arms and legs! .... I feel sick [He means horrified.]Bob: [Up, move about.] Yeh? Well you go ahead, pal; we can sweep it up with the rest of this puke. Put it in a plastic bag and bury it ... I’ve got to get out of this place. Give me some reality. At least there you read it in the papers. You don’t live in the shit heap. I can handle my daily dose on the six oclock new show. You don’t have to be part of it.Nick: I thought that was the point?Bob: What?Nick: That they are out of it all.Bob: What are you talking about? I’m talking about living in a barbed wire cage! We’ve got the frigging ‘enemy’ running around out there, and we’re here thinking we’re safe; so they say “Boom! There you go boys.” Some fucking safety!Nick: [Pause] That’s not easy to live with ... But what did we expect? ... I mean what do you expect when you’re the one that’s paid to use a gun?... Why not, when we’re taught to chuck the bombs that blow people apart, tear them up so they have to get dropped into plastic bags? Hmm? I mean what do we expect? [The aggression in brushing.]Bob: Hey cool it ...Nick: Huh? [Realises, and then tries to restore control, concentrating on brushing] [Pause]
  20. 20. 20Bob: I don’t expect anything. But I don’t expect to get my head blown off; that’s for sure.Nick: No. No. You dont expect to get your head blown off ... Not when you’re working for the queen ...Bob: The government.Nick: The queen, the government, the regimental tradition ... “Defence of the Realm” ... wonder who dreamed that one up, hey? ... No, when you get your head blown off, it’s for the good of the people. We go out and stand around as targets, so that they can carry on as normal. Shock, horror, terrorist attack! But we go out and wonder where the next bullet’s coming from! Fucking peace-keeping role! [Joke] [Calmer, colder.] I don’t know why I joined this army. I don’t want to work for their conscience.Bob: Now we’ve been through that one - reasons for joining. [Ironic smiles.]Nick: Yeh, but it’s not the same anymore, Bob, is it?Scene 19[Bit-Part enters, as Nick and Bob shoulder their brooms and walk off. Brotherand Jesuit have remained, watching, as the previous scene took place. NowBit-Part talks to them ...]Bit-Part: You know I swear I’m seeing soldiers round here! Maybe what you say about these fences is true, eh Bruv?Brother: Before I leave here it’ll be raining acid rain from the other side of that fence! You can’t recreate Eden, you know, just by building it ...!
  21. 21. 21Bit-Part: If they were building Eden in there mate, we’d be doing the building ... Who’s this?Brother: I’ve recruited him ... The seventh Aspidistran Foot. We’re taking on Mick and the camera crew for a non-confrontational competition-free toilet trench game.Jesuit: I really should be getting back. Sure I can’t interest you in our house meeting tonight - lots of song and prayer? ... I could arrange for a bath ... ?!Brother: Look, just say you’ll come back for the game? Everyone’s coming!Jesuit: OK then. Jesus loves you. See ya! [Departs.] ... [Pause]Brother: Isn’t that the name of a band?Bit-Part What? Jesus loves you?Brother: Sure! ... I’m off to see the shit-pit; see where we can dig. [Exits.]E.F.: [Enters, and clocks Bit-Part ...] So you got out! ... What did they do to you; the bloody bastards ..? How’s Hanna? Vroom?Bit-Part: It’s OK, we’re not being detained. They just wanted to look up my arse for drugs or something, and said I was clean, so I could go! Whatever that meant!!E.F.: Pin a charge on ‘em. Sexual assault. No, I’ve got a better idea. Let’s charge the gates. We can get in there, cause havoc and beat ‘em at their own game ... How long before they’ve processed everyone?Bit-Part: Three hours. Maybe more. Don’t know if we’ll get in before the rest of the convoy ... That was just the command vehicle.E.F. : Bread not Bombs, boy! Let’s do it!! [Both exit]Scene 20
  22. 22. 22 [Begins with Jesuit hoeing the peace garden, while the two Rogue MOD plods help Brother in tidying up the initial chaos from the caravan. They are stacking, cooking and washing implements by Dove (the caravan’s) door. In comes the sufi travel wagon, with the two U.N. soldiers now in eastern robes; one pulling, one walking alongside playing the flute ...]Bob: Lay bounty. Here is some fellow journey. Seek within.Nick: The sun is full of warmth; give thanks through bounty! [Enters wagon, to emerge with fruits (melon, kiwi, mangoes) on a palm platter]Bob + Nick: Hail journeyers! Might we join?Nick: We have some trifling refreshments, if you would care?Brother: We’re not actually going anywhere - we’re trying to reclaim the land from the economics of nuclear oppression.Bob: It is all a journey, little brother, and the standing still is still on a spinning earth, in an expanding cosmos. But while we’re here, would you care to share some good food, that some sisters and brothers gave to us in some other place; though whether before or after now is your decision. The time will come again. Or soon, will be for the first time.Nick: Only journey. Our caravan is small, but is long in travel, and short because we are weak. What say you?Brother: Here, chaps, these guys want to share some fruit with us. Come and have some. I think they’re foreign. [Jesuit and two MOD plods gather to share the fruit. There is not much talking, but a lot of meaningful communication of satisfaction, in the meal and the sharing ....] [As they freeze in rictus dance, the following scene unfolds.]Scene 21 [Bit-Part, Hanna, Vroom and Benz come on, with European Female, equipped with straps, hooks and blankets to get them
  23. 23. 23 over the fence. They proceed to assault the base (non- violently) while one by one, the two Sufi/UN, Brother and the Jesuit move to stand at the base of the fence that has just been climbed, and as they arrive there, start to sing in a round:]Chorus: ‘It doesn’t matter, if you should jail us; ‘cause we are free, and kept alive by hope (repeat) Our struggle’s hard, but victory will; Return our lands, to our hands. (Repeat) [Beyond the gate, there are shouts from other MOD plods, a searchlight can be seen playing wildly, and the sound of alsatian guard dogs barking. Then an alert siren begins to wail, the chorus stop singing, the light goes off. The victorious saboteurs are heard singing, as they return under guard to the MOD hut:]2nd Chorus: And everyone, ‘neath their vine and fig tree. Shall live in peace, and unafraid. (Repeat) And into ploughshares, turn our swords, Nations shall learn war no more. (Repeat) [As this round continues, the final image is one of Brother, once more transfiguring himself against the fence, so to speak; while the Jesuit hides his face from such self-glorification; and the Sufis/UN shoulder their loads and head on, the pipe playing the same refrain, as all parties decree the separateness of their ways.] End of script. KTJ ‘97
  24. 24. 24