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How to drive revenue from social media marketing


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Social media marketing driving business revenue, a webcast featuring an example from Club Carlson, the loyalty program for Radisson, Park Inn, Country Inn and Suites and Park Plaza

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How to drive revenue from social media marketing

  1. 1. The Evolution of Facebook MarketingWe’ll begin shortly…
  2. 2. #SocialRevJim TobinFounder, PresidentIgnite Social Media@jtobinJoshua GundersonManager, Campaigns andCommunicationsCarlson Rezidor Hotel GroupPresentersAnita RootDirector, MemberCommunication and EngagementClub Carlson - Americas
  3. 3. #SocialRevAgenda• Overview• Channel Strategies• Promotions• Learnings
  4. 4. #SocialRevCarlson Rezidor Hotel Group
  5. 5. #SocialRevClub Carlson
  6. 6. #SocialRev5 Priorities for Social Media1. Create Brand Awareness2. Evolve Brand Perception3. Engage Customers Directly4. Foster Loyalty5. Generate Revenue
  7. 7. Create BrandAwarenessPRIORITIES STRATEGIES KPIsEvolve BrandPerceptionEngage CustomersDirectlyFoster LoyaltyDrive RevenueDriveEngagement viaSocial Campaignsand PromotionsBring Brand toLife withEngaging Contentfor Target MarketLeverage SocialChannels andIndustryInfluencersRevenueAverage PostEngagement RateAverage PostViralityTotal OrganicImpressionsTotal Fans
  8. 8. #SocialRevRevenue Growth
  9. 9. #SocialRevRevenue GrowthCarlson exceeded 2013 Social MediaRevenue Projections in Q1
  10. 10. Channel Strategies
  11. 11. #SocialRevDriving Engagement on Facebook
  12. 12. #SocialRevProperty Photos are moreSuccessful
  13. 13. #SocialRevFacebook Engagement Rates
  14. 14. #SocialRevEngagement and Contenton Twitter
  15. 15. #SocialRev“Retweet If…”INCENTIVIZEENGAGEHUMANIZE
  16. 16. #SocialRevTwitter Engagement Rates
  17. 17. Promotions
  18. 18. Triple Points Promotion
  19. 19. #SocialRevI’m A Fan
  20. 20. #SocialRevResults: Facebook Fan Growth
  21. 21. Key Learnings & Insights
  22. 22. #SocialRevCross-Pollination Drives RevenueCustomerDatabaseEmail MarketingOther CarlsonSocial PropertiesClub CarlsonSocial
  23. 23. #SocialRevMeasurement Requires Discipline
  24. 24. #SocialRevA Hybrid Content MixWorks For UsENGAGEMENTTYPECONTENTTOPIC• Like/Retweet This• Fill-in-the-blank• Question• Announcement• Trivia• Hotel Spotlight• Deals• Packages• Loyalty Spotlight• Destination Spotlight
  25. 25. #SocialRevEngagement or Revenue?
  26. 26. #SocialRevCommunity Growth = Revenue Growth
  27. 27. Questions?#SocialRev
  28. 28. Thank you.Want to learn how to measure your Social ROI?Download:Six Ways to Measure Social