How to drive revenue from social media marketing


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Social media marketing driving business revenue, a webcast featuring an example from Club Carlson, the loyalty program for Radisson, Park Inn, Country Inn and Suites and Park Plaza

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  • Jim: Tell us about Club Carlson and how you fit into the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group?Carlson: Answer.Jim: And being a part of this larger group provides a distinct advantage for Club Carlson and your social media marketing efforts…Carlson: talk about how the other brands impact reach of social media marketing efforts
  • Jim:Jim to Anita: Anita, tell us about your roleJim to Josh: And your role Josh?
  • Talk about how each Carlson brand has it’s own objectives. How this fits into Carlson Rezidor’s overall social media marketing prioritiesClub Carlson is an umbrella to drive
  • revenue from Promoted Posts accounted for 29% of all revenue generated on Facebook.Posts with revenue driving links launched on the same day as a Promoted Post also assisted in generating revenue .Promoted posts play and will continue to play an important role in generating online revenue for Club Carlson.We’ve done “X” promoted posts
  • Percentage of online bookings vs tradition. (with out disclosing specifics). Could it be true that FB is contributing as a larger driver of bookingsNow that online booking is the norm – what’s next? Social media.
  • What Carlson is doing is working – let’s talk to you about why and how
  • Here’s how we think about Revenue in terms of facebookWhat’s working? What hasn’t worked? Why? How has your strategy evolved?
  • What types of content are you posting on the Club Carlson Facebook Page? How does this support your goals?Organic vs. Promoted Posts How do you measure success?
  • As a measure of content effectiveness, we look at virality and engagement rates to indicate the level of fan involvement in content published on Facebook.On average Promoted Posts had an 800% increase in reach over the quarterly average.Revenue from Promoted Posts accounted for 29% of all revenue generated on Facebook.Club Carlson fans are more engaged than ever before. From Q4 2012, Club Carlson’s Facebook page had a 38% rise in average daily reach and 116% in social actions.
  • What’s working? What hasn’t worked? Why? How has your strategy evolved?
  • What types of tweets are most successful
  • Increased tweeting cadence and follower engagement in Q1 2013 contributed to a 234% rise in impressions over Q4.
  • Promotions work because of your content mix – not just asking people to book, book, book…
  • “I’m a Fan” and Triple Points Returns drove 15% more net new fans than all of 2012 combined.Based on Q1 engagement and virality rates , which stayed consistent with the huge spike in fans, shows that “I’m A Fan” drove quality fans that have and will continue to interact with the Club Carlson page.Highest fan growth occurred during programs. It is important to have a consistent cadence of programs and promotions moving forward in order to keeps fans engaged and grow the overall fan base.
  • Talk about Fan Growth. Jim: What caused this spike in Fan Growth?Answer:Two of our programs which we’ll delve into more deeply in a little bit drove 15% more net new fans than all of 2012 combined.Fan growth delivered qualified, targeted fans to Club Carlson.Josh and Anita: talk about fan growth and how it impacts reach – more fans may mean reach isn’t as high initially – this is why you want quality fans: you don’t just want the numbers to increase and engagement to decrease.
  • There are “traditional” promotions and in order to make those work we have to leverage our other channels and assets
  • Moving forward, we will create “Hybrid” categories, using a combination of engagement types (left column) and content topics (right column) in each and every post.Posts will include engagement techniques to create conversation and links based on the content topics to generate revenue and lead users to Carlson Rezidor websites. The Engagement category had the highest engagement & virality numbers, but the Promotions category generated the most revenue.
  • You surpassed a lot of expectations – Do you have any pressures from higher-ups to drive revenue? Do they understand that content mix and other elements play into this? Customer service elements. the more fans and the more engaged fans we are seeing a huge pay-off with revenue dividends
  • Hard to set a goal for since this is new and always changing
  • How to drive revenue from social media marketing

    1. 1. The Evolution of Facebook MarketingWe’ll begin shortly…
    2. 2. #SocialRevJim TobinFounder, PresidentIgnite Social Media@jtobinJoshua GundersonManager, Campaigns andCommunicationsCarlson Rezidor Hotel GroupPresentersAnita RootDirector, MemberCommunication and EngagementClub Carlson - Americas
    3. 3. #SocialRevAgenda• Overview• Channel Strategies• Promotions• Learnings
    4. 4. #SocialRevCarlson Rezidor Hotel Group
    5. 5. #SocialRevClub Carlson
    6. 6. #SocialRev5 Priorities for Social Media1. Create Brand Awareness2. Evolve Brand Perception3. Engage Customers Directly4. Foster Loyalty5. Generate Revenue
    7. 7. Create BrandAwarenessPRIORITIES STRATEGIES KPIsEvolve BrandPerceptionEngage CustomersDirectlyFoster LoyaltyDrive RevenueDriveEngagement viaSocial Campaignsand PromotionsBring Brand toLife withEngaging Contentfor Target MarketLeverage SocialChannels andIndustryInfluencersRevenueAverage PostEngagement RateAverage PostViralityTotal OrganicImpressionsTotal Fans
    8. 8. #SocialRevRevenue Growth
    9. 9. #SocialRevRevenue GrowthCarlson exceeded 2013 Social MediaRevenue Projections in Q1
    10. 10. Channel Strategies
    11. 11. #SocialRevDriving Engagement on Facebook
    12. 12. #SocialRevProperty Photos are moreSuccessful
    13. 13. #SocialRevFacebook Engagement Rates
    14. 14. #SocialRevEngagement and Contenton Twitter
    15. 15. #SocialRev“Retweet If…”INCENTIVIZEENGAGEHUMANIZE
    16. 16. #SocialRevTwitter Engagement Rates
    17. 17. Promotions
    18. 18. Triple Points Promotion
    19. 19. #SocialRevI’m A Fan
    20. 20. #SocialRevResults: Facebook Fan Growth
    21. 21. Key Learnings & Insights
    22. 22. #SocialRevCross-Pollination Drives RevenueCustomerDatabaseEmail MarketingOther CarlsonSocial PropertiesClub CarlsonSocial
    23. 23. #SocialRevMeasurement Requires Discipline
    24. 24. #SocialRevA Hybrid Content MixWorks For UsENGAGEMENTTYPECONTENTTOPIC• Like/Retweet This• Fill-in-the-blank• Question• Announcement• Trivia• Hotel Spotlight• Deals• Packages• Loyalty Spotlight• Destination Spotlight
    25. 25. #SocialRevEngagement or Revenue?
    26. 26. #SocialRevCommunity Growth = Revenue Growth
    27. 27. Questions?#SocialRev
    28. 28. Thank you.Want to learn how to measure your Social ROI?Download:Six Ways to Measure Social