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No BS Social Media Revisited - Jason Falls and Jim Tobin


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Webinar with Jim Tobin and Jason Falls (6/25/13) discussing what is and what is not BS in social media today, including an update on CafePress and their social media marketing.

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No BS Social Media Revisited - Jason Falls and Jim Tobin

  1. 1. No Bullshit Social Media RevisitedWe’ll begin shortly…
  2. 2. #nobssocialJim TobinFounder, PresidentIgnite Social Media@jtobinJason FallsFounder, Social Media ExplorerVP, Digital Strategy,’s presenting?
  3. 3. #nobssocialDetails• Jim & Jason will lead Q&A at the end of the call.• Tag your tweets with #nobssocial.• We’re recording the show.• We’ll send an email follow up with the deck andrecording.
  4. 4. Agenda:1. Old BS2. No BS @ CafePress3. New BS4. Q&A
  5. 5. Old BS
  6. 6. The InspirationBehind Today’sTalk
  7. 7. You’ve got to be human.You’ve got to engage.You must join the conversation.
  8. 8. #nobssocial7 Social Media Business Drivers• Enhance Branding & Awareness• Protect Your Reputation• Enhance Public Relations• Build Community• Enhance Customer Service• Facilitate Research & Development• Drive Sales & Leads
  9. 9. No BS @ CafePress
  10. 10. Generate Brand Conversations
  11. 11. Create Value For Your Community
  12. 12. Coming Soon: Create & List
  13. 13. New BS
  14. 14. #nobssocialFacebook’s Next Ad Delivery Mechanism?Tweet your thoughts, experience, etc. Tag your tweet with #nobssocial.
  15. 15. #nobssocialSpeaking of Ads on Facebook…Image:
  16. 16. #nobssocialWill Lo-fi Social Video Eat the World?
  17. 17. #nobssocialDoes Path Have A Path Forward?
  18. 18. #nobssocialMySpace Renaissance or Just Hipsters Dancing?
  19. 19. #nobssocialGoogle : YouTube :: Yahoo : Tumblr?
  20. 20. #nobssocialCould Foursquare Really Die?
  21. 21. #nobssocialReddit: Gold Mine? Death Trap?
  22. 22. #nobssocialThis Webcast: BS? Not BS?• Did we miss anything?• Tag your tweets, questions with #nobssocial.• Thank you for attending!