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Influencer Marketing with Jim Tobin and Jason Keath


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Webcast: Nobody's an Influencer, Everyone's an Influencer. Ignite Social Media, blogger outreach, influencer marketing

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Influencer Marketing with Jim Tobin and Jason Keath

  1. 1. Understanding and Applying Influencer Marketing Methods We’ll begin shortly…
  2. 2. Who’s presenting? Jim Tobin Jason Keath Founder, President Founder, President Ignite Social Media Social Fresh @jtobin @JasonKeath #igniteim
  3. 3. Social Fresh East – April 18/19
  4. 4. Details• Jim & Jason will lead Q&A at the end of the call.• Tag your tweets with #igniteim.• We’ll send an email follow up with the deck, recording, and whitepaper. #igniteim
  5. 5. Unless it is 1983 and you’reNike, your influencer marketingstrategy probably needs some work.
  6. 6. We’ll share 5influencer marketingmodels, but first aprimer…
  7. 7. People Content Influencer Marketing
  8. 8. Influencer Marketing ExamplesNC BBQ Fanatics Kickstarter supporters Apple fanboys
  9. 9. Influence: the ability to drive action in another person Celebrities Bieber More Reach Publishers Fans Blogger Vendor More Friends CustomerInfluence Coworker Significant Other Mom
  10. 10. Influencers_________ CelebritiesInfluencer Publishers Sweet Fans Blogger Spot Vendor_________ Friends Customer
  11. 11. Influencers_________Influencer Influencers Sweet Advocates Blogger Spot Vendor_________ Customer
  12. 12. You Need to Know Why People Share Message Involvement ~21% Product Involvement 33% Other Involvement ~21% Self- Involvement 24% Ernest Dichter 1907-1991
  13. 13. Three EffectiveInfluencerStrategies
  14. 14. 1.) The Home Run
  15. 15. “If only we could getfeatured by _________.”Fill in the blank with the most popular site,blogger, or influencer in your business. That’sthe home run.
  16. 16. Samsung Picture Yourself #igniteim
  17. 17. 1.) The Home RunHome runs sites want: • To break the story. • To have exclusive access. • To provide 100% relevant content. • To get lots of traffic to sell more ads. #igniteim
  18. 18. A Note About Celebrities… #igniteim
  19. 19. 2.) Niche Bloggers
  20. 20. Bloggers want four things:Content, Credibility, Back links, & Traffic …and (increasingly) money. OK – so bloggers want 5 things.
  21. 21. Radisson 50/50/50 Campaign #igniteim
  22. 22. Radisson 50/50/50 Campaign 10k new fans1.4M impressions #igniteim
  23. 23. 2.) Niche Bloggers• Approach each target with a well-packaged, personalized pitch.• The best campaigns create a win-win for the blogger and the brand.• Don’t shortcut by sending press releases or spray-and-pray emails #igniteim
  24. 24. 3.) A ThousandBites At the Apple
  25. 25. Tobin’s Law:The size of the brand’s network isalways smaller than the size of itsnetwork’s network
  26. 26. The Social Amplification ModelYourBrand #igniteim
  27. 27. Jeep Arctic Yeti Dig #igniteim
  28. 28. Jeep Arctic Yeti Dig #igniteim
  29. 29. Jeep Arctic Yeti Dig 25k shares 215k entries 120k new fans #igniteim
  30. 30. 3.) A Thousand Bites at the Apple• Only 16% of fans see Facebook page posts.• Activating friends of fans is the fastest and surest way to drive revenue through social.• Build successful campaigns with shareable content and incentives to share. #igniteim
  31. 31. Two Not-So- Effective Influencer Strategies
  32. 32. 4.) BuyingTransactional Content
  33. 33. 4.) Buying Transactional Content
  34. 34. 4.) Buying Transactional Content• Transactional content doesn’t have credibility, generates no traffic, and ranks poorly.• FTC requires disclosure for purchased content…which defeats the purpose. #igniteim
  35. 35. 5.) Mailing the List
  36. 36. 5.) Mailing the List
  37. 37. 5.) Mailing the List• It is tempting to build or buy a PR list and blast a press release…but it doesn’t work.• This approach is terrible because you’re sending spam and the content isn’t targeted.• Instead, build the list and approach each person with an individual appeal. #igniteim
  38. 38. In Summary
  39. 39. Everybody’s an Influencer Customer VendorBlogger Bieber Mom Coworker Significant Other #igniteim
  40. 40. Three Effective Strategies1. The Home Run2. Second-Tier Bloggers3. A Thousand Bites at the Apple #igniteim
  41. 41. Thanks for attending! Tweet your questions @ignitesma Thank you for attending!We’ll email youquestions @ignitesma. Tweet your the slides, the whitepaper, and the presentation recording.