Review of evan sharboneau book trick photography and special effects


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"Trick Photography and Special Effects" is a photography ebook written by Evan Sharboneau. This ebook teaches you how to create visually stunning trick photography images as well as how to use photoshop to add special effects to them.

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Review of evan sharboneau book trick photography and special effects

  1. 1. Review of Evan Sharboneaus book"Trick Photography and Special Effects" Written by Jim T May ( is a review of Evan Sharboneau’s 2nd edition book “Trick Photography and Special Effects”posted in You can check out his book here.What is it?"Trick Photography and Special Effects" is a photography ebook written by Evan Sharboneau.This ebook teaches you how to create visually stunning trick photography images as well ashow to use photoshop to add special effects to them.Who is it for?If youve seen any examples of trick photography and cool special effects photos uploaded byother people on flickr or other websites before, you might be wondering just how is it done.This book covers all the secret techniques and tricks that are used by industry professionalsearning a killer living creating these images.Evan Sharboneau has written this ebook for the beginners and intermediates to digitalphotography. Whether you take photos as a hobby or to make a living, the tips and tricksrevealed in this book will definitely help you become a better photographer. The language usedin the ebook is simple to understand and holds your hand to guide you through everything fromsetting up your camera and equipment, all the way to post-processing the final result.
  2. 2. Also, this ebook makes an excellent gift for anyone who has an interest in photography. Thisbook will definitely inspire them with new photographic ideas and projects.What is good about it?There are no other books (online or of the paper variety) that Ive come across that covers somany tricks, special effects, and ideas packed into one ebook. If youve seen any examples oftrick photography on the Internet, chances are it is covered here. These are just some of themajor tricks youll learn how to do properly:1. Light paintings2. Long exposure tricks3. Motion blur4. Star trails5. Solargraphy6. Forced perspective7. Droste effect8. Custom-shaped bokeh9. Orton effect10. High dynamic range (HDR) photography11. Infrared photography12. Panoramas13. Levitation14. Invisible man15. Fake tilt-shift (miniature) effect16. And at least 30 more...
  3. 3. Each of the these trick photography and special effects are given clear explanations withpractical ideas for you to try out. And Evan doesnt skimp on the large and clear photo examplesthroughout the ebook. There are hundreds of high resolution and beautiful pictures sprinkledthroughout the book so you can see what you can achieve. You can see more examples of whatthe ebook promises here. You could probably spend weeks and months experimenting with theideas in there.The surprising thing is that the information are very accessible. You dont need to spend moneyon expensive equipment or attend a photography night class to start producing beautifulimages as seen on the ebook cover. Youll rarely need more than a decent camera, tripod, somecheap props, and a laptop with photoshop software to try all the trick photography techniquesand special effects that the ebook teaches you.One very handy thing in the ebook is that Evan provides external links directly in the ebook soyou could click on it to explore more online. The ebook starts with some preliminaries aboutyour camera and equipment and quickly moves on to the first chapter:long exposure effectsand light paintings. This chapter alone is worth the price of admission and covers in extremedetail all the different things you could do to produce jaw-dropping photos with light. The nextchapter teaches you to do illusions and trick photography that are fun and will baffle those whoviews it. You could think of this chapter as your bag of magic photographic tricks to use. Thefinal third of the book covers even more mind-bending special effects that you can achieve insoftware like Adobe Photoshop. The ebook is packed with so many things to try that you will behappily occupied for months.How does it do it?The "Trick Photography and Special Effects" ebook by Evan Sharboneau comes as adownloadable PDF file that you can read on your laptop or iPad. The ebook is very well suitedfor reading on iPad or any tablet computers because of its gorgeous and large photos. Theebook itself is 192 pages long, and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if youre notentirely satisfied. To sweeten the deal, if you buy now youll also receive a bonus kit consistingof 4 mini-ebooks that complements the main ebook very well.
  4. 4. VerdictYou get a lot of value for your money. Each of the technique taught here is worthy of an entirephotography book. Evan removes all the theories and jargon so you can do immediately go outthere and start taking cool photos. This ebook is highly recommended and makes an excellentaddition to any photographers toolbox.Now that youve read the review and have a taste of what the ebook is about, why not head onover to Evans site to check it out!Jim blogs about trick photography and special effects techniques, that people use to create stunningphotographs. You can sign up at his Trick Photography site to receive a free report on the top 10 trickphotography ideas for travel photos. Please feel free to share this document with your family andfriends if you think it’ll interest them, thanks!