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Is College A Reality For You?


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Jim Stigman's latest slideshare presentation on how to financially prepare for college. Can you do it on your own or will you need assistance to financially ensure a college degree for the student in your household?

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Is College A Reality For You?

  1. 1. A Dream Or A Reality? ?
  2. 2. Paying for college is not an easy task… It’s hard enough trying to pay for the car, the insurance, medical bills, the electric bill, the water bill, and especially your mortgage. How are you supposed to pay for college? That could cost you on average another $28,500 per year! That’s almost $3,000 per month! And with multiple kids in college, the bill doesn’t get any smaller.
  3. 3. Times are tough, and for many parents it’s impossible to believe that they can afford for their kids to go to school at all. No one wants to have to tell their child that they can’t go to college and have their dream job. ! So what do you do? !
  4. 4. At College Planning Team, we know how hard and stressful life can get when the time comes to send your kids to college. We help parents pay for their children’s higher education, and guide their child through the process of figuring out what they want to do, where they want to go, and how they can get there. Unlike many other companies, our best interest is in the wellbeing of your family.
  5. 5. Couldn’t you just fend for yourself and figure it out as you go? Sure, your financial situation might be tighter than usual-but you could do it right? You could… but you’d miss out on all of the benefits that our clients gain by going through our program, and so would your child!
  6. 6. So is it worth it? Yes! To learn more visit: and Image Credits:,