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  1. 1. 5/5/08 Representative Maile Shimabukuro 2008 Legislative Session Wrap-Up All of the bills listed here have been passed by both Houses of the Legislature and await Governor's action before becoming law. I have been responsible for several of them, both as introducer and as Chair of the House Committee on Human Services Housing. Certain bills directly benefit District 45, which I have represented for the past six years. HOUSING HB 2500 (Budget) has $3.1 for homeless services ($550,000 for Kahikolu Ohana Hale O Wai'anae, $360,000 for Kalaeloa shelter, $1.85 mil for existing services); $26 mil for Kukui Gardens; $15 mil for Rental Housing Trust Fund; $10 mil for Dwelling Unit Revolving Fund;$1.4 mil for Kaloko Housing on Big Island; $10m for Public Housing R $6.4m for Public Housing elevator repairs