Ttv Ict World Congressfinal1 (Nx Power Lite)


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ICT World Congress - a permanent virtual exhibition for the global ICT community

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Ttv Ict World Congressfinal1 (Nx Power Lite)

  2. 2. 2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  3. 3. – Live from March 2010<br />ICT World Congress is<br />365 day 24-7 conference, exhibition and business networking destination<br />Creating global community in ICT within a...<br />Digital Media Market Place<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  4. 4. The Proposition<br />To deliver the world’s first year roundglobal ICT event and businessnetworking platform<br />Creating an on-line virtual event and virtual stand proposition<br />Presenting conference content from live industry events, bespoke TelecomTV events and TelecomTV programming throughoutthe year<br />Live streaming content (webcast conference presentations, interviews, panel discussions etc.) though the platform to drive traffic<br />Promote the content and virtual exhibition via e-mail to TTV community of over 65,000 – 16.5 million mailers per annum<br />Banner and MPU promotion throughout 2.4 million impressions<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  5. 5. What Does ICT World Congress Comprise?<br />Virtual Exhibition Booths with CMS<br />Video Screen<br />Social Networking<br />Collateral and Rich Media resource rack<br />About us<br />Contact us (Live if required), including Email, IM, SMS, Phone<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  6. 6. Conference Centre<br />Live, or on demand webcasts and webinars<br />Power-point synchronization<br />Ask a question<br />Polling<br />Social networking<br />Speaker biographies<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  7. 7. Driving traffic to ICT World Congress<br />The key to the success of any conference or exhibition is the quality of the content that drives the audience to the venue. ICT World Congress will feature a comprehensive series of liveand on demand programming that will be promoted to the TelecomTV community of over 65,000 ICT executives world-wide.<br />TTV Resolutions – 3 live, interactive,  webcasts debating the big issues of themoment in Europe, USA and Asia-Pacific over a 24 hour time frame. (Bi-Monthly)<br />Main Agenda Interactive – live, interactive roundtable discussion filmed monthly.Scheduled topics for debate include:<br />Who owns the clickstream?<br />The rise of the open telco<br />Telcos and convergence<br />Executive Insights – Live and interactive Q&A session with industry leaders - monthly<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  8. 8. TelecomTV Resolutions - What are the Issues for 2010?<br />Cloud<br />Android<br />AppsStores<br />Sustainability<br />LTE – Mobile Broadband<br />Carrier Collaboration<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  9. 9. Monthly Live Interactive Panel Discussion – (£10,000 per episode)<br />Mobile TV: is it all going to go over the top<br />Will Android allow the IT Industry to Seize the Mobile Value Chain?<br />Cloud: more than just technologies<br />Smartphone: telco  friend or foe? Will it dominate by 2014?<br /> LTE and the ROI problem:  how important will HSPA+ be over the next 3 years<br />Neutrality and positive network economics: are the two mutually exclusive?<br />Green IT: is it time to get aggressive about the ICT contribution<br />Collaboration, syndication and outsourcing - is this the future for ICT?<br />Mobile Applications - the platform experience; the customer experience<br />Mobile silicon: will low-powered devices see a changing of the guard<br />Online Music - Where are the new business models to make it all work?<br />Wifi and femto: what makes sense for network offload?<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  10. 10. (Monthly CXX Q&A - £5,000 per episode)<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  11. 11. Driving Traffic to ICT World Congress<br />Ten weeks of the year will be premium traffic weeks with content delivered live and/or on demand from the industry’s most important trade shows and conferences<br />In all over 4.5 million mailers will be sent in 2010 to the TelecomTV community to promote content that is being delivered from ICT World Congress<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  12. 12. Driving Traffic to ICT World Congress via<br />TelecomTV receives 1.7 million page views p.a. and the on-site promotion includes:<br />Premium Button on home page<br />Buttons Run of Site<br />Exhibitor carousel with direct links on home page<br />MPUs run of site<br />In 2009, TelecomTV served over 897,000 videos. In-video promotion will include ICT World Congress Pre-roll advertising on all TTV videos<br />ICT World Congress will be promoted in all TelecomTV Daily News Mailers – 12 million p.a. + 4.5million programme mailers = 16.5 million EDMs<br />Total campaign value on TelecomTV: £500k +<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  13. 13. How will Visitors find what they are looking for?<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br /><br />Once within the Exhibition Hall, visitor can find the<br />exhibitors and content most relevant to them by using filters and keywords<br />Visitor can filter by Channel or Relevance<br />Visitor can filterby Keyword<br />ICT World Expo is hosted at its own URL where it can be accessed directly, via the TelecomTV homepage , channels or through links in mailers and advertising<br />Experience programming and live events eg. webinars through conference module. Opportunity exists for exhibitors to sponsor content or deliver their own content through the virtual event platform.<br />
  14. 14. Matching Exhibitors to Relevant Content<br />ICT World Congress Exhibition Hall holds ALLparticipating companies<br />Exhibitors associate themselves with content through positioning and searchable keywords<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />TelecomTV@Management World<br />Exhibitors displayed in carousel on this page have selected to be displayed as event is relevant<br />TelecomTV Homepage<br />Exhibitors displayed in carousel on this page are displayed as default<br />Green Planet<br />Exhibitors displayed in carousel on this page have selected to be displayed as programming is relevant<br />
  15. 15. Why Participate at ICT World Congress?<br />Create a permanent brand presence and disseminate rich media collateral via your virtual booth<br />Channel interactive web-casts, live or on demand to a global audience via the conference<br />Launch products and services via the platform<br />Be part of the industry’s premier B2B social networking platform<br />Position executives as thought leaders through sponsorship and participation in TTV programming<br />Create massive visibility through supporting advertising and marketing campaign<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  16. 16. Packages<br />Virtual Stand/Booth Package (Regional/Basic)<br />Choose one of four templates with your company logo integrated and the following functionality<br />About Us<br />Contact Us ( IM, SMS, Email, Phone )<br />Video Wall with three videos<br />Document Rack with 6 documents<br />5 searchable tag words/keywords<br />Events Page on with graphic of booth and link<br />Rotating booth link on TTV home page<br />Appearance during one ‘premium event’ week<br />Cost £2,000 p.a. or £1,000 early bird discount if booked before 16th March.<br />Stand/Booth Extras<br />Bespoke Booth - £1-2,000 (depending on specification)<br />Each additional video: £75<br />Each additional document: £25<br />Each additional searchable keyword/tag: £25<br />Each additional ‘premium’ event week £500<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  17. 17. Premium Package<br />Event Sponsor/Premium Package<br />Bespoke Stand/Booth<br />10 videos<br />20 documents<br />25 key words<br />Appearance during all premium event weeks<br />Premium branding on TTV home page<br />Permanent leader board branding<br />1 bespoke video webinar<br />1 bespoke executive Q&A<br />Sponsor branding on all mailers<br />£25,000 p.a. (Rate Card value £40,375)<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  18. 18. See you there.......................................................................OR...<br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />
  19. 19. Use the platform on a bespoke basis for:<br />Virtual Customer Events<br />Virtual Analyst Events<br />Virtual Partner Events<br />Virtual Channel Marketing<br />Virtual Sales Kick Offs<br />Virtual Training<br />Virtual AGMS<br />Virtual Demo Centres<br />Virtual Labs <br />2/12/10| © telecomtv<br />