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Two Button Suit vs Three Button Suit


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Published in: Lifestyle
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Two Button Suit vs Three Button Suit

  1. 1. The Origin of Tuxedo
  2. 2. Three Button Suit Three button suit is more formal as compared to one button and two button suit. It is the best option for those guys who long torso or are tall in size. There is a simple rule to wear this style of suits, it is your choice either to fasten the first button of the jacket or not, but you must have to put-on your middle button, and remember never button the last button of the jacket because it ruins the silhouette of the suit.
  3. 3. Two Button Suit This style of suits is commonly worn than three buttons. Two button suit is the ideal for those are average in size or less 5.10 feet. It has a single wearing rule, fasten the top button and leave the second button open always. They are ideal to wear in work daily, interview, and casually with denim jeans. To know more about Two button or three button suit kindly visit my blog log/two button suit VS three button suit