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Art Happens_ with Art Fund


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Art Happens is a unique crowdfunding platform, designed specifically for museums and galleries, that puts you at the heart of every campaign. Choose a cause that inspires you, and your donation will earn you an exclusive reward. Your support can help bring exciting projects to life and, unlike any other platform, we send every single penny directly to the museum or gallery.

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Art Happens_ with Art Fund

  1. 1. Art Happens_ with Art Fund
  2. 2. WHAT IS ART HAPPENS? First crowdfunding platform in the UK exclusively for museums and galleries 93% of museum visitors give to charities but only 40% of those give to museums Fully funded no charges, commission or direct costs so 100% of donations go to the project Dedicated Art Happens team to share advice and experience
  3. 3. ART HAPPENS Captain Kris and Amara Por part of the Amy Street Art Trail, created by the Jewish Museum - Since launching in 2014 we have worked with 34 organisations to raise money for exhibitions, commissions and restorations - Helped 34 organisations raise over £500,000 with 5,390 donors and 5,540 donations - 41% of donors to Art Happens projects are known to Art Fund - 94% success rate - Recent projects: Museum of London, Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell, Foundling Museum and Turner Contemporary - Most successful campaigns: Watts Gallery - raised 175% and £43, 802 and the Foundling Museum who raised 186% and £37, 320
  4. 4. Raise money for an exciting arts project Raise the profile of your museum and funding needs Democratise museum philanthropy by engaging lower-level donors Reach wider audiences Learn new skills OPPORTUNITIES
  5. 5. Access to technology can be a barrier Engaging a community of funders requires a real effort Maintaining momentum is hard Risk, the campaign could fail CHALLENGES
  6. 6. Is your project publically appealing? Is it tangible and achievable? How would you describe it to a friend over coffee? WHAT MAKES A GREAT CROWDFUNDING PROJECT?
  8. 8. - Pleasure Gardens Gallery - 18th & 19th Century Clothing - Immersive Experience - Popular Exhibition #REDRESSINGPLEASURE
  19. 19. TOP TIPS • Be transparent and tell a story • Think about your audience • Build excitement around achieving the target • Consider your timing – the campaign will need your full attention • Go for realistic amounts, between £10,000 and £25,000 • Keep in touch with your donors Jacob Curator from The Fan Museum: ‘Work closely with your colleagues and volunteers so they feel confident talking about the campaign .’ Ella Marketing Manager from Jerwood Gallery: ‘The most important thing is getting people excited … Rewards were incredibly important in encouraging giving, but also essential was fostering our funders’ sense of ownership over the project.’
  20. 20. DO YOU WANT TO MAKE ART HAPPEN? • Tell us about your great idea • Attend a workshop (quarterly event at Art Fund) • Submit your proposal • Make Art Happen Get in touch: Sign up Follow @artfund
  21. 21. THANK YOU Art Happens_ with Art Fund