TOT&FCTOT Newsletter (vol 1, issue 2)


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TOT&FCTOT Newsletter (vol 1, issue 2)

  1. 1. THE AMERICAN CENTER TOT & FCTOT ALUMNI RANGOON, BURMA SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST: TOT & FCTOT NEWSLETTER V O L U ME 1 , I S S UE 2 O CT O BE R 3 1 , 2 0 1 1 ...This is really special Training for change • for the people who are really interested in the welfare and develop- ment of our community. FCTOT encourages community leaders to embrace collaborative approaches Because this course can to bring change for Myanmar society change us to become a new person like an Sai Aung Thein (TOT 2) agent who can lead the DESPITE being a dentist and future civil society... working as a health worker in • ...It was so pleased non-governmental organiza- gathering with my tions, Nang Nu Nu Yee, a friends, trainers and reproductive health coordina- alumni ... tor, never thought she would become a confident trainer • ...I’m automatically mastering in training designs stepping back and back after attending a seven-week and back ... course. “I’ve learnt lots of lessons • ….In eventually, I could from the course including face this challenge... how to create the training 2011 after being introduced by Her teacher’s suggestion design which is really impor- her teacher who thought she turned out to be true, and she tant for trainers,” says Ms might get lots of knowledge. found the course changed her Yee, the coordinator of Karen ways of conducting trainings. INSIDE THIS Women Action Group, adding Even though she had some ISSUE: that she also learnt some key “FCTOT is totally experience attending other TOT & 3 components such as experien- different from other trainings before, she says, tial learning cycle, adult what she expected as a trainee FCTOT learning characters, giving trainings I used to do. was that they could get all and receiving sandwich feed- It is not spoon things from trainers. But what BUBBLE 3 back, and trainer’s behaviors. feeding, but it she had learned from FCTOT AND WAVE Ms Yee, a Pao ethnic from demands all effort of was that she could use the Taunggyi, attended the experience from participants Missing 3 the participants.” Nang FCTOT, Foundational Cycle and let them find the way to Alumni Nu Nu Yee, FCTOT 4 Training of Trainers, in July solve problems by them- Step Up, 4 selves.Design: Jimmy Rezar Boi “FCTOT is totally different Step Back from other trainings I used to Reading 4 do. It is not spoon feeding, but it demands all effort of the Plan like Hell; 4 participants,” she says. Go with the FCTOT is a training pro- gram established in 2010 with flow the aim of training local ex- Dear Alumni 4 perts of diverse backgrounds to be effective community leaders and building networks TOT/FCTOT Alumni and participants gathering at graduation of highly trained community ceremony of FCTOT batch 4. leaders. Limited Circulation
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Continue from Training for Change….. “I hope that one benefit that comes edge, says Dim Sian Nem, FCTOT’s from the FCTOT program is that there associate training specialist. are more community leaders using “I think this program will bring experiential, participatory, collabora- more collaborative practices and pro- tive, and inclusive approaches to the mote inclusions among diverse indi- work that they do,” says Mr David viduals and communities,” Ms Nem Root, the founder of FCTOT. says. FCTOT was changed from TOT, This is also true for Ms Yee who Training of Trainers, pilot programs also says that FCTOT is very effective that were being conducted outside of and steered her to become a powerful the programming of the American community worker for her society. Center’s work in 2008. According to She felt she was equipped with the Mr Root, they saw the success and essential skills and techniques which value of TOT so that they worked to enable her to facilitate the commu- incorporate it fully into the program- nity very well in order to empower ming of the American Center’s work. the capacity of Myanmar society. During 2008 and 2009, Mr Root, “This is really special for the people with his two colleagues who started Participants are participating in group who are really interested in the welfare TOT, took a long look at the course work of experiential learning cycle and development of our community. and after some deep reflections, they Because this course can change us to decided that the three month approach training is to create change, then they become a new person like an agent that they had used for TOT was a bit ideally want individuals who have who can lead the future civil society,” too heavy and that the course would demonstrated change efforts in their she says. be more effective if it was broken up communities already and who are po- While there are many benefits into three different “cycles”, a Foun- sitioned to continue brining change to FCTOT providing to its participants dational, Intermediate, and Advanced. their work and communities. and Myanmar society, there are also But unfortunately, after running the According to Mr Root, participants some challenges in delivering it, Mr program in 2010, it was decided that of the program would conduct an ef- Root says. only the first Foundational Cycle fective, objective-oriented, participa- “The largest challenge faced in de- would receive funding and be deliv- tory and experiential-based training livering this training is balancing the ered, he says. After the fouth batch of session. They would also create a time required to effectively bring FCTOT, the program has benefited learning environment and community change to an individual, or group, with around 75 participants combining that embraces and promotes diversity, the busy lives of our targeted benefici- with TOT and ultimately resulted in collaborative learning, self-discovery, aries,” he says. many good trainers who are working and reflective thought, he adds. Mr Root adds that his challenge with in different fields and benefiting Mr Root says that he has already Myanmar participants lies in his in- their communities. seen multiple collaborations between ability to speak a local language in Mr Root, who has been teaching and individual alumni who have been which to deliver the trainings. training in Myanmar for four years, working on projects that have em- With batches of trainers fully trained says they are looking for current or braced the principles of inclusion and and well-equipped, Mr Root is already emergent community leaders in the field collaboration. formulating the next step. FCTOT is of community development and civil Although the concept of collabora- developing a completely local training society. tion and inclusion is familiar among force that will be able to deliver the “We ideally target individuals Myanmar people, the rate of using course in a local language in order to who are engaged in bringing change them is still very low and a lot of create more sustainability and reach to their communities, who are con- trainings are more top-down that the for their program. nected, and who are committed to trainer is always the source of infor- “Over the next year that will be one continuing their work in Myanmar,” mation without acknowledging or of our main objectives,” he says. he says, adding that if the purpose of including the participants knowl-TOT & FCTOT Limited Circulation
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 PAGE 3 “BUBBLE AND WAVE” TOT and FCTOT Air and water marry and mixTeaching opens the window to the world. Outcome a bubble there it exists;Organizing teachers accumulates a force to Grow big and big, it colors make a better world. Green, red blue…the spectrum flowersTraining of trainers, the program we love Then blows the breeze it disappears. all! Open sea vast in the waterFoundational Cycle Training of Trainers, High booms up the crest the boasted Enhance skills of teachers, no exceptions Sounds of whisper and roar its varied calls to those of community leaders. Almighty the waves rise and fall.Core elements for community development, From the cradle to the grave Discussed and shared by achievers. A life of a human subsists, Like a bubbleTheories, techniques, and methods Like a wave Acquired and practiced together by learn- There appears and comes vanished. ers. MY DEATH IS ETERNAL (igaoNcif;oñf jrJ)Outstanding trainers contribute knowledge MY LIFE IS MORTAL (igtoufoñf rjrJ) and experience How ‘beautiful’ or ‘powerful’ it ever would be To their juniors and future leaders. In a moment a blink … a flash …Training of trainers, the program to be A swell of water rises and breaks joined by all! As life lasts, is unpredicted. Thu Zar Thwin The essence of being a humane lies (TOT 1st batch) How survives beneficial to one’s environ_ The genuine beauty and power of REPUTATION never dies. Green (TOT October 2008) MISSING I…….. . ALUMN There was so heavy raining day in 28th songs altogether when Ma Wai and September. But, I was going to Total Ma Nwe come back from Thailand. Learning Academy to meet my friends Unfortunately, I could not meet and trainers. I was so nervous that it Jimmy, John, Aungzubu and Ma Kyi. was not sure to meet my friends at To- I totally believe that we can meet tal. In reality, I met two of my lovely coming days to share experiences. sisters –one is Ma Stella and another That is why, I am counting the days one is Magret. It was so pleased gather- and times that we are going to ing with my friends, trainers and alumni gather in the future. at that day. At the graduation day, fortu- nately I met with Min Htike and Ma Mo SMART,FCTOT(3) and Magret again. We had spoken a lot about our memorable events that were happened at FCTOT (3).Min Htike and I were wishing to meet again and to singTOT & FCTOT Limited Circulation
  4. 4. PAGE 4 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 Step Up, Step Back A fter FCTOT, I came to know about Step up and Step Back. That really makes me to reflect my manner. Every activity and discussion in CDCE (Community Development & Civic Empowerment), I tried using step up and step back equally. But here I mostly use step back because when I see everyone is stepping up heheeeeeeeee;D I’m automatically stepping back and back and back and almost out of the discussion and room and even feel lonely; ( ahhhhhhhhhhhh;P But who knows, I got such kinds of listen- ing skill and observation skill by stepping back that I need to improve in my life from CDCE Chiang Mai..........;)))))Community Development & Civic Empowerment ProgramChiang Mai, Thailand By Miss Nwe Nilar (FCTOT 3)Plan like Hell; Dear Alumni…. We really appreciate those who contribute articles, read newslet- ter, and give feedback to be bet- ter newsletter. To keep and For the senior and Junior alikeIt was the time that I had already finished FCTOT Batch 3. I was very enthusiastic inapplication of my lesson learned at FCTOT. It touch alumni, join FCTOT Alumni facebook page and con- It will never avoid you to delight Have a problem in your lifewas almost the right time for me to provide tribute articles, poem, experi- ences, activities related with our Get a help of how to fighthealth education on hand washing in my mobile Venture in the natureclinics and donation services at Than-Lyin, Yan- newsletter’s trend. For next TOTgon. I was very delight and I prepared my training & FCTOT Newsletter Volume 2, To find the treasure of pleasuredesign according to the participants Issue 1, please send articles be- Want to light your nights?(approximately 30 numbers of sixth standard fore December 20, 2011. Then you should like itstudents) in monastic school. Although I excited Newsletter Team(positively) for this Health education but I was John DJconfidence at that time. When I arrived the classroom, I excitedagain (negatively) to my participants who were Fabout 9 years old and more than 60 participantswaited for my session. I coped my stress with my Cprevious experiences. I started according to mytraining design and I observed I couldn’t control Tthem due to their young age. Do you know howI solve this problem? At that time I recalled the phrase ‘Plan Olike Hell; Go with the flow’. I was unsuccessful in evaluation criteria Ton 5 portions ( For Certificate…..). I felt a bitdepression but I relieved my stress. In eventually,I could face this challenge. Batch 4 By Min HtikeTOT & FCTOT Limited Circulation