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TOT&FCTOT Newsletter (vol 1, issue 1)


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This is published by American Center Training Program Alumni in Burma.

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TOT&FCTOT Newsletter (vol 1, issue 1)

  1. 1. THE AMERICAN CENTER TOT & FCTOT ALUMNI RANGOON, BURMA SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST: TOT & FCTOT NEWSLETTER V OL UME 1, IS SUE 1 J UL Y 19 , 2 01 1 THE MEMORABLE FCTOT-3 JOURNEY  a well- organized TEAM, with mutual respect and.. By Smile Swe (FCTOT-3)  .. YOU can make Eleven brains of hosts invited their rela- place not only for relaxa- me an unbelievable different fields from all tives. But their relatives tion but also for expecta- change.. over the world came to only sent the children to tion of care and presents the royal place for the the royal place. So the from their aunty and un-  is positive change purpose of creating children came the royal cle. The two hosts in my professional CHANGE. The two life.. hosts treated the 11 visi-  ..I know about my- tors with smile face. F self, I have confi- They are so hospitable C dent, self - reliance that the visitors are com- T and self develop- fortable. When the hosts O ment as well. treated them with vari- ous meals at different T times, they also shared - eagerly and happily for 3 INSIDE THIS snacks and drinks. They (1st ISSUE: all are hands-in-hands week) each other. Oh, My Dear 2 Very soon, the 2 FCTOT Continue to page 2 How a News- 2 letter comes My Feeling, My Experience in FCTOT course out? By Khin San Wai A Great Bat- 3 tle of FCTOT Have you had any for attending FCTOT this course, I was very TBT’s ELC 3 special feeling concern- course (Batch 3) from excited as well as nerv-Design: Jimmy Rezar Boi ing with a certain train- the 16th of May to 30th ous because I heard Comic VAKT 4 ing (course) in your life? June, I felt very happy, something about this What is your feeling at satisfied, pleased and course from alumni. Which One 4 that time? For me, I have excited because one of They said that there are a Change my special feeling differ- my dreams comes true. lot of challenges and dif- mind? ently before, while and Getting chance to attend ficulties and they felt How I Change 4 after I was attending this course is rarely and I very stressful throughout myself! FCTOT course. As soon wanted to attend and join the course. And also they as I received email, it FCTOT long long ago. have to said that I was selected Before I attended Continue to page 3 Limited Circulation
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Continue from The Memorable ….. assigned the 11 visitors, Some visitors got a little the hosts. however, to provide the favor from the hosts but children with the things some haven’t got yet for As a result, nine visitors they have just possessed, 3 weeks. Almost of all also got appreciation recently shared by the felt tired and messy. from the host but not hosts. Even though they Even though they wanted from the children. During don’t know what the chil- to treat with their favor- this trip, 9 visitors could dren’s needs, the 11 visi- ite, they provided them build a well-organized tors, who have different with the new things they TEAM, with mutual re- favorites and dislikes, recently got from the spect and understanding, treated the children with hosts according to the tolerance, broad- different refreshments . host’s desires. So they mindedness and full of Some visitors danced and discussed together what energy for the great aim some composed the song to do and how to do for of strengthening their and sang the song to getting favor equally. civil society. They are make the children happy. Unfortunately, a few visi- strongly determined to Even the other visitors tors became too tired and multiply all of their en- paid respect to the chil- stressful to fulfill the ergy, skill, knowledge, dren with different styles. needs of the children. effort and time for the However, the children The rest visitors, how- development of their re- didn’t seem quite happy. ever, motivated and as- spective community and They only have high ex- sisted each other. At the any needy society in the pectation of presents last, they could provide world. from their aunty and un- children their best. Be- cle. The 11 visitors tried fore the children went By Smile Swe to make the children back home, they got what (FCTOT-3) happy and active to get they really want favor from the 2 hosts. “………………….” from How a Newsletter comes out? Oh, My Dear FCTOT By Moh Moh After last practice Stella Swe, Jimmy Rezar Boi YOU(FCTOT) can training, I have an idea remark- and Margret @ May Kyi take make me a lot. Now, Im a new able for FCTOT-3, which is a responsibilities for the process one. I can do whatever I want to newsletter. I discuss with my of publication bimonthly. For do. I got a lot of confidence be- TBT friends and two trainers. the purpose of networking cause of YOU. I got many best Some TBTs are very appreci- TOT & FCTOT alumni to friends in my life. YOU can ated and contributed their strengthen our society, we try control my life as my teacher, thoughts and ideas. On the last our best in this first issue. We my guide and also it likes my day of FCTOT-3, we made are looking forward articles best friend. YOU can make me decision to publish E- and news contributed by all an unbelievable change. That is Newsletter bimonthly, organ- TOT & FCTOT alumni for positive change. ized and collected the articles next issues. All articles come from all TOT & FCTOT out only from the author. If alumni from American Center there is any weakness in this Training Programs and an- first issues, we three, Stella nounced the news on June 30, Swe, Jimmy Rezar Boi, and 2011(FCTOT-3 Graduation Margret @ May Kyi will try Celebration Day) at CBH in our best for next issues. American Center, Rangoon. Three Alumni from FCTOT-3, By Jimmy Rezar Boi (fctot-3)TOT & FCTOT Limited Circulation
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3 A GREAT BATTLE OF FCTOT TBT’s E L C Mg Mg asked Aung Aung who just finished FCTOT. Eleven soldiers at the start, Mg : Hey Aung, you finished FCTOT, right! One’s missing in the middle; Aung : Of course, I finished successfully. Mg : So, I want to ask you one question. Only 9 back to land ; Aung : Ok, ask me. But You two are always in my heart! Mg : What is ELC? Aung : ELC means “Exam Listening Crying”. By Stella (FCTOT-3) By Margret (FCTOT-3) Continue from My feeling, my experience… many assignments and thought that I did well in my peers and trainers.conduct Practice Trainings first TP and so did my peer As time flew, thisthat make them stress and trainers and participants. Af- course was being finishedhave sleepless nights. Simul- ter my Staff Trainer an- and completed. On the lasttaneously, I felt satisfied with nounced my score, I wanted day of this course, I also feltmyself for an opportunity to to cry and run away from this sad and I believe that myattend this course, but I wor- course. I have no confident peers would have the sameried about assignments and for second TP and felt de- feeling as well because weTraining Practice. No matter pressed and disappointed and studied together, ate together,what kind of challenges and want to give up this course. went together somewheredifficulties I will face, I made Next day, I expressed my like restaurant for having aup my mind and started to feeling in front of my Train- dinner, KTV and Inya lakeattend this course because I ers and Peers and I feel so for relaxation and recreationwant to be a professional and sad that I could not speak out and spent time together forskilful trainer in my later life. words clearly and I shed tear almost two months. After On the first day of and it flowed on my cheek this course, we have to gothis course, I felt very excited for a time until my peers con- back our organizations to doto meet the TBTs (Trainees soled me and gave sympathy. community work in differentbeing Trainers), make friends Since then, I understand my regions of our country. Be-with those people who are peers more than before and fore we left, we have decidedfrom different part of Myan- have tied closed friendship to meet often to exchangemar, different races, ethnics with them. My Trainers also our knowledge, share ourand backgrounds and diverse did counseling and gave me experience and make strate-communities. Day by day, encouragement and tried to gies plans what we can im-we are much closed and understand what my feeling plement in our diverse com-likely behave brother and is and to think and find out munities.sister. It seems prominent how they can help and give In my conclusion, Iwhile we are asked to con- suggestions. In this way, I strongly believe that I amduct Practice Trainings two got better and better and had very lucky in the world be-weeks later of Content days. enough confident to conduct cause I have a chance to at-We had to do Team Meeting my second PT because of my tend this course, to learnfor discussion and preparing Trainers’ assistance and from professional and skillfulfor PTs and if someone need guide line. In my third and trainers and to meet peershelp and assistance for his/ last PT sessions, I had self- who are helpful and good-her PTs, all are ready for confident and I did well in hearted. This course is veryhelp and willing to do some- my PT though I still have useful and effective and it isthing what he/she want to. I challenges concerning with worth attending. This coursehad bad experience after my conducting Trainings. In this created change and so I felt Ifirst PT because I failed three way, I came over all prob- changed something in myselfareas and did not meet crite- lems and difficulties facing and it is positive change inria in these areas though I in this course with the help of my professional life. By Khin San Wai (FCTOT-3)TOT & FCTOT Limited Circulation
  4. 4. PAGE 4 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 COMIC VAKT Which One Changed My Mind ?In class, Trainer teaches VAKT.Trainer : Now, I’ll give example of VAKT. Before FCTOT While FCTOT After FCTOTPs : YesTrainer : Let say you like a girl and you Freshness Frozen Flexibility want to show your love using VAKT. Confidence Cry CreativityPs : They look very interesting. Trust Tear Time-boundTrainer : So, first you write letter and give her. By reading Optimism Out of Mind Open Mindedness this letter, she can know your love. That letter is Talent Team Spirit Tolerance Visual Support and her learning is Visual Modality.Ps : Ha ha ….Trainer : You sing a song that about your love. By listening By Swe Swe (FCTOT –3) this song, she can know your love. Now, today lecture is finished. Tomorrow, I’ll explain about K and T. …. Next day…Ps : Sir, I applied Visual and Auditory. But.. now I un- derstand K and T from ELC.Trainer : Oh! Ok, Can you share your experience?Ps : Yesterday, I wrote letter on a big sheet and show her and say loudly “ I Love You”.Trainer : And then…Ps : And then… she run to me and beat my cheek. So I can learn Kinesthetic from her running movement and Tactile from beating my cheek. By May Kyi (FCTOT-3) How I change myself!::) Dear TBTs, How are I change myself and just happen while I am attend- you? I would like to share my habit of relying on others. ing my FCTOT (3). It happen about one thing that I got from Before, I used to ask help or when I finished my last PT this FCTOT (3). You know suggestions or opinions from (Practice Training) lol..: Fortu- what? :D Of course, you may others. But, now I didnt ask nately and Luckily, I know not know. Ok, I will share it to any help from others and just about myself, I have confident, you. try to do by myself. It is not self - reliance and self develop- ment as well. So now, you might know how I change my self on not relying on others and stand by my own, believe, thoughts, ideas, opinion, everything comes from me. I can say, it is because of FCTOT (3), more specifically because of PT ses- sion. Ok! Enjoy your time and love to hear from you all too. By Nwe Nilar Toh (FCTOT-3)TOT & FCTOT Limited Circulation