A dreamer


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Sunday PM, 3-4-12

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A dreamer

  1. 1. ADreamerGenesis 37:1-11Tallapoosachurch of ChristSunday EveningMarch 4, 2012
  2. 2. A Dreamer – A HistoryGenesis 37:1-2 NKJV Now Jacob dwelt in the land where his fatherwas a stranger, in the land of Canaan. (2) This is the history ofJacob. Joseph, being seventeen years old, was feeding the flockwith his brothers. And the lad was with the sons of Bilhah andthe sons of Zilpah, his fathers wives; and Joseph brought a badreport of them to his father.
  3. 3. A Dreamer – A HistoryGenesis 37:3-4 NKJV Now Israel loved Joseph more than all hischildren, because he was the son of his old age. Also he made hima tunic of many colors. (4) But when his brothers saw that theirfather loved him more than all his brothers, they hated him andcould not speak peaceably to him.
  4. 4. A Dreamer – 1st DreamGenesis 37:5-8 NKJV Now Joseph had a dream, and he told it tohis brothers; and they hated him even more. (6) So he said tothem, "Please hear this dream which I have dreamed: (7) Therewe were, binding sheaves in the field. Then behold, my sheafarose and also stood upright; and indeed your sheaves stood allaround and bowed down to my sheaf." (8) And his brothers saidto him, "Shall you indeed reign over us? Or shall you indeed havedominion over us?" So they hated him even more for his dreamsand for his words.
  5. 5. A Dreamer – 2nd DreamGenesis 37:9-11 NKJV Then he dreamed still another dream andtold it to his brothers, and said, "Look, I have dreamed anotherdream. And this time, the sun, the moon, the eleven stars boweddown to me." (10) So he told it to his father and his brothers;and his father rebuked him and said to him, "What is this dreamthat you have dreamed? Shall your mother and I and yourbrothers indeed come to bow down to the earth before you?" (11)And his brothers envied him, but his father kept the matter inmind.
  6. 6. Something from God must be told to othersSocial Media has exploded:Facebook (845 millionregular users)Twitter (175 millionregistered users)Pinterest (10 million users)
  7. 7. Something from God must be told to others2 Timothy 3:16 NKJV AllScripture is given byinspiration of God, and isprofitable for doctrine, forreproof, for correction, forinstruction in righteousness,
  8. 8. Something from God must be told to othersMatthew 28:19-20 NKJV Gotherefore and make disciples ofall the nations, baptizing themin the name of the Father and ofthe Son and of the HolySpirit, (20) teaching them toobserve all things that I havecommanded you; and lo, I amwith you always, even to the endof the age." Amen.
  9. 9. Something from God must be told to others2 Timothy 2:2 NKJV And thethings that you have heard fromme among manywitnesses, commit these tofaithful men who will be able toteach others also.
  10. 10. Something from God must be told to others2 Corinthians 5:10-11 NKJV (10)For we must all appear beforethe judgment seat ofChrist, that each one mayreceive the things done in thebody, according to what he hasdone, whether good or bad. (11)Knowing, therefore, the terrorof the Lord, we persuade men…