White lace-or-black-lace


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In the autumn and winter of 2010, lace limelight was in popularity and that was
something final. This season lace is not trimmed (trimmed lace is now so old
fashioned). Designers pay more attention to directly put large area of lace into
the garment structure.

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White lace-or-black-lace

  1. 1. Fashion Factory Organizationhttp://www.factory-fashion.orgWhite Lace or Black Lace[Lace Mosaic Dress, H&M Bracelet, Lace White Shirt]In the autumn and winter of 2010, lace limelight was in popularity and that wassomething final. This season lace is not trimmed (trimmed lace is now so oldfashioned). Designers pay more attention to directly put large area of lace intothe garment structure.Transition of Lace Shirt Hailing to MarniWe choose such a transition of lace loose T-shirts as a beginning, is to make thegirls who think lace is too lady, too sexy, and too hard to match know thatchoosing the right single item can also be both fashionable and all-matched.These T-shirt fabrics should draw lessons from the Marni in the two previousseasons, which both in dense and in sparse, and the beauty of secretly revealingthe details. Appropriately choosing some hard line jewelry that contrasting thesoft fabrics can add a strong sense of architecture. Black lace is easy to wear butnot easy to select.The traditional cognition is bound together lace to secret glamorous lingerie,however, today, in one wave of retro tide after another; underwear finally can begenerously worn. On the T stage, lace Look is too numerous to enumerate, andaround all of the parity Fast Moving Consumer Goods brand shop. Black laceshirt and Legging both are the sold off season sales section. Relative to othercolors, black lace is the easiest one to wear, which can make you look slim andthe convergence of slightly mysterious and sexy is tempting to the opposite sex.But just like the little black dress, black can amplify the cloth texture quality,please pay more attention to lace handmade, luster and elasticity and otherdetails while purchasing. page 1 / 4
  2. 2. Fashion Factory Organizationhttp://www.factory-fashion.org1. 3 Suisses: Black Lace bottoming-shirt is an essential item for this autumn,which can not only be decorated with wide leg pants alone, but also be worn witha variety of coat together.2. H&M: the last autumn and winter fashionable bunny hair band is comingback! Although it is humorous exaggeration accessories, putting it in the bag forplain dress is also a very good choice.3. LIU Jeans: Retro silhouette dress is out of the ordinary and so impressivebecause of the rich blue green lining. It reacts well to the season retro fashion. page 2 / 4
  3. 3. Fashion Factory Organizationhttp://www.factory-fashion.org4. ME&CITY: combination of shrug shoulder and black lace has a dark andmysterious religious atmosphere. Please make up with the rich smoky-eyemake-up, and behave with an impassive indifferent attitude to go with it.5. H&M: if you have no faith to control the whole body lace wear, we willrecommend this locally trim lace dress for you. Remember to choose the stiffstyle clothes, which can show the lace seduction. Gouache lace Good dress isfor stacking wear.Want to wear out the sweet feeling and gouache lace is a very good choice. Thisdress’s bright spot lies in the upper hollow lace; the selection of the lace isoptional fine and continuous pattern, which partly hiding the skin and partlyshowing the skin. Inside you can wear a low-cut white vest, through the fabricand feel contrast, creating the mix wearing beauty of fashion. It can also bepoker-faced worn with white chiffon bowknot dress shirt with a long shoulderstrap bag, developing the retro to the best. page 3 / 4
  4. 4. Fashion Factory Organization http://www.factory-fashion.org Lace Mosaic Dress American Apparel / H&M Bracelet Lace White Shirt is All-match If you want a more prominent of lace’s presence, a lace white shirt is a nice item. If you dress it like the models shown in the picture, actually it is very relaxed and casual and the lace feeling is not showy. Therefore, the key is to wear this shirt is to mix dress with any other patterns and material. You can see, it can be decorated with printing, and it can also be decorated with sequins, furs, leather and even rivets. Lace Shirt H&M / Inner Decorated with Printing Charlotte Ronson / Trousers System / Handbag Lawless Hollister Men Polo Shirts page 4 / 4Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)