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The rebellion-of-men-and-women-will-be-staged1


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In fact, the collective gender rebellion frenzy has been undercurrents for a long
time. In the fall and winter, there will be a large-scale outbreak. Women's clothing
should be with some man's masculinity and loose style. You may choose clothe
which is two sizes bigger, or directly select a men's clothing. Men's fashion
should have delicate details.

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The rebellion-of-men-and-women-will-be-staged1

  1. 1. Amazing Fashion Organizationhttp://www.amazing-fashion.orgThe Rebellion of Men and Women will Be Staged(1)[Female Sherlock Holmes, Military Cavalry, Denim Jacket]In fact, the collective gender rebellion frenzy has been undercurrents for a longtime. In the fall and winter, there will be a large-scale outbreak. Womens clothingshould be with some mans masculinity and loose style. You may choose clothewhich is two sizes bigger, or directly select a mens clothing. Mens fashionshould have delicate details. Its fabric, color and tailoring are all comparable towomens clothing. So we can find the balance between masculine and sexy.Female Sherlock HolmesKeyword: a set of dress + hatIn this quarter, female Sherlock Holmes and female pilots are hot words.Classical suits are with no special point and approximate the old-fashioned style.But it would be the best choice of professional women in the fall and winter.Wearing classic suits, you must master the “complete accessories” truth. Thesuit, vest and shirt are basic equipment. Coupled with a tie, hat or even along-handled umbrella, you will create a style with more retro feeling. page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Amazing Fashion Organizationhttp://www.amazing-fashion.orgMatch Guide: three-piece for suit is a very typical look of men. If women want tochoose a set to wear, remember do not choose the styles which are too loose.They should choose the cascading and conservative style mainly. The main pointof the clothing is “a complete accuracy”. You can choose suit, tuxedo or a slimlong coat with a suit collar and shirt. With a tie and the tie is essential, this is thekey to look masculine. You can also wear a vest or put on a hat. If the femalepursues retro and modern style, they can choose the mix-and-match of the suitcollar stitching and the colors. If they have no such requirements, they can referto classic YSL smoking style.Military CavalryKey words: military uniform jacket + Mens bootsWhen women choose military uniform dress, valiant and handsome have beenthe praise words. In this quarter, the military element has already existed.Moreover, it is with much more manliness. "Inappropriate broad shoulder" is thekey word. The fabric of uniform jacket is stiff and thick. The shoulder cut is quitesatisfactory, wider than the actual shoulder Width an inch. This has brought amore powerful pressure. Coupled with a pair of vigorous round boots, it seemswith more disciplined services authority. page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Amazing Fashion Organizationhttp://www.amazing-fashion.orgMatch Guide: the point of military uniform match is being neat and takingsimplicity as premise. This is the reason for why women will give people acompetent impression when they are wearing military uniforms. Uniform this yearis with less khaki color and brownish yellow color. The color greener than olivegreen is the real hot color. The coats with broad shoulder will a give people theillusion of “sudden up”. The conservative entry-level women can choose to addthe feminine elements to weaken the masculine sense. In this way, the match ofdresses, chiffon fabric, pantyhose will all of a sudden become softer. Bold womencan try starched trousers. Of course, with a pair of boots, which will be givingpeople the impression of being at ease and steady, will give the overall look aplus.Sexy plumberKeywords: denim jacket + overallPlumber’s style is full of roughness. Rough feeling is manifested in two aspects.For the fabric, denim is a hot element of this year. The classic image of theworkers is with natural cool feeling. For the contour of tailoring, hip ratio isignored. Loose clothes that don’t fit highlight the fact that the body is petite. Evenstrap and pants of the overall are rugged masculine, not fitting at all. page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Amazing Fashion Organizationhttp://www.amazing-fashion.orgMatch guide: in this autumn and winter, jeans will be a big heat, whether it isdenim shirt or jacket. In the choice of denim, women can choose the coarsefabric with a mottled sense. It is bolder than a solid color. In terms of texture,women can also choose those which are thicker.If you choose the mix of overalls, it will differ from the overall which was hot inthis summer. You need to make yourself look bloated without self-cultivation, soas to achieve the effect of the roughness. At this point, the shirt or the base shirtinside should be more tight – fitting. This is the way to show the effect of contrast.Generally speaking, the styling match can be directly proportional to the workwear of plumbers and porters. What we want is this primitive and rough sex.Lace boyKeywords: see-through + laceThe use of black see-through elements on bold mens wear, this is no longerstrange. In this year, the lace element which is with fully feminine is added to themens fashion. And even some the grandmother grade retro white lace can beseen. Lace can be not only see-through but it is also used in decorative border,making a downright sex insurgency. The lace on the masculine man not onlymakes him become lovelier but gives him some more funny colors. page 4 / 5
  5. 5. Amazing Fashion Organization Match guide: For men, the see-through lace is a huge challenge. The avant-garde stylish men can first try the lace which is non-see-through. They can match the lace elements with a shirt or a primer shirt, only in a small local area. This can create a delicate and refined sense. In order to weaken the feminine effect, you should select the orthodox menswear or the garment which is full of masculine flavor. You can control the proportion of lace to be below 10%. If you are an avant-garde pioneer, then you can choose to try a large area of see-through lace. I suggest that it is mainly in single color, highlighting the lace texture. Prada Canvas Bags page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (