The most Prominent and Shining Wedding Ring in 2011


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2011 is a year of creating big carat diamonds. Flash marriage, century wedding
and royal wedding…these words have to be matched with big diamonds so that
you would be dazzling enough in 2011.

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The most Prominent and Shining Wedding Ring in 2011

  1. 1. Free Fashion Bloghttp://www.fre-fashion.comThe most Prominent and Shining Wedding Ring in 2011[Diamond Ring, Platinum Diamond Ring, Cartier Wedding Rring]2011 is a year of creating big carat diamonds. Flash marriage, century weddingand royal wedding…these words have to be matched with big diamonds so thatyou would be dazzling enough in 2011. page 1 / 4
  2. 2. Free Fashion Bloghttp://www.fre-fashion.comBritish Princess Kate18 carat diamond antique diamond ring continues the family tradition.Designer?GarrardValue: 28500 Pounds (1981 prices)Highlights: founded in 1735, jeweler Garrard was awarded the reputation ofCrown Jeweler by Queen Victoria and designed royal coronation crowns severaltimes. He played important roles. In recent years, Garrard invited designer JadeJagger as creative director. The blue sapphire diamond, once worn by PrincessDiana, was sold at 28500 pounds at 1981. 18K platinum is inlaid with high-qualitySouth Africa’s diamonds. It was specifically made by royal jeweler Garrard.When it was sent to Diana by Charles, wedding rings in similar style wereprevalent.Comments: the preciousness of Prince Kate not only lies in its size, but alsocares more about the heritage of history and significance. page 2 / 4
  3. 3. Free Fashion Bloghttp://www.fre-fashion.comPrincess of Monaco18 Carat Platinum Diamond RingDesigner?CatierValue: above 20000000 PoundsHighlights: wedding ring is not only a symbol of love. In the royal wedding, it hasclassic significance of heritage. Since Prince Albert put on the engagement ringon Charlene Wittstock’s hand, legendary story of Cinderella has begun. Thedifference of this Repossi engagement ring is that the three carat pear-shapeddiamond is really rare. And there are round diamonds wrapped around it. Thevalue of this ring is over 62000 pounds. It is just an engagement and on thewedding day, the Cartier wedding rings that the couple exchanged were moreprecious. Prince Albert II of Monaco customized a luxurious wedding gift for hismermaid bride who used to be s swimmer. It is Van Cleef & Arpels Ocean crown.Comments: to fight for luxury, Royalty is always the winner. page 3 / 4
  4. 4. Free Fashion Blog Zhang Yuqi Designer?Unknown Value: 6000000 RMB Highlights: on midnight of 15th April, Zhang Yuqi released a micro-blog which said “I come back! My 8688!" At the same time, the micro blog was attached with a picture of the right hand wearing a diamond ring. It caused big sensation. Be engagement? Marry? Who was the man? And what 8688 standed for? Time triggered speculation. Later, the bride explained on the blog that 8688 is her birthday and it was also the weight of the ring. When a man brought such a unique ring to her, his love made her feel unprecedented warmth. In such a short time, she gained a sincere love and a diamond ring with a value of more than 6000000 RMB. It’s hard for her not to show the happiness. And she also became the benchmarking of successful actresses’ marriage: farewell to the past, be brave and you will harvest more. Comments: less is more. The rare beautiful diamond sets new benchmark for Chinese actresses. Cruise Collection page 4 / 4Powered by TCPDF (