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In recent years, top wristwatch brands have often collaborated with each other to create masterpieces in the watch industry: Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin, Girard Perregaux and Zegna ... they penetrate each other into one, and bring us unexpected innovational watches.

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598 six collaboration-masterpieces-of-top-wristwatches-en

  1. 1. Fashion Territory Bloghttp://www.fashion-territory.comSix Collaboration Masterpieces of Top Wristwatches[Masterpieces of Top Wristwatch, Harry Winston Diamond and IndependentWatch]In recent years, top wristwatch brands have often collaborated with each other tocreate masterpieces in the watch industry: Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin,Girard Perregaux and Zegna ... they penetrate each other into one, ©and bringus unexpected innovational watches.Combination of Jaeger and Aston - Martin DBS sports carJaeger-LeCoultre and Aston - Martin DBS sports car co-volume home and Aston- Martin released this AMVOX2 DBS Transponder repeater chronograph watchwith a micro-delivery system, to control the Aston Martin DBS • lock and unlockthe car. When you approached the car, watch the mirror only need to press"OPEN" (ranging between 8:00 and 9:00), will open the door, press the "CLOSE"(between 3:00 and 4:00), the door will be locked. In addition, the watch case anddial design fine detail, the elements of sports can be seen everywhere. It has afloating metallic DBS logo, and there is a gray plywood independent AstonMartinlogo on the cassette mechanism operation monitor with a polished black dialwhich is consistent with the DBS sports cars dashboard. he outer ring of the dialposition has a display window, showing how the inner parts of the time-table andrepeater function, which is comparable to brakes within the tire rims of DBSsports car. page 1 / 6
  2. 2. Fashion Territory Bloghttp://www.fashion-territory.comCombination of Girard-Perregaux and ZegnaAs Italys top mens brand, rather than relying new style, bright colors, Geniaworks hard for elegant and comfortable clothes to adapt to the needs ofhigh-grade. Ermenegildo Zegna in 2010 coincided with the centennial, as bothare Italian, the Zegna family in charge of the Chicago Park and the Macalusofamily made collaboration, which amounts to a historic handshake between thetwo godfathers. No swords, no bloody conspiracy, this is a well-dressed,handsome Italian family gatherings. The real successful men do not need toshow off, raise the wrist is simple formal dress form, but behind theGirard-Perregaux watch is its powerful spirit of Ermenegildo Zegna’s centuryskills. In this watch, the Zegna logo replaces the factory standard Perregaux, sothat 219 years of Swiss watch willing to help without showing its brand, whichshows the status of Zegna extraordinary. page 2 / 6
  3. 3. Fashion Territory Bloghttp://www.fashion-territory.comCombination of Jean Richard and MV Agusta MotorcyclesMV Agusta is a legendary in motorcycle circles. Over the years it has dominatedthe international level competitions, winning no less than 75 world championship.Jean Richard president Massimo Macaluso who loves the racing car contributedto the combination of Italys top watch with MV Agusta motorcycle, and launcheda Brutale Chronoscope series. Brutale in Italian which could be interpreted as"strong" and "power", the name derived from one of the classic MV Agustamotorcycle series. Among them, the rose gold version of the limited edition 290,because this figure is the MV Agusta Brutale motorcycle maximum speed.This watch’s new case adopts rubber to make the case more resistant andlighter. Inspired by the MV Agusta motorcycle dashboard, the surface is madefrom carbon fiber, and three time dial side by side, timing pointers is dotted withMV Agusta motorcycles classic red. page 3 / 6
  4. 4. Fashion Territory Bloghttp://www.fashion-territory.comCombination of Harry Winston Diamond and Independent Watches MakerMarilyn Monroe in the film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" used her seductive voiceslightly hoarse singing: "Talkto me Harry Winston, talk to me", which HarryWinston is what we call top diamond brands. From Queen Elizabeth to theHollywood movie stars, Harry Winston diamonds are their loved ones, and now,Harry Winston collaborates with watch will attract a lot of men to spend money ontheir products. Since 2000, Harry Winston began to introduce different OpusSeries: Opus2 creatively placed calendar on the watch back; Opus 5s "box-hourdial" every hour will be like flipping the satellite-like sequence, with retrogrademinute hand back, completely subvert the traditional watch design concept;Opus8 disguised as electronic watches mechanical watches; Opus9 used rubywith two diamonds chains to indicate the time; the Basel Watch Fair in 2010,Opus X was presented, subversion of the traditional dial and hands, whichreplaced by a rotating frame building on the rotating display, as the functioning ofthe solar system planets, Opus X was also a planet orbiting the operation of thetrack mechanisms, including a sun gear, satellite gear and external framework. page 4 / 6
  5. 5. Fashion Territory Bloghttp://www.fashion-territory.comA variety of Brainstorms of independent watch makers together work on the dial,as limited production is valued as it is rare, it is no wonder that movie star Mel -Gibson will buy Harry Winstons watch in the price of a small price of a smallsubmarine.Combination of Hamilton and Elvis PresleyNobody can tell why people can be so obsessed with Elvis Presley. It is becauseof his legendary temples, his musical talent, his unruly temperament, or twist hiswaist and wiggle his hips with sexually suggestion. Hamilton, the United States’brand released memorial watch with the topic of Elvis Presleys "AdventureSeries", just as Elvis specific as distinctive triangular shape. This watch has aquite closely long history with Elvis Presley. Just after his retirement in 1961,Elvis Presley acted in the Hollywood movie "Blue Hawaii", and he was wearingthe early Hamilton two-color belt "adventure Series" watch.2010 saw the 75th anniversary of Elvis Presleys birth, Hamilton took the page 5 / 6
  6. 6. Fashion Territory Blog http://www.fashion-territory.com opportunity to re-engraved and remodeling the watch, and released a new nostalgia and future-oriented "adventure - Elvis 75 Anniversary" commemorative section. Full of individuality and creativity is the reason for Elvis to be imitated, but also the style to which Hamilton has always adhered in 118 years. Elvis Presley was innovative and bold, just like what Hamilton insisted on in over years: to pursue innovation while keeping classic, which is truly the free-spirited Americanism. Combination of IWC and Saiot-Exuperys novel Well-known by the fairy tale "The Little Prince," Saiot Exupery is also an excellent pilot and adventurer. IWC Pilot Universal Time "Saint Exupery Special Edition" watch, especially dedicated to this great "pilots writer." IWC took Saint Exuperys novel "Wind, Sand and Stars" as the reference standard, according to thet novel’s published year 1939 to manufacture 1939 watches. There is a letter "A", an abbreviation of Saint Exupery, at 9 oclock in the dial as a decoration. When novel "Wind, Sand and Stars" published, flight was only in the initial stage, but the books insight into it was amazing. Saint Exupery told in the first person, describing his personal experience of flying over the treacherous Andes and crossing over the Sahara desert. While this was the third Special Edition IWC pilot watch presented to St. Exupery, it was very appropriate to take UTC Universal Time Display (International Air flight plan which set a time standard) as the design. The fine emboss pattern at the bottom of the watch reflected Saint Exuperys love for flying. page 6 / 6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)