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4 various-jeans-capturing-three-major-trends


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Blink of an eye, 2011 comes. Our vision turns from the catwalk station to the
streets, in order to capture three major trends in denim from the fashionistas'
costumes and paraphernalia. How can the fashionistas who are addicted to jeans
bear not to follow us?

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4 various-jeans-capturing-three-major-trends

  1. 1. Amazing Fashion Organizationhttp://www.amazing-fashion.orgVarious Jeans, Capturing Three Major Trends[Hilary-duff, Blake-lively, Fergie, Beyonce, Taylor-swift, Black T-shirt]Blink of an eye, 2011 comes. Our vision turns from the catwalk station to thestreets, in order to capture three major trends in denim from the fashionistascostumes and paraphernalia. How can the fashionistas who are addicted to jeansbear not to follow us?Hilary-duffTrend 1: With waxingWearing a waxed jean must be guarded against that the sauce is better than thefish. Because the luster wax is one of the highlights, so upper clothing should bethe plain T-shirt and jacket primarily. You may wish to refer to the example ofHillary Duff who wears a white T-shirt and a long version of the black suit beingmatched with tight waxing jeans. If you think black and white is too rigid, then youcan also follow the hip hop Queen Rihanna. The style of a bleached denim shortcoat, waxed jeans, and a gray leopard scarf has its focus while not toomonotonous. page 1 / 6
  2. 2. Amazing Fashion Organizationhttp://www.amazing-fashion.orgBlake-livelyTrend 2: With colorColor jeans started to come into peoples perspective two years ago. Two yearspast, this colorful tide can still be catched from the stars by the fans who lovestreet shooting of the stars. Take a look at the chic styling of Blake Lively in themovie Gossip Girl that she wears a cape-style coat with a purple jeans. Theoverall dark colors are perfectly harmonious while the proportion of the wideupper and narrow lower highlights the slender lines of the legs better. Anotherexample is the Victoria Beckhams ostentatious locomotive style. The match ofthe black locomotive wind coat and the blue jeans is very eye-catching while theRay-Ban sunglasses and the metal belt attract many camera lenses. page 2 / 6
  3. 3. Amazing Fashion Organizationhttp://www.amazing-fashion.orgFergieIf you do not like low waist colorful jeans, you may wish to observe the dressingstyle of the lead singer Fergie when she sings Black Eyed Peas. The matching ofthe tight-fitting black shirt and the purple high waist jeans stands out while theblack belt around the waist can also make the finishing point.Trend 3: With JeggingThe Jegging came into being when Jeans and legging encountered. Differentfrom the general legging which only shyly hides under the dress and the windcoat, Jegging can be dressed out together with a short T-shirt in a very naturaland poised way and will not make you feel awkward at all. All these should bethanks to the unique properties of denim - good flexibility that could modify thewearers leg lines while the thick and slightly rough texture can avoid the generalleggings tactile sensation of being too thin as well as the embarrassment ofbeing seen thoroughly. page 3 / 6
  4. 4. Amazing Fashion Organizationhttp://www.amazing-fashion.orgBeyonceJegging is so stylish and easy to be matched that there is no wonder that the bignames in the west love it so much. The hip-hop Queen Beyonce dressing aleisure sleeveless white suit with a gray Jegging presents a powerful aura thatthat but herself can do it. page 4 / 6
  5. 5. Amazing Fashion Organizationhttp://www.amazing-fashion.orgTaylor-swiftTaylor Swift, a talented musician, wearing a blue Jegging, a black T-shirt with aflounced hem and black boots shows a simple sensation with a hint of femininity. page 5 / 6
  6. 6. Amazing Fashion Organization Emma What is worth mentioning is undoubtedly the little witch Emma Watson who has shocked the fashion world with her pretty short hair recently. The combination of her indigo blue Jegging and the camel double-breasted traditional Chinese wind coat is simply perfect. page 6 / 6Powered by TCPDF (